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NWO:- Social Engineering (manipulation by few) or mass evolution?

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 02:32 AM
There had been no other time we mankind had been more connected to each other than today in the course of human civilisation history.

From individuals surviving out of caves to banding together in order to form civilisations, we had communicated and worked together to achieve common goals in life - peace, prosperity, equality, justice, freedom and progress.

Today, we see the result of such dreams, made possible by our resiliant ancestors, whom despite being enslaved, had only patiently taught their young well, to achieve what they could not do during their lifetime. Those who sought to enslave us, used multitudes of diversive techniques to divide us - Religion, castes, wealth, color, etc, but through mass migration, we saw our differences didnt matter much.

There was no difference between the protestant believer and the catholic worshipper as they struggled to tame the land in order to feed their families. There was no difference between a colonial trader selling his goods to natives and the englishman eking a living peddling his wares to serfs. There was no difference between a vagrant down on his luck died from the cold and the noble king that beathes his last in the warm comfort of his bed. They both died with nothing.

The greatest document of our freedom had been the sacred US Constitution, that decreed by the power of the masses, that all men all equal. Forthwith, from that sacred document and the might of the people, freedom was and will be ensured for all mankind.

There was no difference between the slave sweating in the fields and the master enjoying his view of the slaves working the farms. They were both born equal. There was no difference between the man who prays five times daily to his Amighty, and the man who goes to church every Sunday. They both love the same Creator and have the freedom of worship.

As we become more educated, we realized now that our differences are no major obstacles to our common aspirations in life, and that we can co-exist together. Thus, we will only and naturally form our own NWO - one common vision and one aim, together as one race - human.


But unfortunately, as we realized our natural progression towards a common vision, there were others in power who saw far ahead of what mankind could become. Rather than to stand in the way of the juggarnaut of evolution, it attached itself to it, and through their wealth and might, sought to misdirect and redirect that path towards their own destination - continued slavery of mankind.

Using every trick, deception and lie possible, they had mislead us as we discovered today. Massive debts, financial ruin, environmental disasters, religious wars, etc were not natural occurences, but came with the manipulation of a few men in control.

As if not enough, they are even attempting to make use of biblical prophecies to put fear into us, their instrument of control, so that we may kneel before them to save us, upon realizing that they may have the means and equipment to make disasters look natural.

Money had never been an issue, for they can print as many as the fools would greedily want, but ultimate control of mankind's destiny is what they seek - the creation of their own selfish NWO that is far from the liberties that only natural evolution would allow.

Perhaps I see it differently, but to you the reader, - has what been happening a natural evolution towards NWO of mankind, or the corrupted hands of a few attempting to stear our direction towards their version of NWO?



posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 03:19 AM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101
Perhaps I see it differently, but to you the reader, - has what been happening a natural evolution towards NWO of mankind, or the corrupted hands of a few attempting to stear our direction towards their version of NWO?

It is my personal opinion that as modern technology has advanced and made life easier for the majority, it has also escalated the amount of pettiness in a large percentage of certain types of people.

I don't think by any means that this was an "engineered" phenomenon, but rather, and unfortunate byproduct of certain tools being made available and the resultant lifestyles of certain individuals who - sadly- are so far removed from the simple and honest burdens of a human life that they are falling victim to the sway of hedonism, selfishness, and other such travesties of an inexperienced Ego.

A self-generated "God Complex" of sorts...

It's hard for most people in the Western World to really understand the value of being able to perform the simplest of human survival skills - weaving ones own cloth, planting and growing ones own food, etc.

So much of this labor is performed by others for us, that a short sighted or shallow perspective becomes ingrained as a large section of the Modern World rushes headlong into consumer hedonism - never once really considering the true value of what they are consuming. Everything is "disposable" and "replaceable" - and this mentality eventually bleeds over into their view of the fellow men and women.

It's not the tech that is the problem, it's more the inherent laziness and psuedo-intellectualism that seems to override far reaching Vision and balanced decision making processes in the majority of negative cases.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by GENERAL EYES

Thanks for your measured reply.

