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Project AVALON - The Rulers Of The World 33 people manage the planet

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:43 AM
I found this latest Project AVALON interview intriguing. Whether you follow Bill Ryan or not i do enjoy his body of work entertaining some times very questionable since he really does not look deeper in to these people . This interview with a man who calls himself "Charles London" claims he worked for the "world management" and tells quite a story. Much of it is in regards to UFO's as well so i thought i would post it here. Some of the things Charles is claiming is going on that actually do ring some bells. I really know nothing about this guy, could be another Disinfo character but who knows. Skeptics will have a good laugh and believers will be overwhelmed so enjoy.

o The demonization/ criminalization of the alternative media. o The plan to create a false flag event to present the ETs as dangerous enemies. o The plan to reduce the world's population through the control and distribution of food. o Planet X and dangerous solar activity (both are real - but are not show-stopping threats). o The ET project to create and optimize a new genome - which is the human race on this planet. o This is the first time in the history of the human race that we have got our hands on ET technology - which was never part of the plan. There were no accidental UFO crashes: all the craft were shot down - at first by a 'lucky hit', and thereafter deliberately. o The legacy of the controlling group, and why they feel this is their responsibility. o The way the controlling group functions, and considers its role: some of their codes, protocols, and 'rules'.

yeah i know Planet X again

People were thinking Bill Ryan had been erased btw

I've been deeply engaged in the material covered in this interview - which is just about everything you might think of - for the last several months; and this accounts for my unusually low public profile recently, which some have commented on, and a few have been concerned about. However, as Mark Twain is alleged to have remarked, rumors of my death have been a little exaggerated. This is a two hour, on-camera interview with the contact - named 'Charles' - to whom I've made passing reference in recent radio shows, and who first e-mailed me in July of 2010. We first spoke in August, logged over 30 hours of Skype calls, and then a couple of weeks ago, before Christmas, we finally met in person. Below is a transcript of the introduction to the video, which constitutes an important personal message. It's the best summary I can offer. The video itself explains a great deal about the modus operandi of the controllers, and starts to lay out some of the events and scenarios that - up till now - have been planned. This material is the tip of a very large and important iceberg needed. I know some of that iceberg, but not all of it. I hope to learn much more during the coming months.

Link to 2 Hour Video
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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 08:01 AM
Already posted here:

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:21 AM
Sounds like disinfo or a hoax. I assume he stole the 33 idea from myth.

There are traditions and myths of 33 rulers of the world, but not human in origin.

In Vedic mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism, the 33 devas rule the earth from the devaloka "heaven" of Trayastriṃśa, the lowest heaven still in contact with the earth on the peak of Mount Meru.

12 of them are said to be the Children of Aditi "The Infinite" and the most powerful of the 33 in the Brahmanas. These 12 are the Executors of Rta, cosmic law and order. 7 of the 12 are identified in the Rigveda as true Children of the Infinite.

Of these 7 the most important are Varuna, Mitra and Indra.

Varuna, deva of the sky, master and keeper of cosmic order and law is Chief of the Children of the Infinite.

Mitra, deva of covenants, is the right hand of Varuna and the protector of cosmic law and order.

Indra, deva of storms, is Lord of the Devas and Ruler of the Earth. He is called Sakra in Buddhism and the August Jade Emperor in Taoism.
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