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New Energy Coming In - Anyone else feeling it?

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:43 PM
New here but feel the need to respond.
About 2 months ago I awoke with a small bruise in the bend of my right elbow. Like someone had drawn blood. There was a place on my left upper arm that was very sore with a small scab. The only time I have every had something like that was after a tetanus shot. I live alone and nobody is giving me shots while I'm asleep (unless it's ET).
Anyway, I started having vivid, waking dreams about someone I had only seen twice in my life and the most recent time was 48 years ago. This persisted for about 2 weeks then tapered off.
On December 28, 2010 I had a mild migraine headache all day and my blood pressure went way up. I haven't had a migraine for several years and mine have always been excruciating. This lasted until New Year's Eve when the headache stopped. Still had elevated blood pressure until last night when it, suddenly, dropped to normal. Several times during the last week I have had nausea and vertigo. Very tired until I go to bed then wide awake and do not sleep well. Waking up every two hours. No dreams.

This does not feel like any kind of illness that I have ever experienced.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:47 PM
I have been experience the same thing to I have been experience ocd thoughts that just pop up and stress

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by Spiralinko
reply to post by barefootsoldier

I don't sleep well at all anymore, but when I do I have the most vivid, insane dreams.

A constant feeling of dread...and that something just isn't right....or that something very bad is on the horizon.

Bro' I've been doing the insomnia for several years now. I go to sleep quickly and wake up within a few minutes and have this energetic build up in my lower spine/sacrum that prevents me from sleeping.
It began in my teens but was very very infrequent, the past decade it's been increasing to the point of every single night.
I've done masses of work on it, and the only thing that helped was Ayahuasca (a shamanic '___' brew) that gave me relief for several months after experiencing my body and legs seperate several meters from each other.
Unfortunately, even the aya doesn't help anymore. I suspect this is Kundalini movement, and a childhood trauma in my lower spine is blocking the flow when it is most active during the hypnogogic state just prior to sleep.

Now I am vaping MJ just before bed and it does help and allows me to eventually fall asleep, with the added benefit of working with the plant to go into fairly deep states of awareness before sleep.

As I said before, I'm not new to these types of energies, been working with them for almost 30 years, but either the energies are vastly stronger (for me at least) or my body is losing it's ability to allow the flow. I'd put money on the former.

For all those who are getting the dread feeling, for what it's worth, my experience of that didn't last beyond a few weeks, and wasn't associated with any kind of thought or emotion.

Half a decade or so ago I was running around telling everyone that the world was about to collapse financially and perhaps socially and to prepare for serious hardship, but now I am full of excitement and hope for the future. I'm pretty sure there'll be another financial breakdown that will make the last one look like a minor blip, but it feels necessary and righteous (ooh, don't like that word much but it fits).

I've been taught time and again that the only way through this for me is to work on my ability to surrender (not my strong suit by a long shot), and that ALL suffering is caused by resistance. The mental and emotional resistance seems easier to release than the physical and I'm working on that too although it seems it has to get worse before it gets better. Again, I'm putting that down to the increase in the flow.

So as the resistance melts the channels open up, the flow increases and any remaining resistance causes greater and greater turbulence (pain and suffering).

For those who aren't suffering, either congrats - you've mastered the art of surrender, or just wait and see, maybe the flow hasn't reached 'critical' velocity yet

All is speculation, take it or leave it.

Thanks so much for all the posts. I'm moved by the honesty and openness of some of the sharing in this thread.
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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:49 PM
So let me get this straight. We live in a toxic soup, with poisoned water, toxic air, and genetically modified foods that aren't labeled. There seems to be fluctuations in the magnetosphere which is causing solar/cosmic radiation to penetrate more easily. We're all mutating out the whazoo due to this all, and yet the people who are being negatively impacted are only having this because they don't believe in some golden new age about to occur...right. How empathetic and insightful that truly is.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by Shikamaru
Is it just me or are alot of other people not able to understand all this spiritual info we get the pleasure of reading here on ATS ever so often.

I read about how you few people feel dimensions being ripped through, and the cosmic forces, and planetary alignments opening above natural abilities, and people's Chi flow and aura colors, the list goes on and on....

