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Oilsands Blast ignored internationally

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:11 PM
Oilsands blast ignored internationally

Thursday's explosion at a Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. oilsands site in northern Alberta is a major story across the province and country but does not appear to be resonating much in the foreign press. Newswires The Associated Press, United Press International and Reuters all published straightforward versions of the story, noting that the blast injured four workers and that the resulting fire was extinguished around 6 p.m. MT on Thursday. A coker on the site, which uses heat to convert bitumen into crude oil, exploded at about 3:30 p.m. MT, setting off a major fire that shot flames and smoke hundreds of metres into the air and smouldered for hours. The site is near the Fort McKay First Nation. The BBC reported on the incident but did not pay it particular attention, noting in an online story that it was unclear when production would resume. It also noted that northern Alberta is home to the second-largest reserves of oil in the world, next to Saudi Arabia. Read more:

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This video below has some footage of the fire:

I find this interesting because it does seem it was pretty overlooked by the MSM. Not only that but the ariticle does go on to say this:

Financial news service Bloomberg focused on the business aspect, noting that early Friday shares in CNRL suffered the largest drop they had in five months in reaction to news of the blast. CNRL shares were trading at $40.82 on the TSX mid-afternoon, down $2.13 from a day earlier. Read more:

and this as well:

Surprisingly, crude oil prices were 91 cents US lower on Friday, with the February crude contract trading at $87.47 in New York. Read more:

Why would they be so low key about it? I mean this is first I heard of it. Anyone else know anything about it?
Forgot to add, this happened Thursday,6,2011
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 02:03 PM
Thankfully only 4 people were hurt, and not too badly. With so much oil and gas production going on, it's good this doesn't happen more often. Lots of regulations are usually in place with Canadian industry, but, I've been hearing that they've been relaxing some of the regulations lately.

I think that video is the propane explosion in Toronto, the resulting fire from northern Alberta, just south of Fort McMurray (also known as Fort McMoney), wasn't nearly as bad. Minor in comparison, and was under control by that evening. That blast from Toronto was HUGE.

More links

When I googled this, I did notice that it's mostly Cdn news sources. Maybe the rest of the world likes to turn a blind eye to how dangerous it can be working around this industry. Either that or they know it isn't enough of an accident to impact gas and oil supply.


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