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Preparation: Spiritual, Physical or Both and Why?

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:24 AM
This is my first OP, so please have mercy...

This question arose in another thread, Things to Consider and, rather than disrupting the beautiful sequence of thoughts and sharing there, I thought this question would best be discussed on its own.

Scanning the board I found the following:

Hidden Preparation, which discusses that we are BEING prepared by the Man via media consumption.

Another, entitled Gradual Preparation Theory, is a deep analysis wherein the author appears to disagree that the Gov is preparing the masses for the Big Change, which it seems in this thread to be the ultimate contact with other civilizations.

I found another in Survival Tactics but it does not touch upon this subject or quench my curiosity.

My interest is the WHY behind what you are doing, if anything. What are your motives in back of your actions?

I want to share with you my struggles and pose a question that, to date, no one will answer, including the minister of an interfaith community to which I am a member.

I am preparing Spiritually and physically. Since the Spiritual side of this is so subjective, I will share my physical actions - I am stocking up. I feel embarrassed in telling you that I have compiled a stock of food......and ammunition (I am in law enforcement), and other things (water, batteries, etc). I have no "shelter", nor do I intend to head for Denver.

Here's my struggle. Is there a kink in my faith which is reflected in my physical preparation, or am I simply taking heed to the signs being shown me? Is my faith weak because I am preparing in other ways?

It reminds me of the guy in the flood who climbs to his roof and prays for God's help. Suddenly a boat comes by and they tell him to get in. "Nope! God is gonna save me!" Two more boats come by but the man continues to refuse rescue. He dies and goes to Heaven, where he asks God why God did not rescue him.
God: My Son, I sent three boats to you.

So. Do we rest in complete faith that we will be saved, raised or smoothly transition into the next realm or dimension by mere Spiritual preparation? Or do we take heed of the signs and utilize the resources being provided to us to hold our own until the transition?

Thanks for the opportunity share this. I send to all of you vibrations of love peace and happiness.

Rest in's our natural state.


posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by capod2t

I think God gave us a brain for a reason. In all that I have read and learned, I feel the need to have a few things just in case something happens. I am a mother of four growing boys. As their nurturer and provider, I feel it's only right to have some things set aside just in case. Of course it isn't much, as my husband has been laid off four times in the last 2 years and has been unemployed for months at a time. My income barely takes care of the bills,so I can only do so much..

God has taken care of us thus far and I believe that will not change. My folks have a plot of land in SE Texas that I pray will be unaffected by whatever may take place, but I've never felt very good about it's location and our ability to make it there. My Mama taught me about a future where Christians would be persecuted here in the US for their faith. I am passing those same teachings on to my children and am prepared to die for my faith, knowing death is only a bridge to eternity in paradise.

We have no fire arms, because I was held at gun point at 7 years old by a 9 year old and do not want them in my home. However, I am a great aim with both guns and knives, having been raised in the country, and my dad has a small arsenal, if we are to join up with them in the event of such a crisis.

I believe that God is very capable of super-naturally protecting and providing for us, as he did for a group of tutsis (sp?) in Africa only a handful of years back. At least a dozen Christian ladies of the sect were hidden in a very small bathroom....the opposition searched the home high and low, but could not see the ladies crammed in the tight space. I belive mightly in His hand of protection and will trust completely in it in any future catastrophy as I do now...but the mother in me has to have water, beans, rice, and other supllies (first aid, batteries, etc) just for peace of mind. I still have much to prepare for, so I am certainly not in the shape I'd like to be in.

Hope I satisfactorily answered your question.

Peace and Love be unto you this day and always.
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by capod2t

Noah didn't just sit around and wait for the flood. God told him to build a boat so he did and was saved. If you have an instinct that says prepare for escape, it could very well be the Holy Spirit speeking to you and saying prepare.

At the same time however, if you are not yet prepared spiritually, i would say there is no point in preparing physically. Without Jesus in your live as your Savior, you are already dead, but it is not to late yet, you can be reborn a new creature in Christ. If you dont have that yet, it should be your only concern. (If you need any help PM me)

God is always in control, He can save you supernaturally or help you to prepare naturally. Have no fear, you cannot be plucked from His hand.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:54 PM
You ask, "why?" to strangers that you may not have met. Sure there are worse things, but from from my personal experience, the best person to ask for ANY question, is your own self. After all, what else do you have in this reality besides your Self? What else do you know besides your Self??

