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New documentary about seeing other dimensions...

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by Gaussq

Originally posted by Gradius Maximus
reply to post by hotbakedtater

Some of the most brilliant theologians of ancient and modern years were/are thought to use mushrooms in their exploration of consciousness and I have the feeling that much of the main stream mystery schools originated from the use of mushrooms as well, yet have abandoned their use in favor of natural self producing methods.

These mushrooms could have been the big bang - The teachers who showed our ancestors something beyond their understanding and imagination.

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Just because some people in history used mushrooms it does not make it a righteous way... Iwo uld call that a demonic way and you will be deceived. No loss(suffering), no gain. It is real simple i my opinion, one must pay off karma(sins) to get back to oneĀ“s origin.

A human being has all the potential inside of himself if he is just prepared to work a little on his mind and body, emphasize virtue in daily life etc..

Just my personal understanding at my wisdom level, no truth offered whatsoever.

Who are we to call into question the ways of the ancients? The means in which they survived and brought us into being was at one time through the involvement of hallucinogens, or under the guidance of shaman who were regularly under that influence for guidance and vision seeking.

Until you partake of these "Power plants" In a shamanic ceremony, in the dark, with focused intention then you are entirely missing the point of how they were used. Life is singing, at all times - Some plants once ingested will allow you to experience the profound wisdom to be found by seeing through their eyes, and at the same time they are seeing through yours. It becomes a symbiotic relationship and experience that has been happening since we first stepped foot into the world.

A human being is capable of much indeed, but in order to come into contact with those parts of ourself that we resist we need a 3rd party. You and You is rarely enough. It has to be You, you and something else. It can be a person, but even they are human, with resistance. This is why great guru's have been sought out.

Plants on the other hand, are beyond human. When journeying with a plant and you come across your resistance, you will steamroll it like smoke on the water and it will vanish - but if you resist the forward movement you get whats called "A bad trip". Resistance is futile once you've signed that contract and ingested the plants, so you are in for quite a fight sometimes. Trust me, more often then not, they know better.

Unsurpassed breakthroughs are capable like never before with the sacred use of plants.

I hope that we come to have a greater understanding as respect for these plant allies in the years to come.

We fear what we do not understand.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:19 PM
I am not about demons and evil. I am more of the mind these type of plant teachers, work becasue the plant dna interacts with our own dna, and works on chemicals it was designed to interact with in our bodies. I will leave it at that.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by debris765nju
Why can't he record this other dimension?

Record it with what?

Video cameras only pick up the visible spectrum of light. No infrared, ultraviolet, or any other more exotic wavelengths of energy.

I went to the website but only found a trailer.

I'm waiting for someone to upload the whole documentary to a movie forum website so I can find a link to watch it all.
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