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To What End?

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 11:46 PM
OK, you have put a permanent harmonic spin on all the chakras, along with finding and spinning three others that were previously unknown. You have reached a level of Christian transcendental fullfillment that your hypostasis of the Christ is recognized by the Pope and three top TV evangelists that have not yet been scandalized. Your yogic expression has activated the kundalini to such an extent that your bodily control is so impeccable that you can flatulate more eloquently than any speech ever delivered by GW Bush and with a greater following to stand and salute with unflinching fervor the last time you ate Mexican food.

You have accomplished all these mystical feats, and many others, so where are you heading with this level of spiritualism? Besides for your ongoing efforts to bring the world into a state of perpetual peace and union, knowing that you have to go slow as there are still others that need the growing experience to develop their own innate abilities into harmonic perfection, and are working your plan to errorlessly immanentize the eschaton, what are you doing for yourself with your spiritual abilities?

----- ----- ----- a little breathing room so the page doesn't look so busy ----- ----- -----

Are you just sitting with your bag packed to be one of the first aboard for The Rapture? Or are you concocting a devilish plan to give Obama bladder failure and just waiting for the most opportune moment when he has a prime time engagement to announce an unpopular decree?

Are you a bit more materialistic and just waiting for Ferrari to introduce that new long-awaited model to make the purchase with your easily-gotten legitimate gains that came at no one's expense other than your own almost effortless efforts? Or are you only interested in providing security and familial and parental support to you partner, siblings, offspring, and other family?

Perhaps you haven't quite gotten there yet but you are working very hard to be as spiritually advanced as you can be and have every hope of attaining that lofty goal. What are your plans and hopes and dreams? What will you do with it? What will be in your personal Heaven. Surely not harp music 24/7 and The 700 Club on every TV channel, no?

---- ---- ---- See, this does work to make it look better if there are no pictures to insert ----

I am hesitant to go into my own account for fear it may sound like a boast, hate me if you want to but I hate for anyone to pose such question then run away to await answers without offering any of their own so I will tell a little of what I did and am doing, but for some reason it sounds just a bit too mundane. What does an enlightened person do? What is expected of them?

No, on second thought I will hold off about myself. I have it written but I will only put it in if someone asks me for it. I have a good life but I don't want to spoil the answers I hope to receive. I would like some ideas but I am hoping you do some soul-searching and will share your grand plan.

Would you want to kick my butt for not doing something more if I seem to have more than I need? If so then what shoud I be doing?

What is your goal, ambition, and desire? What are you doing with your spiritual enlightenment and to what end?

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 01:29 AM
Well, I might have expected this thread would get nowhere. It was intended for the metaphysical section but I thought it lacked substance of hard discussion about the nature of "soul" or principles of meditation. I thought I would put it here with softball subjects instead.

Whether Christian or New Age I think the question still applies, if you have reached a level of spiritual awakening just what do you do with that awakening?

It has worked for me, this awakening, though not what I had learned in Sunday School classes. So I am wondering if the spiritual quest for everyone maybe just has yielded nothing extraordinary and that is why there is no response as of yet. Keep trying then and Onward, Christian Soldiers!

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 04:54 AM
For me it is sharing. And awakening others. The other day at my friend's apartment they were trying to kill a Black Widow. I put a cup over it and took it outside. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I think in the future on a subconscious level they learned something that will foster and grow, and help them realize that killing and destruction and vengeance and hatred and fear are often the easier, more popular option. But that love, understanding, sympathy and empathy are just as easy and it all comes right back around. Karma man.

In the future I think my spirituality will be more selfish, actually. Right now my awakening is very dim and very un-nourished so to speak. I need to spend some more time on myself, in solitude.

Offtopic, I really like what you wrote in my thread about the NWO and the players and the game, and the allusions to cards and cows. I'd like to further discuss this with you and your knowledge. You seem like you know A LOT about not only this but spirituality. Please send me an e-mail:

I could not figure out how to contact you in private on ATS.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 02:46 PM
Re Erongaricuaro

You wrote:

["No, on second thought I will hold off about myself. I have it written but I will only put it in if someone asks me for it."]

I ask.

(I like Valis too.)

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by bogomil
Re Erongaricuaro

You wrote:

["No, on second thought I will hold off about myself. I have it written but I will only put it in if someone asks me for it."]

I ask.

(I like Valis too.)

Thanks for asking. My answer is really mundane so I guess that is why I was asking. Is having a happy life enough? For me I think it is. Certainly I have more experiences I could recount but don't think I should bother.

I had an interesting career with travel and working with and testing new military technology at a semi-secret base. I retired in my early 50's with enough money and security to last my lifetime and am living in a foreign country with very nice weather year-around and that has sufficient infra-structure to support just about any activity I could possibly care to take part in. I've had my share of sports and muscle cars to the point that I am satisfied with just owning reliable transportation now, though I seldom need to drive and prefer not to these days.

