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Experiences of Other Dimensions and Worlds

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:03 AM
I have been following ATS for a year or so without posting, I have been confused for a few years now, and have searched the internet for answers to my experiences. I hope this narrative can give hope to those who feel that anxiety many are feeling. Also, if anybody has any insight into my experiences, help would be appreciated.


My Experiences in life have been very odd, with incredible happenings around me, happenings i can not explain as coincidence, these are fact, fact to me anyway. Here goes. When I was a child, my brother and I woke up screaming, we were in a high class restaurent, but we were also in our beds, seperate beds. A waiter approached us and tried to give us something on a silver plate. I would put the time of this experience as maybe 19202/30s. We both looked at one another in shock, then suddenly, the bedroom wall around us suddenly started to build itself, brick by brick, it was like something from Harry Potter, thats as close as I can explain it. Our parents came into the bedroom and comforted us downstairs, I was 6, my brother 5, it was not a dream, it was real.

From that moment, me, not my brother, (although he has not talked about it) started seeing strange people dressed in Victorian/Edwardian clothing. I could see these people at the top of the stairs, across the street, in the shops, stood outside my school.......strange, they dissapeared when I was about 10


when I was 16 I walked into my place of work there was a blackbird sat on the crummy sofa just looking at me, I put a towel over it and let it out, a week later i had a terrible painful experience and thought back to the bird, it was in a place with sealed windows. Up to the age of 40, I walked into a room with another 5 blackbirds and then experienced great pain at the hands of nasty people or girlfriends with no empathy. In 2002 i was in a pub with a friend, I told him about this and we laughed, we went back to his for some food, and he stopped laughing, a blackbird was sat in his chair, again we left that room, all windows and doors were closed before we left, he has not spoke to me since. a few days later i was dumped by my girlfriend and felt terrible pain. My dog died last summer, it broke my heart, my wife and I were sat in the garden 2 hours after his death, a blackbird came and sat near our feet, my other dog, who just chases birds for a living, its all he does, sat next to it. Infact, it was this dog who was barking at us to come into the garden and sit in this specific spot in a small patch of sun.........incredible, we knew it was an experience


First, I have no doctrines I follow. However, before my first job in a cancer hospice in 2003, a few weeks before I started, I had an incredible dream, well, it was not a dream in some ways, it felt real. I was walking through an Asain looking jungle and saw a fat blue buddha, sat on a log. I approached it and it hugged me, I felt this incredible energy/electricity flow through me. I sat bolt upright in bed, got up, and could not feel my body for an hour, i was gobsmacked, it was real, I had been somewhere. Incredibly, in the afternoon, I met my friend who had just got back from India, she gave me a pendant, with a blue buddha on it, I nearly fell over. On the weekend, I flew to santa monica from the Uk for a 3 week holiday before my hospice work began. I went to my hotel room, and the picture outside of my room was of a blue buddha, it just felt connected.


When I got back the dreams/prophecies started. I started internet flirting as i wanted a life partner. I spent 2 weeks flirting with a girl from ireland, she told me she had been a prostitute and had sex with animals as child, her parents forced her. she was now working for a law firm, holding it together but was very intense in her connection to me. After a day flirting with her online, i would go to bed. I would dream, and witness people tortured, murdered, butchered, abused. It makes me sad to remember. The next day, I would watch the news, and see a horriific crime I had been present at in my dream. Why? anyone remember the Chinese cockle pickers who died on a UK beach a few years back, that was during that 2 week period of dreams. The day they died, i told a friend what was going to happen, I had dreampt it.. After witnessing an evil man slaughter two sisters in yorkshire, I sat in horror and pain, and watched him grin as he stabbed them to death. I know this is distressing to hear, but i am searching for answers. I awoke from that dream to again, see the headlines the next day. I knew it was linked to her. I stopped talking to her, and the dreams/prophecies stopped.


This is the best part, and I love going to bed now. I have incredible 3D dreams that crackle and sparkle, my wife says I wake up in the middle of the night talking to someone about the universe, planets etc etc. They started with me floating above the planet, were I have lived, I rise above that house, straight up into the air then I either get into a small spaceship (sounds crazy writing it) or travel through a light system into places trillions of miles away. I visit other people, normally people who are full of love, they seem so full of answers and are fairly silent, they say little but comfort me. Incredibly, during the day while awake, at work, or wherever, I see a sign, or something that takes me back to that dream, i just smile to myself and know it was a real event.

I have been to mars, not the moon, i know that our moon has dark intent. Mars was once occupied by humans, millions of years ago, there are still humans there, in caves, who are healers and loving spirits. They have dogs with them, they are very strongly related to dogs, sounds crazy i know, but I have seen them, spoke with them. Related to this, I have found incredilbe objects whilst looking at spirit and opportunity pans of mars, even ESA have provided me with a landscape that was once occupied. These objects were once part of a martain human society.


