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Moonlanding Hoax Explored Through Music

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 03:51 PM
New album by new English artist all about the moon landing or hoax moon landing.

Did man land on the moon in 1969 or have we all been lied to ?

For the past 18 months i have been writing and recording an album (Stand Alone Together) exploring the possibility that this famous event was the biggest hoax of all time.

I think this is the first piece of music of its kind and with the anniversary coming up i know this would make a great news story.

If you have room to accommodate my story please let me know.

You can hear snipits of the album at

Thanks for your time.

Mr Ray (AREA 39) Turrell (England)

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 04:28 PM
I thought some of the members might be interested in this.

ATSNN now accepts submissions from non members also.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 04:38 PM
hehe I listened to the clips of the first three and I have to say some of it ain't that bad actually.
I don't believe the moon landing was faked though so the concept of the album dies right there really...

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posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 12:01 PM
check out this song from a conspiracy rapper- jarod3?
he has posted some pre-production tracks from a record all about ufo's and conspiracies.

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