Would you then say that if left on our own, we would not have been capable of creating a NWO based on common goals and aspirations as one race, and would need the hands of those who are far capable and intelligent to decide the course of mankind's direction, even if it means we may have to sacrifice individual freedoms?

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101


I think if Humanity is ever going to get anything worthwhile done, a certain degree of co-operation needs to occur that benefits not only the individual, but also the greater Collective.

The concept of individual "freedom" is a touchy person takes it to mean inherent civil liberties, and another person might take it to mean "I can do whatever I want - I don't owe you anything".

Both are valid perspectives, I suppose - but it has the potential to create resentment in the class of people who are willing to give up say - 8 hours of their day working for a common, communal goal that benefits the larger community and those who use their "freedom" as an excuse to sit back, not contribute, and then demand they have the same rights, ranks and rewards of those who have sacrificed their time and talents towards building said Community.

Sadly, once again - it boils down to the Individual.

As far as the Human Race goes - time and time again throughout History there have been conflicts over what direction we go, how it manifests, who has the Power, and so forth...but we always seem to come out ahead in the long run.

It may not be the same outcome as one that is guided by a higher collective of educated and specialized individuals trained in their Craft....but it would be an outcome nonetheless.

The main thing that worries me about the current state of NWO theory is the misdirection that just because someone else might be calling the shots on major projects, that we are unimportant and have no power.

Just because we aren't dancing on top of the proverbial pyramid doesn't mean we aren't an invaluable part of the Foundation.

A lot of the things we are seeing manifest these days are purely transitional. They're testing new ideas, new techniques, new technology....and - believe it or not - it's not the Illuminati who are governing how it's going down. They're just giving us the tools, and letting us figure out how they will best be implemented and integrated into our society.

It's really trial and error right now, and we have more personal power than we realize.

I firmly believe it will sort itself out in time, for the better....we just have to be patient and hang in there and not lose hope, keep fighting for what is in the best interests of Humanity as a Whole, and never...ever....EVER give up.

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 10:31 AM
The way I look at it in our current situation is that the NWO that we here of coming out of Clinton, Bush's, Blair's, Browns, Camerons et al's mouths are them not telling us that their NWO philosophy is going to happen, more so warning the other NWO agends that its their philosophy that will not work.

At the moment we have an elite war occuring to drive through their own NWO plans that has made it over the others.

I think if the NWO plan was so good, we would all be scrambling for it, there wouldnt be a person on this earth that would say no. Unfortunately that isnt happening, and so my guess is that it isnt set in any stone yet.

Every day human beings will never get a seat at the table of power, a profit has to be made by the elite or its just not worth going for, and to make a profit taxes need to paid, and debts taken.

Capitalism possibly in a different form will emerge as victor, as it benefits the elite via the profits and control and has, but I think it will get to a situation where big companies are run through governments and wages will be dropped for credits that can be used in these different places, where everything will be able to be bought.

I think although we feel the pressure of the NWO, i honestly think we are only at the start of its development, and it will take a lot longer yet for the full feature to come into play.

Along that path, there will be war, depressions, good times, bad times and this will happen in a way that everything thats not needed will slowly be sifted out, and new agends will be brought in, until the final piece is in place and by then, humans will be living each step, and so the final step will be not as big as some think.

There wont be a sudden jump into a NWO, but a progressive path, and on that path, it will be for governments and the people to come to some sort of mutual arrangement.

I think religion will always play an important role whilst there is evil or misery of some sort. Religion is a by product of evil, as its our way of coming terms with the brutality of nature and the universe, and the inequality of life. Its a form of salvation from the eveil ways of others, and something to hold onto in the search for a better life.

So it will be with us until the end.

I think the Western World NWO agenda will be the winner, and hopefully in the end, it will be a better world for it.

I certainly wont be around to see the end product, but we will live through a stage of it.

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