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Egypt, Mayan's, Mason's, 2012 and YOU

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by vermonster

This is the complete quote.

The ancients had a very poor understanding of the universe. They did not know what they were observing in the heavens. They did not know what a planet actually was, nor stars, or that the Milky Way was a galaxy, or the organization of the solar system, and frankly people did not know what powered stars until after 1896.

Of course I know what that is. But is this what it actually did or is this just another guess? It's another proposal, i.e. a guess. There have been many proposals in the past including some really nitwit fringe ideas.

Look at that, know what that is? That is the Antikythera mechanism.

Common sense says the ancients knew way more than we have been lead to believe after studying this complex device.

You are quite wrong. This device in no way shows that the ancients knew:
1. What a planet actually was
2. what a star actually was
3. what powered stars

Even if we assume this was a device to predict astronomical cycles, that does not mean that the ancients knew the objects they were observing.

I am a amazed how some people ignore physical proof and stick to leaps of faith. Preaching their nonsense, their foolish ego driven beliefs onto others while calling others (the ones who pay attention to hard evidence) the crazy ones.

I too am amazed at how people do not understand the difference between watching a light in the sky and understanding the universe. To preach the nonsense that being able to recognize a cycle in events means that the universe is understood amazes me. It should embarrass those that make such an unfounded leap of inference.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:20 PM
A simple example of the difference between understanding our solar system and observing a cyclic event is meteor showers. If someone made observations over a long period of time they might notice that on some nights more meteors are seen than on other nights. In fact, a prediction could be made that more meteors will appear on certain nights and that is likely to happen. Remember that meteor showers vary from year to year. Thus the predictions are not as easy and simple to justify as someone might expect.

Lets suppose that it is possible to develop a good prediction for meteor showers. This still does not explain the origins, or composition of the meteors. It does not demonstrate if meteors are atmospheric or beyond the atmosphere. They do not even demonstrate why there is a flash of light or whether or not there is an upper limit to the Earth's atmosphere.

Being able to predict some events does not provide information about other issues that might be associated with the events.

The ancients did not know about a lot of things. They were developing the basics of knowledge that have been used as a stepping stone by other people just as other knowledge today will become a stepping stone to further and better understandings of the world around us.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 02:12 PM
well i for one would like to hear a lot more of what "little bunny" has learnt from the egyptians,mayans etc,
and in the words of ed leedskalnin "there is no past or present, only NOW.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 02:45 PM
Hello! I am facinated, I don't have two hours a day to do all the research. I have two kids, two dogs, rental property, a messy busy husband. So when I sit down to read a good book on this stuff, which are wish books
I keep buying but have no time, I pass out. Infact, Lesli Keen's book always puts me out from all the detail.
Good book, alot to absorb. Shock value is wearing off for manypeople, I think we are all waking up to the idea of ET.
Anyways, your thesis reads alot like an infomercial for a mysterious diet pill cure. Dangling the carrot with no explainations. What is the bottom line? I believe the pyramids had multiple machine purposed with a message encode into the math. Just like a creative scientist would. I don't think 2012 will happen globally, apocalypses can be local. Hatii had one last year, others didn't. Sometimes you are the bug, and sometimes you are the windshield.
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 10:47 PM
Mr Marcello. Where you at?

More information please.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 10:39 AM

What is your take on this?

The three pyramids of Giza were built as a shrine, an artificial manifestation to four of thehighest gods in the Egyptian patheolin - Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut - of the Ennead.These four are only outranked by one god in the Ennead - Atum the Egyptian sun god andthe main god in Egyptian religion; also known as Re.

4 Gods he says. I see four planets lined up on 12/3/12

Come back littlebunny, I want more info

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 05:28 PM
Stereo, please view the following link concerning the Antikythera Mechanism being recreated:

Littlebunny, I don't ever reply to posts, I only ever read what people have to say. But this subject is incredibly compelling, especially after reading Rik's ebook concerning London's Olympic Games in 2012, as well as his interview on Red Ice Radio, along with his mysterious disappearance.

Coincidences are dangerous to play with, I will agree with Stereo on this. However, when does it no longer become a coincidence? Because to me at least, it seems the coincidences are breeding more coincidence to the point where this hardly could be considered coincidence. It is far too consistent in every regard to be held as 'coincidence'.

