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Against the Media: Why news is harmful

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:57 AM
As you are reading the heading for this OP you are quite possibly asking yourself “what exactly does it mean?” Well depending on independent interpretation the title could either send to you a positive and inquisitive message or a hostile and skeptical message. It all depends on the interpreter. The interpreter is your mind as it is the filterer of your thoughts and the organizer of your ideas.

It’s ritual for most of us on the AboveTopSecret network to regularly check and comment on developing events whether they are local, regional, national, or international. Almost all of us do it yet how often are you focusing solely on the news within a 25 mile radius of your home? Is that where the majority of the news you view is located? Or are you one of the numerous amounts of people who regularly view news outside of your local vicinity?

These questions are quite important to ask yourself as they will tell you whether you have been trapped or not. Besides major events such as storms, serious economic crisis, wars, or other possibly catastrophic events, what is so important that it must expand beyond your neighborhood? Sure go ahead and call me ignorant for not wanting to expand my worldview but you would be mistaken, I am not trying to isolate myself to this lonely little region of the world as I find mystical and beautiful intrigue in the foreign lands.

We complain continuously, almost religiously if that word has not been banned already, about the media outlets and their lies, corruption, and deception. But how else do you see them operating? How is a media outlet on a national or even international level going to report news to you accurately and fairly? They will report the news which will draw the most attention since they are competing with the other lifeless beasts known as the main stream media.

Us as citizens of whichever country complain about our news outlets but which ones are you complaining about? MSNB, CNN, FOX, BBC, Sky? I will place my bets it’s on a media outlet that does not focus and remain within a local area. But of course not because none of that news is so interesting to you is it? How will news of new gas lines in your city seem as exotic and adrenaline pumping as birds dying in Arkansas or riots in England? It can’t be that interesting because you need to have your adrenaline pumping to take any interest in the news.

So you will get what you wanted, news has become a form of entertainment or excitement. I recognize that may sound silly but that’s what it is. If the news outlets such as CNN reported on the news of corruption in Washington like us here on ATS speculate wouldn’t the level of excitement die off? Then the news would mean nothing to you and ATS would slowly drift away from your interest. See we like to sit on the edge and grab onto any tiny bit of information provided to us from the media outlets, that’s how ones such as rawstory and reuters keeps their viewers, they have to provide a little bit of excitement to keep your attention.

When news is transported from far-away distances it loses the touch and feeling that arises when news hits home to the broadcaster and even the viewer of a local breaking story. The news becomes twisted up, desensitized, and even corrupted. It is no longer about news but about the ratings so they will do what is necessary to attract the view whether that is the case with such stations as MSNBC and their coverage of celebrity gossip or Rawstory with their coverage of just out of the mainstream news.

It’s all about the ratings, they need the attention and to get the viewers hooked. You will never get the full truth so long as media needs ratings, you will never get the truth so long as news outlets are national and not local, and you will never be happy with the news until you accept the notion that the closer to home the closer to the truth.

Sentimentalism has been removed from the media and replaced with the consumer driven ratings system. More viewers and more sponsors, it repeats itself continuously. When they notice people starting to fall asleep they slip you a bit of ‘shocking’ news and they have you wrapped around their finger again. How can you not see this? Why is it even necessary for me to spell this out for you?

National media destroys, international media destroys absolutely. That’s just how this system works. You will never get the honest truth. It’s just not going to happen and you can stop your complaining now about how bad the media is, they are that bad because of people such as probably yourself and your friends and neighbors.

If you want honesty, truth, and fairness do not turn to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or Reuters, you must turn to ‘Channel 5’ or ‘Channel 47”. Start reading your local paper, check out your local news online, and watch local news. You must return to the local level for honesty, the national and international press is driven by corrupted capitalism and immorality.

Like my post or not just comment in a civilized manner.

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 05:45 AM

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:34 AM
You have provided a good oversight to some of the problems with the media. It is a big lumbering heavy machine and internationally there is so much going on that it does take time to sort it out and work through it. The centralized systems can only handle so much. The culture based on ratings has worked for some with a sacrifice in diversity for others. Interesting and well said.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Misoir, why did you change the font?
That's incredibly hard on my eyes....

The idea of your post is brilliant.
We need more localized information.
But they way that your cable network is setup, the media wants you to think 'global'.
Not local.
It all conforms to their great plan of making everything global.
Can you see the idea?
Now do you see why they do it?
It all makes sense when you back up and look at who owns the media.
And what they want to do with the world.

Even my local news is getting further away from actual local news.
They LOVE reporting on the very same things that bigger channels do. (i.e., CNN, FOX)
It's rather disturbing to watch 30 minutes of my local channel news and only see 2 minutes spent on actual local news. The other 28 minutes are wasted on telling me things I can find out elsewhere.
Besides that, they will NOT talk about anything positive in our area, almost as if on purpose.
We had a few jobs created and a few charities that received a ton of money lately and not one ounce of either items on the local news channel. Instead they focused on a few places shutting down and lost jobs.

It's ashame what the local news 'anchors' do for stories.
Makes me sick.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:40 AM

Originally posted by havok
reply to post by Misoir

Misoir, why did you change the font?
That's incredibly hard on my eyes....

Oh I am awfully sorry about that, I rather enjoyed this new font and assumed it would be easily readable by basically all members. I guess my assumption has been proven incorrect. I will try Comic SansMS as a font alternative to Script MT Bold.

Also I would like to note that I agree with everything else you posted.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 06:12 PM
the news is there to tell you what is wrong with the world and they are so quick to do so. but when a happy story comes on it is usually on a smaller scale. the news doesnt show the good the troops are doing but rather how many deaths and injuries. but where are the amounts of lives saves being reported, who is reporting telling us the good that is coming from different situations. no the news is there to make you want to hide in your house and be protected.

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