To me, I guess as much as I want to believe that life is run off of all kinds of spiritual energy, I can't really accept it, because science has proven that life is all about DNA, Multi-Cellular Organisms, and Single-Cellular Organisms, Microbes, and Bacteria, Magnetic Fields, Gravitational Properties, etc etc....

I mean if I did envision some sort of type of spiritual portrayal of myself, I see a big black rock surrounded by a dark blue fire that turns a little reddish towards the tips of the flames. I don't like large groups of people, it makes me angry and gives me violent thoughts when someone I don't know gets close to me. Yet I'll admit that when someone I do know gets close to me, I feel happier... =/

I guess what I'm saying is how are you so positive that what you're feeling isn't just health related? Aching? Nasuea? These seem like normal symptoms for a stressed out individual, a pregnant woman, or even a common bug or flu... I guess I'm looking for a definitive answer to why you believe this relates to spiritual therapy?

Your question is a good one and needs answering. Earlier, I posted with vague reference to dreams, visions and actual events. I will follow somewhat my growth which validates fo me this change.

First, I follow no mans teachings nor religious leanings, I follow what I find within. My first validation was this drive to do something. I stood confused for the order from within was without form nor content, just do it.

So I picked telekinesis and meditation. This damn near put in in the hospital as my efforts brought on the most sick and intense headaches I can remember. Some would call this an awakening and refer to the third eye? But I succeeded and was able to move my discs from anywhere within the home.

This was followed by intense vibrations, awake and asleep which woke me. During mediation and the vibrations, I could see forms moving just out of the corner of the eye. Later in the year, I would be wakened by high pitch noise within my mind as I am deaf to high pitches thanks to the military. During one of these events while being awakened, I was outside of the body and at least two of these entities were there, but unseen i just felt their presence. I was turned around and shown my light body. This soul of mine or at least I think it was, was an elongated diamond exuding love and humor. Imagine a bright light smiling and you get the picture, we are far more than we are allowed to know while in this body. At about the same time frame, my grandson reported to me this neat dream where he was floating above his body seeing this intense light coming from within.

Now I am in a quiet period after a year of intense change. I have learned to not judge, just love my friends even though what they do used to make me angry. There is much more, but I am convinced that I am so much more than I thought and it is supported by world events as well as what is happening in this solar system. Now I am getting the order to start this again.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by blujay

You seem to have good awareness bluejay. I have a question, from what you said. Do you think it could make sense to say that the world avatar is incarnating through us all, or has the desire to do so? Might it also be said, to use a Aquarius analogy, that the jug of spiritual water is beginning to be poured out onto the earth? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:54 PM
I have felt an energy shift sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. From my personal experience I can say that anytime there is what I would call a good energy shift, there are those of another persuasion who do massive amounts of energy work to throw in an energy to pull it down.

This is what I perceive to be the swirling unsettling energy akin to a vortex. I believe if every adept at high energy workings would focus on healing energy throughout our world and bring it to its highest vibrational level that they can, then we would counter this off-setting energy and continue to make way for the positive energy shift.

Be mindful of negative emotions and fear of any kind. Seek to stay focused on emitting a healing love no matter the situation you face. I work in customer service and have a hard time not feeling defensive with the onslaught of anger I deal with due to whatever situation my customer faces. I have an intense dislike for liars and thieves. I deal with both daily on a massive scale, and for this I am thankful. It is because of them that I am learning to rise above their low negative energy and remain centered as often as possible. I am not there yet, but I do feel we are in a heated battle and much will depend on where one focuses one's intentions.

Much love to you all.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by Zefflin

Sorry nut that is just nuts. Keep grounded, not planet fungus

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by countrytruck

I have a similar problem. Sleep for me is becoming an issue, the past 4 nights I have not got to sleep until gone 3am, and I never have sleep issues. Even if I'm stressed (which I'm sure I'm not), my body always shuts off at night as I love sleep, but no matter what I do, I lay awake for ages and I get the feeling I can't breathe properly. I've tried getting up early, cutting out caffeine and sugar from mid-afternoon, but 3 1/2 hours sleep a night and working full days isn't fun anymore.

Oh well, I'm sure this is coincidental all these people having sleeping problems. If a thread entitled like this was posted even without all the magnetic pole shift threads about, I'm sure a lot of people would come forward with health/ sleep pattern troubles. After all, we've just had Christmas and New Year, and being winter (UK), there are viruses around.

