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Game: When Google Sense Doesn't Make Sense

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 01:19 PM
Here's a game that has interesting potential. Google dishes out ads for sites by trying to determine content on the page..Try to find inappropriate or funny things related to Google AdSense. For instance if you are browsing a horse riding site, and see and add for glue.

If possible, post a screen capture of the error. To get a screen cap, just press the "PrtScrn" button at the top right of the keyboard, then open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V. Of course try to make it an appropriate size for this forum, and if you can convert it to a jpg you will save space in your upload area.

I'll start if off.... Should we be forced to buy tickets for Marlon Brandon's Funeral? This error is still visible as of today (7/8/2004)

The problem is in an ad at the bottom of the news article.

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