Is your faith "weak" for preparing physically for the Changes? In some way of shedding light unto this question, I ask you - "What makes you better than your neighbors to have stockpiled so many material items?"

Spirit World/Other World regardless, you are here NOW. Is one so attached to their body here that they need to hoard items to suffice their ego to feel the need that they will "live longer"? Maybe it is due to good past kharmas that you have such a stockpile now, and maybe you will be a force of light in the sea of darkness that "might" happen.

I respect that you are in law enforcement. That tells that you have a quality (however big or small) of "want to protect others".

To shed some light between us - I am 23 now, and have been living out of a backpack for the past couple of years. I have given much of my time to internal energies/meditation to change myself so that i may be able to heal disease in others. I have slept underneath bridges on highway passes, on top of 10,000 ft altitude mountains, and slept in many a strangers home. Somehow, someway through my world travels i have always had healthy organic food to eat and godly water to drink. Does many need anything more?

I would like to know how you are preparing spiritually dear sir??

There is a lot of yang, and the yin is returning.

"Be the Change you want to See".

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 03:52 PM
Thanks to each of your for your response. I guess I'll figure this board out as I go along. I expected a bigger turnout.

StacieB - sounds like you are comfortable in your setting and I am happy for that. Hopefully we won't need the resources we've prepared.

ISH - I admire the conviction you have in your faith. So strong, in fact, that you felt compelled (in Good Faith, I believe) to share with me how important it is to you that I share your beliefs. Unfortunately, my beliefs differ slightly than yours, however I will not respond in kind. Thank you. Your expression was meaningful to me.

Surv - Sounds like you are on quite an adventure and I wish you the best in your travels.

I ask you - "What makes you better than your neighbors to have stockpiled so many material items?"

Not sure what you mean by that, and not really interested. My first concern is my family and if I can assist others without injury to myself or family, I certainly will do so.

I would like to know how you are preparing spiritually dear sir?

Thanks for your, what appears to be, concern. I mentioned in the OP that, since spirituality is so subjective, there was no need for specifics here. I encourage everyone to follow their heart and impose no belief system on anyone. However, I have strongly recommended meditation to others in the past and intend to continue to do so.

Thanks again and Be Well.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by capod2t

Sometimes good posts go unnoticed for the more hype-related and completely bogus posts.

I too hope what we have in our JIC boxes go unused.

As a law officer (correct?), I wonder if you are privy to things like FEMA camps or have you ever received orders to train outside your jurisdiction/state? Just curious, since I have seen posts here and elsewhere that claim police have been given orders of special training seminars away from their counties, parishes, etc. Sometimes I am more suspicious of the story origin than of what the story implicates.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by capod2t

I think your approach is rational.

I like you have prepared both physically and spiritually. For the last 3 or 4 years i have increased my study of Judaism and Kabbalah and everday i occupy myself in this area for 2-3 hours. My fear is i wouldnt be able to deal with the emotional strains of a changed world. The world IS going to change. Even CG Jung - a world famous psychologist, predicted the state of affairs that a post-materialistic world view would enter

"Loss of roots and lack of tradition neuroticize the masses and prepare them for collective hysteria. Collective hysteria calls for collective therapy, which consists of abolition of liberty and terrorization. Where rationalistic materialism holds sway, states tend to develop less into prisons than into lunatic asylums “

So it is very scary, on an emotional level what the future can bode for us. So i naturally understand and with wisdom am preparing myself spiritually for a much different future. My sole and central concern is in my relationship with G-d. But at the same time, like you said, G-d helps us through materalistic and practical ways. If hes enlightened us to a prospective situation than he HAS warned us and given us the time to prepare for its coming. So my brother me and my sister have together invested in silver and gold. We have a large food reserve (Rice, Quinoa, Lentils, Beans, dried fruits, some canned food. Aswell as heirloom seeds) a crossbow (for hunting. A situation i imagine might become relevant when you cant afford food) and some other things.