Littlebunny, please check your comments when you get the chance.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 12:47 PM
Come on littlebunny where are you, there are people awaiting your imput. Please dont be put off with negative feedback from others.


posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 02:18 PM
I second Atom's motion. This is the only thread in ATS I've bookmarked and checked every day for updates. Excitedly awaiting your response Littlebunny. I'm also surprised Stereo didn't respond to the video I posted in regards to the recreation of a 2000 year old device that shows very clearly their intelligence in cosmological events.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by DakmindAK

I did not check out the video, but did read the write up about the Legos creation. I think that video would be of interest to school kids.

It seems I have not been clear enough about the difference between being able to predict astronomical events and an understanding of the universe. Being able to demonstrate that there is a pattern to some astronomical events is important. It suggests that there must be some process at work which can be understood. It is possible to predict eclipses and phases of the moon and other events and still think that the Earth is at the center of the universe. It is possible to predict sunrises and sunsets without understanding the mechanism that allows the sun to shine. It is possible to predict tides without knowing about gravity.

The ancients were smart. They built devices such as this. They built great monuments such as the pyramids.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:02 PM
Your arguments are empty as you have proven that you are stubborn to only see through a filter. You have chosen not to view the video, and for what reason? It is of interest to school kids? Hardly a reason enough, especially after the fact that it took a team of engineers to recreate this thing. Specialized pieces of legos for a model, not some blocks that come in a little boxed package that you give to little Timmy as a birthday gift to spend some time with dad.

So if you filter your research and review, how is anyone here to take anything you say as credible? You've shown your standing here and your words are empty. Your arguments against little bunny are just that, arguments. With little to no backing, because you have a closed mind. How do I know you have a closed mind? Because you view research through a filter. Not all the variables are taken into account from you.

Littlebunny, however seems to have spread his wings across many topics, with an expansive view of acceptance. With acceptance that anything is possible is where leeway in science begins. Because it was argued that the Sun is NOT the center of the solar system, because of this filtered view, where they right? No. The person who accepted all variables with an open mind despite what was taught in the masses of that society found that the Earth in fact rotates around the sun.

Littlebunny I am very excited to review the rest of your presentation in this matter. The resources you have provided thus far have proved to be incredibly compelling and intriguing.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:07 PM
Hey everyone sorry I haven't had time to post here on ATS, my life has kept me extremely busy as of late.  I am happy to see so many people are paying attention to this thread, but more importantly, people are actually sitting down to do the work.  For those who want more information, or more numbers, I have purposely left some numbers out of this thread with the hope others would take those numbers a step further... like...  earlier I stated if you take 18 and then times it by 24 and then 60 you get 25,920... and if you do the math that is exactly what you'll find... however I never mentioned the seconds.... there are 60 seconds in a minute... if you times 60 into 25,920 you get 1,555,200... can any of you solve that riddle?  Also, if you want to know what's coming you are asking the wrong person, I can only explain what I believe I've discovered hidden within ancient knowledge and within religious texts and prophecies from around the world... not to mention the crazy dreams I've had...  if you want to know however you need to demand that answer from the Roman Catholic Church... they're the ones who created our current calendar.  Earlier I showed how Dec 3 & Dec 21 2012 can be broken down into 144 & 744, and if you add those together you get 888.  However the Pyramids of Giza forces us to look deeper.  If I asked you how many pyramids are at Giza, simple mathematics demands 9... well 9 plus 3 equals 12... or 12/12/12... or 333/444...  when you add those to 144, 744, 888 you get some very interesting numerology.  477, 588, 111111,121212, 1332, 1221... and then when you times all these numbers together, one at a time, and then divide them by 666 you get even more interesting numerology...  because if I asked how many times you can add three 3's together to make 6, you will come up with 666.  Not to mention what you'll discover if you listen to or read Graham Hancock books/videos about the pyramids and then compare his discoveries to my own...  and don't forget about the Mayans... for they are the second half of the whole that created our calendar.

I will try to find time this weekend to address more questions and statements.  My life is in full throttle at the moment with work.  Yet rest assured I believe you have the right to know everything I've uncovered, so unless I die more information will be forth coming...yet I guess the only question I have for those who are proving they're doing the work... how deep down this hole do you want to go?  I would caution you however, if you decide all the way down, instead of just the math... its going to be a wild ride...

--Charles Marcello
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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:14 PM
What about blue beam, Nibiru, reptilians, shape shifters, leprechauns and the Nazi's on the moon?!

Originally posted by littlebunny
I have in fact solved the Pyramid Mystery. It cannot be denied any longer…

How is it FACT that you solved the Pyramid Mystery, whilst in the same sentence you say the following?