I avoided having a family during my career cycle but now have a very wonderful wife/companion that looks after my every need and desire and is completely satisfied with the comfort and security I provide her that she is extremely loyal and grateful. I have my private conservatory stocked with every musical instrument I am fond of and work on improving my chops. I live in middle of a UNESCO Cultural Heritage city that has many attractions and activities going on nearly every day within a few blocks of easy walking. I have a pyramid overlooking a lake within about a half-hour from me for a quiet place to meditate or just relax.

I am still fairly young, eat well, am reasonably fit and healthy. I travel with my wife at my side, and basically have only one obligation which is to enjoy life. In other words it is just about me. Not sure where else my concerns should lie, if anywhere.

BTW, Valis was not my favorite PKD novel, it just had a nice quote to use in the signature. Two of my favorites were The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and UBIK. I have other favorites also.

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 12:05 PM
First my salvation, that is forgiveness of my sins against God and man by Jesus Christ is not part of the Catholic Church or any of those TV evangelist. I do not adhere to their spin as Catholics leaders worship idols and money, and many churches of the protestant belief are of material and money.

But with the veil of deception being lifted from before me I am aware that there is a physical and spiritual world.
That most of what people do is either because they are blind to their spiritual body and caught up in this physical world and temporal desires because they do not know the Creator.

Many believe that man is good and only a few are bad, that educated people do not lie about science so they can take the possibility of belief in the supernatural from you.

Yes I do believe that the Bible is the word of God and is 100% true. I have been public school educated and realized that the government teaches religion in the theory of evolution. I study even today the effects of this lie and how it takes more faith then believing in God that it ever happened.

Mainstream lies to keep you into believing. FACT

The Bible has to be 100 % true or all a lie as you nor anyone ever is capable of saying what is factual and what is not. Because then is becomes your opinion.

There are predictions and prophecies that can and are made within the Bible that have come to light as truth, yet most here on ATS will except ET as truth well before they will except that the Bible is truth, God exists and that Jesus lived, died and rose again for You and me.

God Bless.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 12:50 PM
Re Erongaricuaro

Your OP and later answer to me contain both a level of easy chat and some profound approach to existence. And for me it's a pleasant change from my self-appointed ATS role as watchdog for liberal society against the onslaughts of extremism to just 'flow' for once on a thread.

I have some almost 'conversational' directions towards your thoughts.

When I almost 50 years ago took my final examinations in the local equalent of college, one option in language/literature was "what is happiness". I chose another option, because I at that time didn't have an inkling on how to answer, except on the subjects of getting laid, drunk or being 'somebody'. Directions I don't believe the examinators would have appreciated.

Later in life I have been sufficiently laid, drunk and for a short while a minor 'somebody', but not being of the material from which hedonists are made and also possessing an insatiable intellectual curiosity, this wasn't enough, so I started looking further into other weird, wondrous and wild options. Along the way, and amongst other things, giving me acquaintance with buddhism, in which a semi-divine hierarchy is presented, in which 'gods' (as a result of good behaviour, however defined) spend a certain period of hedonistic bliss on some kind of astral level as a 'karmic reward'.

More later than that another buddhistic level of asking unanswerable questions manifested for me. This time the question of the relationship between 'ultimate reality/absolute truth' (in all its innumerable versions depending on doctrine) and the mundane 'reality' most of us participate in and 'believe in' to some extent.

In Mahayana buddhism beautifully compressed to the almost equation-like simplicity of:

"Nirvana (transcendent reality) = Samsara (illusionary mundane 'reality)"

Much theology, cosmogony, cosmology and philosophy can be put forth on this 'equation', but to cut it short the really interesting and important part of it is the '=' sign, where I take the stance, that '=' means the perspective of awareness/consciousness/mind. In the inimitable and oversimplified lingo of new-agers: 'An observer-created existence'.

In usual language: Things (visible existence) exist by and through the existence of other things. Life, as we generally know it, is a question of 'relationships/relating'.

So the maze shifts because of the way we and it relate to each other, in ever changing and dynamically growing patterns. There are no absolutes inside it, and all postulates of being able to formulate ultimate absolutes from the maze-inside are just so many wild and fanatic guesses (probably originating from psychological mindsets, rather than knowledge per se).

Lofty? Not really, I think. This answer to your OP simply says, that 'answers' will vary depending on who are asking them and how they are formulated. It's full circle in a way; you ask from a position of general 'pleasure' in life, I ask from a position of very abstract speculations. None of us have any absolute reference-point leading to ultimate reality. But we do have rather good maps of our respective 'territories' (pleasure/non-pleasure....logic, science/subjective guesses.... can be good beacons in 'local' contexts). I'm not taking relativism to absurd extremes.

PS I have some far from conclusive working hypotheses about a way out of the maze.
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