But at the same time i live my life everyday as though nothing will happen. But nonetheless i feel like its necessary to take precautions. Better to be overprepared than not prepared at all.

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 12:36 PM
Stacie - thanks for the kind words and support. I will shoot you a PM with regard to your question.

Don't - thanks for the post. I dig your mind frame and we in alignment in this regard. One thing I would like to point out is this: The more prepared we are spiritually, the less we need to be physically. The more I study, read, meditate, give, assist, etc, the deeper my understanding becomes. As I become more enlightened, as my consciousness expands, I feel more and more comfortable and ready with whatever may come.

I rest peacefully in that anything is possible and I will not be surprised whatever happens.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by capod2t


but wouldnt it be convenient to have a huge supply of food when there is none?

And if you have relatives, friends or neighbors you can invite them over and share with them. So in truth, by preparing the way we are we are also taking into regard the good we can do with it.

G-d makes the Rich and the poor so the rich can GIVE to the poor, and not hoard it to themselves. If that day ever comes when the economy collapses and the above concerns become validated; than i will be delighted to open my door to friends and neighbors. Obviously, there IS a limit to how much you can help others. I cant give all that i have because i have myself and my own family to take of first. But no doubt i will have Rice to spare (i have like 10 massive bags. 5 of which are whole grain) and seeds to share...

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by capod2t

Mind, body and spirit.

Me, myself and I.

Father, son and holy spirit.

Height, width and depth.

3 legs on a stool.

Planets, Moons and Stars.

I think the simple answer to your question is prepare all three parts of your entire self.


posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by dontreally

Well said, DR. I was even thinking that, should we "transition" to an alternate realm or dimension, my supplies will be left here for those in need.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by zroth

Good point, Z. I hear the "3" relation mentioned a lot, especially in relation to our 3-d world. Even Edgar Cayce spoke about that.

Guess I better start hittin them weights again.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by capod2t

__Here's my struggle. Is there a kink in my faith which is reflected in my physical preparation, or am I simply taking heed to the signs being shown me? Is my faith weak because I am preparing in other ways?__

You asked and I am allowed to answer. I say “allowed” for I had to check in with my GodCore to find if the information would interfere with your path. If the answer were “no” I would not be writing. The traditional concept of how God functions, our relationship to God and consequences of our thoughts and actions are not taught accurately these days. The Way of Light is obscured by ego which exists to waylay and distract us from the Journey within which is to connect with our GodCore. This is the ego’s job, to prevent this connection, and it is very good at it.

We manifest in this 3rd dimension, the physical/material reality, to learn how to prepare ourselves for eventual merging with our GodCore. This is what we exist for: to come into total oneness with the God within us; when this occurs we become living channels for God to manifest through into the outer world to do what needs to be done without our interference. This means that we are not supposed to make the choices. When we are determining what is best for us or for our world we are usually in the grip of ego which delivers us into the mental field exclusively.

Ego is not what our world considers it to be. When we are in a state of high emotion, judgment, rife with expectation and concrete beliefs we disable God’s guidance from directing us. I do not speak of discernment here for discernment is necessary to live in the physical world. Example: your child falls off a bicycle and one ankle swells to 3 times its size threatening to cut off blood flow to the foot. You must use discernment, along with God Inner guidance, to choose whether to go to emergency or not. If you panic you are unable to connect with your GodCore and the fallible ego seizes control; this is the point where bad choices are made and you may think instead: oh, its just a torn ligament and everything will be fine; but it isn’t. When remaining calm and neutral you automatically receive God guidance and you know, without doubt, you must take your child to hospital immediately. Call it intuition if you wish but you are listening to God.

How to be in tune with your GodCore? The simplest method is remaining neutral. It is referred to as Zero Point Energy. Have you have felt a warm glow within you at times? Perhaps whilst in a state of profound prayer? Take a few minutes feeling for your GodCore within you. I sense it in my solar plexus; others feel it over their hearts though It can dwell anywhere in the body and it need not be in the centre. This WarmLight is your Divine Core. This is where God lives in you. Here is a thought: God flows. Darkness controls. The ego fights, lusts for control to meet its needs. It, the ego, will put you through endless trauma to attain fodder for its bottomless appetite. When experiencing fear you know you are not plugged into your GodCore, ergo, God cannot flow through you to meet your needs appropriately or to guide you to what is required for your safety. I do not know how else to explain it.

