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Man Cures Cancer In Cuba With Venom

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 02:49 AM
Hello everyone

I heard about this when i was at a hardware store here in Miami Florida, The area where this store is located is known for being a place where a lot of Cubans work and live. So i was at this store and i over heard the register lady speaking with a gentleman about how her husbands brother had cancer and he was cured by the poison of a blue scorpion.

After i heard this i went towards them and started to talk to them, this lady told me how this guy in Cuba breeds blue scorpions and he has a lab, she explained how he somehow found that the poison has an effect on cancer cells, she told me that many people from here travel over to cuba for the cure and most of them were cured or their time was extended for more than 12 months.

She explained to me that the only the guy asks for in return is for you to bring a full IV bag, she told me of this one lady she had 3 weeks to live, she managed to get to cuba, the cancer had spread all over her body, this guy helped her live 8 months longer than she was suppose to.

I thought i shared this with you all
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