My wife calls me a nut in a jokey way, and i think she has her own ideas about my experiences, but does acknowledge them, she will tell me about my nightly conversations with much amusement. However, this week, something really bizarre happened. I had a special dream and my wife was in it, and incrediblely, she dreamt something of it, the same night.

I was in a white planet/moon spaceship travelling with my wife for the first time. we kept hopping billions of miles to earthlike planets, spend a few minutes there and off we went. these planets were were incredible clean and structured, the buildings were gleaming white and clean. They had soldiers, but peaceful soldiers (that was strange). My wife turned to me in the dream "I wonder were we are, I think we are dead, but its great, it feels really good"

I then awoke, my wife turned to me, "just had an incredible dream, we were on an incredible clean planet and we had just died on earth, a tidal wave hit us, but we could breath in the water, there was no pain".

If you thought it gets any wierder, she said I had awoken at 4am, bolt upright and said "uncle Michael, I will see you in heaven soon, I cant want to see you, its ok, we'll be togher in heaven". I have never had an uncle Michael. It was interesting during the dream, I could tocuh the galaxies as they whizzed by in colour and 3D, awesome.


There is smething coming. I feel it in the wind, have it in dreams. There is a struggle on this planet, I do not fully understand it. However, I know that those who run our world lack any empathy. Those who go into politics or big business with good intentions and empathy, lose thier path with vanity and greed, look at Nick Clegg as a case in point, his political ideas ditched for power. In essence, the struggle is for this planet. The delicate eco system has been raped by big business, humans are butchered by governments because of human vanity. Babies starve because a monies system demands that countries have to lose for others to succeed in business.

The last two centuries has seen a shift from spirituality and nature, onto human individual grred and vanity. I dont fully understand the implications of this but i know what I have seen. I have seen loving, warm humans, in parts of our universe, cosmos, happy and full of love. the only bit i understand is quite simple but takes leap of faith to accept it i guess. I have taken that leap.

The universe, is a massive, seriously massive. However, there is one place in the universe, the central hub. This hub is about love, peace, wisdom and understanding. We as humans, have choices, yes, we are responsible for our actions. I wish i knew about the places i visit, I wish i knew if it was another universe in another dimension. I wish i knew if it was part of this universe.

I would like to finish by saying that my experiences are as real as I percieve them, there are many more experiences I have had over the last 45 years that confirm to me of another dimension/place. We are also being 'forced' into a choice, make the right choice, make sure it involves vast quantities of empathy and love.



ps my spelling is bad, sorry for that

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:08 AM
we must be a long way from this centre hub you talk about.... not too much love on this planet. pity really.
but yes i agree with alot of what you said.

By the way welcome to the site theres some pretty Gnarly stuff that comes up!!

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:14 AM
I would also like to say I am open to questions and open to help

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by JarredAus

Thanks Jarred

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:17 AM
Got some bizarre occurences there. I agree with what you say about politics at the end, it mostly destroys any original intentions of the person and replaces it with a lust for power.

Anyway, I can picture you sitting in a dimly lit room grinding your axe while muttering things like "death to the blackbirds", "blackbirds", "blackbirds gonna die". Just sayin'.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by Somehumanbeing

LOL, death to the blackbirds, yeah, i used to dread seeing them, because I knew I would be sobbing into my beer a few days later. To be fair though, the last visit, at my dogs death, was positive, and a message of hope to me I think, who knows

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:31 AM

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:08 AM
On the "blue buddha" matter, I have been visited by little meditating men in david-stars made entirely out of blue light, this was not a dream... I have read it is neccessary for the aura to turn blue for interdimensional travel..
Ive been told somthing is coming in 2012, peace be with you

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:16 AM
Kera, what have you been told

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:43 AM
7 years ago I had the strangest dream of hallways with doors, behind those doors were "people" living in tranquility, thay thought me about meditation, and love, thay looked like little meditating men(yellow), but could assume a physical body, this was a dream in wich I was given a choice to stay or get rewarded somehow iff I returned and helped people understand that love was our purpose, I said you and I know love is the answer and returned, I liked it so much there that I was pestering them when I would return, thay said it was going to be really soon, and at the age of 23 I was to wake up ( this was a year ago when I was visited by aliens, and little meditating men(blue)) this was no dream, and dont take my word for it but thay said somthin like that somthing was going to happen when I was 25 (im born on nov.21.1986) when I was visited by meditating men for real I could not communicate with them because I didnt know what thay were telling me, and what my imagination was saying (a huge shame, and I feel robbed... imagine a mute miracle) so I dont know iff im going to die at 25 or its somthing in the collective, but I was said I have two years (from when I wake up), and that I need to be brave... thay were right about everything else so I kinda bealive my dream.
thank you for your openmindedness, it is all that is asked from you.
( I have a thread on ATS called I got a story, and I got dissed on it so im not trying anymore, iff youre interested read about what happened at 23)

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by kera1337


Thanks for the reply. first off, many of us have incredible dreams that you know are not 'just dreams'. For example, I have been shown places that I never had in my imagination, or i assume was just a subliminal intake of something i may of seen or heard. We know our own reality, and I respect yours.