Originally posted by littlebunny
If what I’ve discovered is true, you are going to suffer in ways you cannot even imagine

IF?!?!? IF what you discovered is true?!?!? Your 2 sentences are a direct conflict of each other.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by littlebunny

Hello littlebunny i am so glad that you came back to us, there are many people listening to you and patiently waiting for the information you have collected,


posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 08:27 AM

Originally posted by cluckerspud
What about blue beam, Nibiru, reptilians, shape shifters, leprechauns and the Nazi's on the moon?!

Originally posted by littlebunny
I have in fact solved the Pyramid Mystery. It cannot be denied any longer…

How is it FACT that you solved the Pyramid Mystery, whilst in the same sentence you say the following?

Originally posted by littlebunny
If what I’ve discovered is true, you are going to suffer in ways you cannot even imagine

IF?!?!? IF what you discovered is true?!?!? Your 2 sentences are a direct conflict of each other.

Wow. That's the best you can do?

What do you think about all of the numerical 'coincidences' the OP has provided?

What do you think about Rik Clays findings? Did you even look into Mr. Clays work? How about stellarium? Did you check that out?

I think sterologist and you should cut the crap and get a room, research the information provided AND THEN form your argument instead of nitpicking a grammatical error after all the amazing information he provided. Suggestion: Turn your ego down a few notches and open your mind.

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by vermonster

What do you think about all of the numerical 'coincidences' the OP has provided?

There is only 1 coincidence and that is the ratio of spacings between some planets is close to the spacings of the 3 larger pyramids at Giza. The rest of the numerical coincidences were rubbish such ass comparing seconds and miles.

I suppose not everyone takes the time to read the threads carefully to recognize that the claims were bad and that the failings of the claims were quickly and correctly pointed out.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by vermonster

Hey vermonster,

Thanks for sticking up for me, yet I didn’t have a grammar error, cluckerspud purposely misrepresented what I said. Below is the actual paragraph. The highlighted areas are the parts he purposely left out.

I have in fact solved the Pyramid Mystery. It cannot be denied any longer… However, I’ve also discovered why these Paganist must stop. Your mythology is wrong. I truly wish it wasn’t but it is. If what I’ve discovered is true, you are going to suffer in ways you cannot even imagine… You will not be loved for what you are planning, you will be despised and hated by the gods…
Compare our planet’s daily numbers to the distance of our Sun.
Compare those numbers to ancient mythology.
Compare the mathematical numbers to the days of the year you honor against those numbers and our solar system.
Compare 3, 7, 21, 42, 72, 111, etc… against our planetary daily numbers and the mathematical numbers we know are true regarding our solar system.
Compare them god damnit and open your eyes.

As anyone can clearly see, I made two points… one, I solved the Pyramids of Giza conundrum, and two, I believe I also discovered what is being planned by very powerful people for the not so distant future. The bad news is, If I’m understanding prophecy and religious texts correctly they are going to suffer in ways they can’t even comprehend unless they open their eyes as well.

I also found it funny, for a person who has admitted more then once he hasn’t even looked into Dec 3 2012 and the Pyramids of Giza, to call anything or anyone else an ass, while claiming that’s the only thing the Pyramids of Giza prove… is funny as hell.

Now… I’ve said this information can be found all over the world, and I’m not kidding. The numbers 144,000 and 666 can be found within religious beliefs all over the world, and in ancient culture after extinct ancient culture religious texts… The questions becomes why? Why the hell are those numbers found all over the world? Well, I decided to see if there was hidden information within those numbers… below is what I discovered… BTW, don’t believe me, compare those numbers to what science demands we should all believe today.

The Numbers
144,000 * 6 = 864,000 the diameter of the Sun (144,000 equals the center of circumference of the Sun btw)

144,000 / 6 = 24,000 (earths basic circumference)

24, 000 / 6 = 4,000 (Center from circumference)

4,000 / 6 = 666.66 (for infinity)(for infinity)

144 * 36 = 5,184 (yrs = 1 Mayan mathematical full Sun Cycle.)

