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Danish television refuses to show zionist critical movie

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 04:34 PM

Danmarks Radio hesitates to show a film that is critical of Israel and Jewish organizations. That is, although the DR itself has helped to fund it.

The film is called 'Defamation', and directed by Israeli filmmaker Yoaf Shamir.

Shamir set out to investigate whether there is anti-Semitism in the West, or whether it is right wing in Israel and Jews in the U.S., which perpetuates a victim myth to use it politically.

The film has received many international awards, and the film is behind several renowned documentary.

Yet the 'Defamation' movie is gathering dust at the DR2, and channel manager Arne Notkin will not promise that it will be shown.

- At some points I think Defamation is problematic, and therefore we need to show the film in a context which we can stand for, "he told Ekko.

Notkin will not say what it is about the film, he finds problematic.

DR has supported the film with 150,000 dollars and the Danish Film Institute with 450,000 dollars.

- I just do not understand why they would not show the film, says production director Claus LadegÄrd.

- We can not force DR. But it is clear that if they do not want to show this film, which has won awards and so on, we will out of sheer curiosity to ask them why.

DR2 has shown series on the history of Israel, total of 45 hours, writes Ekko.

DR2's channel chief, Arne Notkin, is a member of Jewish Religious Communities and the Danish Zionist Federation.

Defamation on IMDB

full movie
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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 04:41 PM
This is the country that released the Mohammed cartoons, and one of the leading free speech countries.

DR2's channel chief, Arne Notkin, is a member of Jewish Religious Communities and the Danish Zionist Federation.

Anyone see the problem here

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:01 PM
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Im from Denmark.. and im finding this hard to belive, we dont got much censorship here.. perhaps some, after the muhammed crisis, people are like 50/50 some think we should keep posting the pictures in papers to show the muslims who is the boss here, and some say enough is enough.. anyway, here is the trailer for the thing you write about:

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