Extreme physical preparation is not a sign of weak faith. Your faith is strong and unremitting though it is presuming that God is incapable of guiding you through these times. You live in the physical reality so it is natural to think according to your conditioning so change the way you think and how you organise yourself in the world. Folk are taught to pray for God to fix everything for them and just sit back and wait. Better to connect with your GodCore and say something to this effect: " I manifest God's protection through my world now". In this way do you invite God to work through you into the world instead of calling upon a powerless external force.

There are mandatory preparations on the physical level. In order to develop a clear connection to our GodCore we must detoxify our bodies and maintain it. Why? Because a body filled with chemicals (processed foods for instance), fungus, parasites and dirty colon resonates at a lower frequency. Alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, low vibration music, horror and violent, sexual movies, books of the same low vibration, all these foul the body holistically and lower the vibrations. The higher your frequency the easier it is to commune with your GodCore. This is the beginning of physical preparation for the raising of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness the more aware you are and this allows the release of Higher Wisdom, God Guidance, from within you for your use.

All energy, power, wisdom, direction, well-being, inspiration, creation, knowledge and protection sources from your GodCore. When connected you know exactly what to do and God manifests what is required in the physical world through you for you. This is advanced wisdom. If it seems like gibberish it is because you are not at the level to know it yet but you will.

Ten years ago I received the book by Eckart Tolle: The Power of Now. I was 50 at the time and had not changed eating habits or patterns of thinking or reaction yet. I was not at the appropriate level of consciousness (frequency) to be able to understand the wisdom the book offered until one year later. This book was a stepping stone for me. Fortunately I did not toss the book out nor give it to someone else. Had I done so I would not have been prepared to learn what came later. Age has nothing to do with higher consciousness. Had I been raised with this wisdom I would have automatically lived in such a way that there would have existed clear relationship with my GodCore and so would you.

__-----So. Do we rest in complete faith that we will be saved, raised or smoothly transition into the next realm or dimension by mere Spiritual preparation? Or do we take heed of the signs and utilize the resources being provided to us to hold our own until the transition?__----------------------------------------------------

Since we live in the physical world we must, at times, use props of the world such as anitbiotics to prevent an infection from destroying the body. If your intent is to be in a state of defense whilst physically preparing for your family's welfare then you are transmitting on a lower level of frequency which resonates with such emotions as fear, paranoia and offensive action against (for instance). This low frequency attracts other lower frequencies. This is the meaning of "like attracts like" or "birds of a feather flock together". Whatever is at that frequency is drawn to you so a human resonating on a predatory frequency would become aware and be drawn straight to you. Prepare according to inner guidance without emotion. Remain neutral so that God is able to direct you. When faced with imminent attack you go into neutral and you "disappear" off the predator's radar. He/it goes off to follow another similar frequency instead. This does not mean that you can never "feel" again; it just means that you are to be moderate in all things. This is the Way of Light, the Path to God.

If one is suppressing fear, or any other strong emotion or conviction, then it is impossible to acheive neutrality. Only the neutral state allows the God Flow. Hysterical prayer, joy derived from adrenaline rushes, potent expectations of ourselves, others and the world or of God also interferes. There are stages to learning these wisdoms and I had to be extremely disciplined to come by it over the past 4.5 years. Normally you must also walk each step on your own Journey to the Inner Divine. Everyone’s Journey is individual. I trust that what is revealed is because you are supposed to see it. Those who are not ready will not believe this posting and may ridicule it but that is just fine.

It is all a matter of consciousness/awareness. The lower the frequency the more the GodCore is obscured by “cords” which prevent God flowing. When you say he or she is dark you are actually right on for their GodCore is obscured. It is like a light bulb in a coal mine shaft. It gives forth light readily then when it is not regularly cleaned each layer of coal dust further obscures the light until it is no longer apparent. It is still there but not available to function as it is meant to; this is what happens to our GodCore when we allow ourselves to be caught up in the world. To be in the world but not of it means that we still live here but are no longer allowing ego/darkness to direct us.

