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The True Face of the IPCC staff - Professor Recommends Feudalism and Destroying Democracy

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 04:51 PM
The political aspects of global warming, while often denied, are becoming more and more interesting with time. In 2009, certain passages from the leaked 'Climategate' documents were more concerned with world governance than any scientific discipline and shortly before the recent summit in Cancun, an IPCC official openly stated, before the press, that Climate Policy Is Redistributing The World's Wealth.

The latest 'vision' from these people (if you can call it that) includes such juicy items as

You see, apparently democracy is simply not natural. As the authors put it: ‘we argue that authoritarianism is the natural state of humanity’. They propose the formation of an ‘elite warrior leadership’ to ‘battle for the future of the earth’ [p.xvi]. Can you see where this is going yet?


Chapter 9 will describe in more detail how we might begin the process of constructing such real universities to train the ecowarriors to do battle against the enemies of life. We must accomplish this education with the same dedication used to train its warriors. As in Sparta, these natural elites will be especially trained from childhood to meet the challenging problems of our times. [p. 134]

The book's title, btw, is The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy.

interestingly, i'd like to see the curriculum of these bootcamp-universities. Referring to this as an 'education' is quite damning, too, because one has to wonder what is currently being 'taught' in certain institutions. All that would be required to complete the Nazi-esque impression is some (master-)racism and a hefty dose of eugenics, i guess, but give it a couple of months and we will probably get to see that too. None of that will stop believers in the 'cause' (whatever that may be next year) to reconsider their unconditional support, will it? Take a look at the Fragile Earth forum for a glut of examples - i imagine the majority outside this conspiracy related forum to be much less skeptical and more supportive of 'saving the Earth', at literally any cost, even to themselves.

The entire movement has apparently grown dangerous, we already have biofuel programs, burning immense amounts of food and devastating formerly intact natural habitats for essentially no gain (even by greenhouse fanatic's standards) so this issue is already costing the lives of an undisclosed number of people while affecting us all and the biosphere itself in a detrimental way. It's no longer a joke and the mindset displayed in this book is exactly what lead to horrific tragedies in the past, when no-one would take Hitler's Mein Kampf seriously, and i can assure you that i'm not using the analogy lightly ! (due to an innate aversion to reductio at Hitlerum)

This is a political game designed to destroy us - I.E. a perfectly typical New World Order type plot.

PS: Note that i posted this here because the pretext (of global warming) is essentially an interchangeable PR piece, the politcal goal of totalitarian world rule is the leading theme. fwiw, i personally don't consider AGW an accurate representation of facts, but even if it were all true, what is being done in the name of climate is a crime against the planet as a whole and humanity in particular.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:27 PM

which will hopefully help get your message out

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:37 PM
yes though the Nazis were "defeated" their beliefs are still going strong,
bringing some of them out of the cold and "using" them insured the corruption of America.

and don't forget "madness is catching" applies especially to psychopaths and sociopaths

these attempts at bringing feudalism back are pretty old, and the roman catholic church is at the forefront of it.

in his Outline of History, H.G.Wells compared the RCC to an evil witch-doctor constantly trying to revive a zombie formerly known as the roman empire.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by DerepentLEstranger

'paperclip' sure was a one hell of a mistake, but of course just one piece of the puzzle. eugenics was going very strong in the USA (and the entire West) right up to WW2, so i'd expect a sizable underground movement made it happen, so it was actually a case of the 'beast' helping its defeated minions from the old world.

the oldest of these people have probably been groomed around the same time, so the Nazi connection isn't all that far fetched, obviously, but people will quickly form camps and bandwagons and selectively ignore inconvenient (
) aspects of their chosen cult.

i've been looking for examples such as this one because the future is becoming clearer every day and i (we?) can only hope to reach a couple more people before the whole shebang reaches the 'termination' phase. the economic part (currency and stock manipulation including 'plunge protection' combined with fractional reserve system, bailtouts, etc) is only a preparatory attack, the endgame will come, once the return on 'investment' on these measures decreases, ie. when they gradually start to lose effectiveness.

PS: i view global warming as a supplementary effort to economic and warfare based strategies and therefore very revealing within the context. it's a good thing the organized zealots feel the need to boast, otherwise the whole message would be much harder to convey. will it help any? well - hope dies last. honestly.

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