144,000 / 36 = 4000

24,000 / 36 = 666.66 (THE NUMBER OF MAN... the beast)

4,000 / 36 = 111.11 (11.1 Sun Reversal Cycle)

144,000 * 216 = 31,104,000 or 144 * 216 = 31,104 (1/6 speed of light)

144,000 / 216 = 666.66

24, 000 / 216 = 111.11

4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 (MPS.. Earth traverses the Sun)

But that’s just the beginning… multiply/divide 6 into 666, 36 into 666, and 216 into 666. And then compare that to the math I’ve provided already. Also, did you know science agrees with the Bible? Creation Story...… six days and rest on the ... 24 to the 7th power equals… 4,586,471,424 ie… 4.58 billion

Regarding the Pyramids themselves… Please find out what Graham Hancock says the math of the Great Pyramid teaches about the Earth… its simple mathematics and anyone can test it out for themselves… All the math I’ve presented can be tested by everyone… you just need to sit down and do the work… The hard question is, after you’ve done all the math… what the hell does all of it mean? Well… that’s what the IF was all about. The Pyramids are solved… what powerful people are planning, and when its all supposed to happen and why… now that’s the stuff we should prolly talk about… Especially if you sit down and do the math and then read the Books Ezekiel and Isaiah. And then watch all the news that is happening in the MiddleEast right now… especially when you consider Daniel, Mathew and Revelations… Is all of this related, are we in fact living in the last days? If so, does the Bible and other religious texts from around the world explain how we can save ourselves from ourselves?

Is all of this related? Please sit down and do the math… if its wrong you should be able to prove it real easy… claiming people are asses for even looking, let alone comparing this information to leprechauns would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn serious! Knowing History, Religious and Prophetic texts from around the world actually makes those comments extremely sad. I hope you people do the math, and then post it all over the Internet and give this information to your family and friends… but please do the math first, know its correct, please don’t just believe it. I don’t care if you claim all of this is your discovery, if that will help you sit down and do the work, so you know how to explain it, then please claim all of this as your own… the person aint important, spreading the math and helping people to open their eyes is.

I will try to come back this weekend... if anyone can solve the riddle mentioned in my other post I’ll take this thread even deeper into the math of the pyramids.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 12:14 AM

one, I solved the Pyramids of Giza conundrum

Why haven't you posted the solution?

two, I believe I also discovered what is being planned by very powerful people for the not so distant future.

I very much doubt you've discovered anything at all other than a simple ratio coincidence.

144,000 and 666

So you've hooked onto 2 numbers. There is evidence from the Dead Sea scrolls that 666 is not the number of interest. It's 616 if I recall correctly. There are lots of numbers mention in texts. Why pick these two?

A more common number if 3. It's 3 little pigs and 3 witches and 3 trolls and god, the son, and the holy ghost, and all of the major religions of the world.

Then it's pn to silly numerology where we get to mix units such as miles and days.

I am curious what this means: "Center from circumference". Can't say I have seen that phrase before.

Here's another winner:

4,000 / 36 = 111.11 (11.1 Sun Reversal Cycle)

This is the shift the decimal point because the math was worthless trick.

4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 (MPS.. Earth traverses the Sun)

The there is this computation of no value, which is just like all of the other numerological nonsense that is listed.

This leads up to this unsubstantiated claim.

Also, did you know science agrees with the Bible?

It is quite clear that this is not the case.
If this were true, then why does the bible incorrectly describe the order of creation? Why?
- why are there 2 stories in genesis that do not agree with each other let alone science
If this is true, then why is there no evidence for exodus?
- no mention of large numbers of Hebrew slaves in Egypt
- no mention of the loss of an Egyptian army
- no evidence of a loss of economic might by Egypt
- no evidence of a loss of military power by Egypt
- no evidence of a large group of people in the Sinai
- no mention of the pyramids in the bible
If this is true, then why is there no evidence for Noah's flood?
- no evidence for a global flood
- no evidence for a worldwide loss of human life
- no evidence for a recent dispersion of animal life

Regarding the Pyramids themselves

Find out why Hancock's claims are false. Anyone can do this. Think about it. Why are recent events not a starting point to understand the pyramids? Find out why Mubarak came to power. Find out why people are upset. Read about the governments and recent histories of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

See why these numerological computations are meaningless. Apply 5th grade math and science classes to these numbers. Add the units and see if the numbers are miles, or kilometers, or seconds, or whatever.

When even a small part of this is done it will become apparent that there is nothing here but a coincidence and a heavy slathering of hogwash and poppycock.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 12:35 AM
If I were deaf, dumb, blind and mute to numerology and if I were not from Egypt, know nothing about Mayans or Masons, then 2012 wouldn't affect me by a long "shot". I'd smile up at you all and wonder why we continue to speculate at uncertainties. Let's not dwell too much on 2012 and let's find out how your day/night is going. Okay?
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