Through attainment of higher consciousness we lift out of the duality of the lower reality and function as an active open channel for God. Everyone benefits, the entire universe benefits. Jesus was a fully developed God Channel who’s sacrifice was to incarnate in this dense dimension in order to demonstrate the Way to the God Within. This was the sacrifice…not the death… for he did not remain in the physical body throughout the execution as this was not required of him. What humanity refers to as the resurrection was his true spiritual self manifest to demonstrate that physical death does not exist after entering into total oneness with one’s GodCore. The teaching has been warped over the centuries and sadly misunderstood. This is because humans allowed ego to interpret rather than requesting the GodCore to fill them with wisdom.

Final suggestion: Go into Zero Point Energy state (neutral) and ask your GodCore for guidance and direction. It all comes from within you.

P.S. the above barely scratches the surface; there is so very much more.

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Elderlight

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this. You are well traveled and I extend my blessings to be shared with you. I especially liked:

" I manifest God's protection through my world now".

I will utilize this in a variety of ways.

Be Well.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by capod2t
reply to post by Elderlight

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this. You are well traveled and I extend my blessings to be shared with you. I especially liked:

" I manifest God's protection through my world now".

I will utilize this in a variety of ways.

Be Well.

Thank you for your reply. The message was quite detailed so much so that I neglected a very important component. The completed invocation is thus: "I manifest God's protection through my world now. Amen." The Amen at the end seals the prayer so its energy cannot be corrupted as it hurls out into the universe.

This type of knowledge used to be well-known. When one dedicates to Higher Wisdom and spiritual evolution the GodCore releases wisdom appropriate to each new level attained so it is a lifetime endeavour. This is why we must not skip any steps for the next level cannot be attained otherwise and the wisdom will not be forthcoming.

I ask before making choices (even on when and what to eat) "Is it a positive to do action now?" Then how positive on a scale from 1 to 10. In this way I am directed down to the smallest issue such as whether to attend a Tai Chi class or post a message or even go on the computer. In regards to your message I had to go through each line separately and ask for guidance. There were several sentences removed and one entire paragraph with some minor editing throughout. Only after completing this was the go-ahead given to post it. At first (and sometimes a bit now periodically) I rebelled against the thought of having to ask "permission" even from God. I am wiser and more humble now and there is no other way to live.

When energy is applied outward in defense the energy applied against you is strengthened by it. It is basically working against oneself.

When we perceive ourselves to be under attack we actually create the conditions which demands defense. I suspect this all sounds familiar to you.

It is my honour to have been of service. Amen.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 03:23 PM

nice thread

i agree with you .. trust in faith and in your destiny
when your time will come .. you will have no help... heaven will be the only door
you need to be sane to see the signs.. can we call them coincidences ?
i dont think so

everyone on the planet have a different path .. until the heaven doors opens
take life has a test ... since you have the freewill to become good not bringing any shameness
you shall be judge for everything you did... when someone dies he see all of his life before him
thats why usualy when someone survive .. he changed for life .. now he his wake up for real
since he remembered past life memories

2012 will be like a transition to a better world on earth
where the body, mind and the soul combine together
law enforcement will no longer be required

see some of thread in my signature.. especialy the age of light

we all know we need a change on earth ASAP thats why 2012 is there strategicaly placed in time
to wake up humanity
this unsustainable system will be no more
does it has to worsen to get better ? .. you answer that
we dont need violence or disaster to change .. just wake up your soul part where the compassion and love are the only important thing in the world and for mother earth

remember who we are .. we were made in the image of the Creator .. (our missing DNA link)
humans have great potential .. we have to beleive in that and remove the greedness in people to acheive this part
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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by capod2t

I am preparing Spiritually, as this old body will no longer be needed. The Spirit needs to be brought to it's most highest level to attain the GodHead, and I know mine is not yet ready for that. So, a little R&R, some down time, time to reflect on this, and other lives, communion with friends and family, then back here to teach. Live in eternal, and the Earth follows a cycle of life/death, it will always retain homeostasis. Earth is a school for Spirits. A school for Gods and Goddesses.

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