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God, Religion and Science, Evolution

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:27 PM
God is the reason for religion. Science is the reason for evolution. But logically there exists a bridge between the two which unifies faith with facts.

There exists this opinion that the truth is with one or the other, generally those in support of their Religion are reluctant to acknowledge evolution because it goes against what their religion teaches. Viceversa, those who support evolution deny the existance of a God because this belief provides evidence that contradicts the bible, therefore giving evidence to suggest God isnt acctually real.

Although hard to comprehend, it is highly likely that both beliefs are valid and have a logical place within our universe.

I would like to deal directly with the concept of God and not so much religion. What religion teaches is that God is a spirit who is responsible for the universe and life. Whilst many focus on God as this being who directly controls and influences human society by integrating religion into our world, I focus more on where God is, what God is, how God exists and what purpose does God have?

Consider if you will the universe, space made of dark energy, dark matter & matter. The laws which bind all things together and define all the concievable properties surrounding us. It is suggested the Big Bang started it all, lead to expansion, created the stars and gave birth to our planet. Whilst the Big Bang is where we started, it is by no means the final answer to everything. If we are to believe that the Big Bang is the begining and evolution is the result of billions of years of waiting, then we also make the assumption that all forms of matter, space, time and the infinite depth of our universe, exist simply because and finding the source of these universal building blocks doesnt require investigation?

If matter, energy, space and time did not exist, then the universe as we know it would be completely void. Where something is completely void, it is impossible for anything to spontaneously come into existence. So all of these things must be present in the universe for a reason, the laws that maintain & determine how matter and energies work inside our universe are witnessed as an ultimate harmony of epic infinite brilliance. This is my idea of God.

To summarise, God is physically represented by the universe's matter & energy. The conciousness of God is represented by the rules which hold the universe together, create order, maintain predictability through scientific observation and allow life to exist.

Through this idea of God, it stands to reason that somewhere inside the labrinth of God's concious creative power, evolution is possible and is more a part of the overall structure of God's conciousness than we would think. This doesnt mean that God has human's on earth hard-wired into the structure of the universe, but instead life is allowed to begin, allowed to grow and evolve, may be subject to annihilation from outside forces, but in rare cases is allowed to flourish in just the right conditions and just the right time.

The result on earth is the perfect example of God's creative power being capable of seeding life in an awesome universe.

Im sorry if I couldnt use bigger words or give you deeper insight into my idea.. I just had this idea in my head that seemed pretty logical.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:39 PM
I too share a relatively similar belief. Mainstream religions have always seemed a bit wrong to me, and I believe that God IS the universe, though a bit more complicated than that.

All the best.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:44 PM
Im sorry but i just cant get my head around the whole god thing,never will,i dont believe in fairytales!

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