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The sovereign, indestructable States of the American Union.

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 03:02 AM
The Southern Quarterly Review: Volume3, Issue 5

Page 153:

A letter of James Hamilton to John C. Calhoun. London 1848.

Context of the letter is about the State of Mississippi incuring debt to fund a State Bank, and the ethics of politics involved. It is not a "historically ground-shaking" piece, just a bit of dust-covered history.

But a part of the letter struck me! After all reading these lesser history-making bits of history allows one to see how people thought at the time.

James Hamilton writes, "Will it be contended that the sovereign States of the American Union..."

The sovereign States of the American Union.

Shortly after the Civil War (and I will not bother to find the exact source for this matter), the Supreme Court ruled that:

"The States are Sovereign and Indestructable."

(Actually I just remembered, the case was against the 14th Amendment and I read it in the book "Ratification of the 14th Amendment".)

Of course that was no longer listened to by the Federal Government.

Simply put, the US Constitution was ratified by sovereign and indestructable States to form an American Union.

More accurately to form a Common Market and a Common Defense.

So how is it people, that we can tollerate the destruction of that Union and the rights of the several States by the Federal Government?

Is it just so simple that you did not live in 1787, or in 1840 and so you do not care about all that our nation stood for, and all that was lost?

Or do you merely feel too weak to affect change?

We created a government for the people by the people, it is no longer that, now it is a corporation by its own definition!

The issue of States' Rights is so broad, that many categories should be made to discuss each and every grievance there is, this thread should discuss where has the sovereignity gone, where have the States gone? And why do you not do anything about it?

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 10:50 AM
Well I don't want to do anything about it because I think that the states should not have soverenty, I've laid out my reasons before. This is just another attempt by you to steer the direction of the forum to your own ends.

You'll never get your support, only a handful of people will ever follow your misguided, destructive and hateful ideas, nowhere near enough to wage the kind of campaign you want.

Sorry FreeMason, the rebelion is dead. I'd watch what i say if I were you though, you don't want the feds actually thinking you're a threat to them.

May Peace Travel With You, You Could Use Some

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