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The kill offs, is nature telling us to back off?

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 02:41 AM
Just recently the UK has seen one of these kill offs, when around 40,000 devil crabs washed up dead on palm bay in Margate. Experts tell us cold weather is to blame for this, but then why did the crabs not perish and wash up during the November/December cold snap when tempratures dropped below -5? The time period they washed up on the beach dead coencides with warmer weather, not colder. The only way this could be explained is if the crabs died during the cold snap, but did not wash up on the beach until now, but with the tidal fluctuation being a daily event, it is unlikely this is the case. This crab kill happened last year too.

When these kills happen, it is obvious they are not taking out a few animals, but substantial amounts of them. Take the honeybee for instance, the problem if disapparing bees is not a new one, it's been going on for some time. Every scientist has their theory, right from enviromental factors like polution, to natural ones like mites & parasites, but not one has been able to help stop this problem. My explanation is this is yet another problem caused by humans meddling in the very intricate, delicate life of the honeybee for our own personal gain and profit. Honeybees are bundled into crates and driven thousands of miles across land to places where humans need them most. It stands to reason that this is the main factor in something called Colony collapse disorder, which causes the workers to simply abandon the hive and vanish, which occurs naturaly among honeybee colonies, but cannot be helped by man trying to manipulate the honeybee to suit his needs, not theirs.

This would not be the first time our meddling with mother nature has backfired, there are plenty of past examples, such as BSE being caused by the cattle we consume being fed a manipulated, unnatural and canibalistic diet of ground up bone and animal proteins, including those of cattle themselves. Cattle are vegetarian, they simply do not consume other living creatures, so what did we expect by making them do so? Bigger, stronger, safer meat animals?

Fish are another creature, precious to the survival of the planet, that are hit hard by humans. Fish are killed in scores and scores every single day, to provide big western nations with their flesh to eat. We do not need to consume fish, yet we do so on a scale that is causing fish populations in the oceans to plummet and an alarming rate. Some specise are dwindling on the point of extinction due to overfishing. This is without mentioning the other marine life that is killed in process of catching fish, such as turtles, dolphins, whales and other non edible animals, whos bodies are simply disgarded without a care in the world.

We kill fish in other ways too, by pumping our poisonous waste into the ocean and by littering beaches & rivers with rubbish.

Birds suffer a lot in our hands, and I am not just talking about those that fly around in the sky. The poultry which makes up about 40% of an avarage meat eater's diet is now produced in ways that show little to no respect for life.

What I'm getting at here is there could be NO explanation for what is happening, it could be a stark warning from the planet that nature is in control, and it is only a matter of time before it is forced to take these measures on humans to avoid total destruction of the Earth. Could mother nature be telling is the worst is yet to come if we do not cease in our destructive, greedy behavour?

These things are only what the powers that be cannot hide, what about those they can, such as HARRP? if a program exists that is trying to manipulate the weather, there is no telling how destructive such a thing could be.

Whenever humans try to control nature, the outcome is never a good one.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 03:10 AM
Oh Zeus...

Last year it was non stop h1n1.

then it was non stop assange is a god/saviour/messiah/legend.

now it's non stop "Weez all die now from x,[nature][government[aliens][haarp][ufos][lhc] = x+rnd(conspiracy.length,1) "


I have the answer - but I know humans are not ready to interpret this, because they are not yet AWAKE. In MAY a few will be chosen, and then we shall spread the word to all. Ascension will come to those who witness the light...

The signs are upon us awakened ones, open your eyes... Only the blinded by evil will succumb to the tyranny of Armageddon and lead the flok to hades.

*I commanded birds drop from the air, and fish float, and now I command bunnies roast on green pastures with a slight hint of basil and garlic, and with a side bowl of sweet chilli sauce.*

edit on 6/1/2011 by badw0lf because: follow me, I am your saviour now... muwahahahaha

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