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Who are u? (or what is the difference between u and the monitor u are looking at?)

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 08:40 PM
ok i try to make myself clear as good as i can..try to transcend (see through) my grammatical mistakes and just get what i want to observe with you.

Lets go!
We all think that we know who or what we are. We think we know what the world is and what our opinion about the world is. But sometimes we miss the wood for the trees with our interpretations. We dont really know who we are or don´t stop trying to define who we are only to see that we change and nothing stays the same about us.and see later that we change but take our self perception as the fundamental basis for our world view. Many people say: "I know totally who i am" these people often are rigid and very foreseeable. They seem to be in a prison they made for themselves .
But do they really know who they really are? Or do they only define HOW they are...
The first question is: what is the world? I leave that question open.

First i ask u as a simulation a question so that i can examine this question with myself as a fictional charakter: are u a rational person?
: "jes"
"ok thats good. So than we can observe our own perception by understanding its elements."
" what is the difference between u and the monitor u are now looking at?
"i am Jeff. Thats a monitor"
"so that means: u are something else!? U are not the monitor?
"of course not. I can observe the monitor! I can see it. Its something else"
"ok but who are u?"
"i am jeff. "
"Go on"
" i am 43 years old. I am a smart guy. I have a wife ,3 kids. I am a happy man"
"ok. now we know ur characteristics, we know ur wifes name.. We know how old u are "NOW" , we know that u got a , kids. We could also talk about the monitor: its a flatscreen, its 4 years old etc etc. The question still is: whats the real difference between u and the monitor.
"the first real difference is that the monitor is not a part of me. Its only there when i look at it. When i am at work i see another monitor which also is not me!
"Ok but u told me a lot of things about u that also change...ur wife was not always there and maybe one day gone..we dont hope she leaves u of course..U age. Ur kids were not always there. Maybe u were not always as smart as today.
things that can change or have changed. But may i ask: when u would ask urself what u always were and always are.....what is your answer to that?"
"i am jeff. I was born with that name"
"fine.. now the question is how do u define something to be "you" and something to be "not you"?

"Everything that comes and goes is not me. As i said: the monitor is not always there so it can not be me. "
"So we could say that the name Jeff also was not there the whole time. We could say the name also is not what u are. There was a day when u understood: oh i am jeff. Mama told me that and they are always pointing with the finger at me and suddenly i knew: Maan they point at me!! they point at jeff.thats who i am" But are u this name?.
"of course not. Its just a name"
"So what are u? "
"i am a human being"
"ok. U can see that word now:"Human Being". Sounds good. "Monitor". "Human Being":
What do these two words have in common?
"hmmm i guess they are both something of this world"!
"jes and u said before that the difference between u and the things that are not u is that u "stay" and things that are not you come and go. so we could make a rule out of that: subject is not an object. But if subject is not an object and CAN not can u be of this world?
"i dont quite get it?"
"who are u?"
"i am jeff".
"and what is the difference between Jeff and a monitor?"
"hmmm when u ask me like that...there is no difference. Both are words. Both are objects in my perception".

"so who are u and where are you?"

Do we really know who we are? Do we really know that we are in this world? Do we really know what "the world " is? This is the question.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 08:48 PM
and after having this just makes more fun to watch charles manson answering questions
he had that conversation too..lool

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:18 PM
I had a slightly better understanding of Manson's q

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by sykickvision

and which was it?

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:23 AM
hmm thought here would be more people interested in the search for the "who am i".
so many enlightened people here?
for anyone who is interested in that topic.

Listen to that interview:Adyashanti speaks about his awakening. I love this guy. (there are all parts)
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