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A warm wind is blowing in from China

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:36 AM
This has been a freezing winter for Europe, not only in terms of the heaviest snow for decades, stalled traffic and interrupted day-to-day life, but also as a result of the debt problem that has beset some countries. As one Chinese idiom goes, "It should be up to each to clear the snow on his own doorstep."

But in an era of globalisation and interdependence, the health of the European economy is not just a matter for the Europeans. Outside support is also in order. China sent a clear message at the third China-EU High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, held recently in Beijing: we support the financial stabilisation package of the EU and IMF and will take concrete action to help some EU members to address their sovereign debt problem. I noticed that this message hit the headlines of several newspapers in Europe – it seems that cold Europe is feeling the warmth of the Chinese breeze.

China is doing what a Chinese proverb says about "sending charcoal in snowy weather". This shows again that my country's development brings opportunities for the rest of the world. China alone may not be able to solve the problem for Europe, but it is willing to help as a true friend and partner when Europe is in need. We understand that China and the EU share so many common interests that we can only develop and achieve win-win results through co-operation and partnership.

China's partnership with Britain is an important part of its relations with the EU, and China-UK co-operation a good example of China's co-operation with the EU. We have much to offer each other and a lot more to accomplish by drawing upon our complementary strengths. We should make every effort to make the pie of our co-operation bigger.

China is now the UK's largest export market in Asia. The UK exported over £5 billion of goods in the first three quarters of last year, a year-on-year increase of 43 per cent. Britain has also been a premier investment destination for Chinese businesses, and China ranks second in London in terms of the number of investors. The British Government is endeavouring to expand export and attract more inward investment, while China is trying to boost domestic demand and encourage its businesses to "go global". Closer business ties between China and the UK, or "partnership for growth" as David Cameron puts it, are exactly what we need to restructure and develop our economies.

There are many potential areas for co-operation. China is working on a jumbo jet project, while the UK is a leader in the aviation sector and boasts advanced engine technologies. China leads the world in the mileage of its high-speed railway, which stretches for nearly 4,500 miles, while the UK is planning to build a high-speed railway linking its north and south.

The UK is a frontrunner in low-carbon economy, possessing mature technologies and rich experience, and China is a vast market for energy efficiency, emission control and sustainable development. We should step up joint R&D and business co-operation in this area. The UK enhanced its reputation as a centre for innovation and design through its successful participation in the Shanghai World Expo. A way should be found to form a synergy between "designed in the UK" and "made in China", which would benefit both enormously.

Educational and cultural links have served our common interests well. Nearly 120,000 Chinese students are studying in the UK. This means at least £2 billion a year in income for Britain. These students bring back to China knowledge and expertise and, more importantly, friendship between young people of the two countries. Cultural exchanges have enriched the minds and lives of both peoples. I run into quite a few Britons practising traditional Chinese Tai Chi in parks. They tell me they like it because it is good for both their physical and mental well-being and is a welcome relief after intensive work.

China and the UK have also been working closely on a global scale. We both call on the international community to step up macroeconomic policy co-ordination and reform international economic and financial governance structures; we both uphold free trade, oppose trade protectionism and work for an early conclusion of the Doha round negotiations; we have had close dialogue and co-ordination in relation to the Iranian nuclear situation and other hotspots. China and the UK need to work together to address global issues.

In this context, the visit of China's Vice Premier Li Keqiang to the UK next week is an important one. It provides a great opportunity for our two countries to further their co-operation. Mr Li will discuss in depth with Mr. Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and other Cabinet members, ways to bring China-UK partnership forward in all areas, and exchange views with leaders of the business and financial communities.

He will also visit a wave power generation project in Scotland and zero-carbon residential areas in London. It is expected that a number of agreements will be signed during the visit. More than 100 Chinese business leaders will come on the trip and meet with their UK counterparts.

I am sure that this visit will bring another Chinese warm breeze to the UK.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by ackeiyword

Explanation: S&F! OL would also applaud you if I could be he can't so I suggestthat if a
who can and concurs please! do so!

Here is WHY!...
Next Elections lets Vote 1 China OK! (by OL) [ATS]

posted on 8-2-2010 @ 11:07 PM

Disclaimer: I'm a white anglo saxon decended Australian citizen and I'm an unabashed Chinaphile!

Explanation: Lets all go Chinese EARLY OK!

Seriously....Let us in the west weigh up the current SitX and make an OPEN decission to either fully join with the east or stop fiddling around and declare open warfare, as anything else is just half arsed squimishness and ignorant stupidity.

I've KNOWN for over 20yrs that China was the future and NOW its coming true!

Personal Disclosure: Please visit the link for full details!

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:20 AM
Globalisation is so awesome! I love how it raises the standard of living for people, especially the working class people in countries like the US and UK.


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