I have held onto my story all my life and now share, because I feel its the right time. I think its amazing, that for everyone who poo-hoos our experiences, there is another who recognizes it for what it is. Why is this important? because a shift is happeneing, 10 years ago, this would of seemed whacky to most, now it only seems whacky to 50%, that is a massive sea change Kera. When I get time I will give your thread the respect it deserves

Love and peace


posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 07:52 AM
I think Leonardo Di Caprio is having some fun with you two

Seriously though, I used to have some crazy dreams. Not as clear cut as yours but the type where I would dream about trying to save someone and end up getting killed myself (then waking up) or getting blamed for something that I didnt do and waking up sweating like drip wet through because everyone in the dream was against me.

I looked into them and to be honest thought that the explanations given seemed like a horoscope, so vague they could cover everything

Funny now though, I may still dream but dont remember any at all, I try to but nothing

A little off topic but has anyone had that "dream" where you get close / intimate with someone you know in the dream and wake up having them in your thoughts all day? Like taking a fancy to them almost immediatley after?

.... and actually thinking to do something about it
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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:38 AM
blackbirds are a pain in the a**. i was attacked by one while i was fishing. i must of stumbled into its nest and it was trying to protect it.

well i'm not going to back down from a blackbird, so we got into a little scrap. it was dive bombing at my head and i was using my fishing rod like a sword. it lasted for about 5 min. he had the tactical advantage and air superiority, plus it was a pre-emptive strike on his part. i would call it a draw.

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:46 AM
I'm having trouble reading this story because it is all over the place. I would suggest proof reading after writing such a long story. There's some interesting stuff nonetheless but the content needs revising.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 08:55 AM
wow, interesting and your experiences resonate with myself. Not saying I have gone through what you have of course. You mention the quiet loving people that you met on those vessels and I immediately thought of my wife's telling me of our trip to a wonderful world one night. She tells me these people are real quiet but good. There is more but the coincidence is amazing. I have some memories of being aboard a few vessels and in one I was taken into a craft and found it to be like an old friend, part machine and and part living, organic in nature.

In reading posts by Kara I was interested in the time line. I am of course older in this body then she, but I was awakened at about the same time as was my wife somewhat. She was or seemed to be taken again and reminded on that large vessel by these folks to moderate her ways or she would be left and not be a part of what was happening if that makes sense. This also paralleled my more than dreams of myself in a different body and feeling sad leaving her while going with others in the near future. Lately I was told that my real body was sleeping and I would return to it soon if that makes sense.

Kara, I was given no time line, just my our dreams which were the same of walking a green world devoid of most people, no cars etc. just a peaceful world of good people using left over products from a past world. She even went up to homes with a horseshoe key and when used it would light up and show whom used to live there in the homes, but they were no longer here. In my version of the dream three months before, I was told there was an 17 or 18 year period between what I saw and an event that happened, but not a date of happening.

What I did see which was odd, was many leaving while life just seemed to continue and others were not even aware of the event. Again that could be symbolic as was the gate of barbed wire which I tried for many weeks in dreams to get through but was now able to open along with many smiling folks there at the time. All of us were invisible to the people walking the street.

There is more events mixed into this with no time given, but an urgency none the less, only hints. By the way in one of my events, others took me out of body and showed me, this light being which I took to be myself and was told it was a sacred thing. Of course, as a physical being now I am much to humble to think of myself as being sacred, LOL. Cheers all, good post.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by randomname

ah-hahahah.. that cracked me up randomname, I can imagine your fight with a bird from your post... most amusing

OP: interesting dreams you have there... do you think your brain has an overload of '___' while you sleep to cause these dreams or do you think they are real?

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 09:05 AM
This was the first post I read this morning and what a great one! I have no answers for you, but I think someday we will receive all the answers to our questions. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by RamsOnTop

Sorry, it is rambling a bit, but I found it hard to write to be honest, headaches, numbness, pain, all part of memories of some of it.

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by sailormon

There seems to be a lot of it about at the moment, I guess the last decade or so of people feeling there is something else. The light element is fasinating in what you say. It resonates with me. Dreams are a lot more than we understand them to be, how does one explain the visions of what was to happen the next day? It leaves the question about time.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by virraszto

Thank you, I appreciare that

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