However, I hope this isn't some in-built warning that we have grown less accustomed to due to our evolution...

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 05:59 PM
For those who may be feeling intense anxiety, even extreme dread, I would like to offer this little snippet.

an excerpt from "The Power of Now" by Exkhart Tolle


The Origin of This Book

I have little use for the past and rarely think about it; however, I would briefly like to tell you how I came to be a spiritual teacher and how this book came into existence.

Until my thirtieth year, I lived in a state of almost continuous anxiety interspersed with periods of suicidal depression. It feels now as if I am talking about some past lifetime or somebody else's life.

One night not long after my twenty-ninth birthday, I woke up in the early hours with a feeling of absolute dread. I had woken up with such a feeling many times before, this this time is was more intense than it had ever been. The silence of the night, the vague outlines of the furniture in the dark room, the distant noise of a passing train - everything felt so alien, so hostile, and so utterly meaningless that it created in me a deep loathing of the world. The most loathsome thing of all, however, was my own existence. What was the point in continuing to live with this burden of misery? Why carry on with this continuous struggle? I could feel that a deep longing for annihilation, for nonexistence, was now becoming much stronger than the instinctive desire to continue to live.

"I cannot live with myself any longer." This was the thought that kept repeating itself in my mind. Then suddenly I became aware of what a peculiar thought it was. "Am I one or two? If I cannot live with myself, there must be two of me: The "I" and the "self" that "I" cannot live with." "Maybe," I thought, "only one of them is real."

I was so stunned by this realization that my mind stopped. I was fully conscious, but there were no more thoughts. Then I felt drawn into what seemed like a vortex of energy. It was a slow movement at first and then accelerated. I was gripped by an intense fear, and my body started to shake. I heard the words "resist nothing," as if spoken inside my chest. I could feel myself being sucked into a void. It felt as if the void was inside myself rather than outside. Suddenly, there was no more fear, and I let myself fall into that void. I have no recollection of what happened after that.

I was awakened by the chirping of a bird outside the window. I had never heard such a sound before. My eyes were still closed, and I saw the image of a prescious diamond. Yes, if a diamon could make a sound, this is what it would be like. I opened my eyes. The first light to dawn was filtering through the curtains. Without any thought, I felt, I know, that there is infinitely more to light than we realize. That soft luminosity filtering through the curtains was love itself. Tears came into my eyes. I got up and walked around the room. I recognized the room, and yet I knew that I had never truly seen it before. Everything was fresh and pristine, as if it had just come into existence. I picked up things, a pencil, an empty bottle, marveling at the beauty and aliveness of it all.

That day I walked around the city in utter amazement at the miracle of life on earth, as if I had just been born into this world.

For the next five months, I lived in a state of uninterrupted deep peace and bliss. After that, it diminished somewhat in intensity, or perhaps it just seemed to because it became my natural state. I could still function in the world, although I realized that nothing I ever did could possibly add anything to what I already had.

I knew, of course, that something profoundly significant had happened to me, but I didn't understand it at all. It wasn't until several years later, after I had read spiritual texts and spent time with spiritual teachers, that I realized that what everybody else was looking for had already happened to me. I understood that the intense pressure of suffering that night must have forced my consciousness to withdraw from its identification with the unhappy and deeply fearful self, which is ultimately a fiction of the mind. This withdrawal must have been so complete that this false, suffering self immediately collapsed, just as if a plug had been pulled out of an inflatable toy. What was left then was my true nature as the ever-present I am: consciousness in its pure state prior to indentification with form. Later I also learned to go into that inner timeless and deathless realm that I had originally percieved as a void and remain fully conscious. I dwelt in states of such indescribable bliss and sacdredness that even the original experience I just described pales in comparison. A time came when, for a while, I was left with nothing of the physical plane. I had no relationships, no job, no home, no socially defined identity. I spent almost two years sitting on park benches in a state of the most intense joy.

But even the most beautiful experiences come and go. More fundamental perhaps, than any experience is the undercurrent of peace that has never left me since then. Sometimes it is very strong, almost palpable, and others can feel it too. At other times, it is somewhere in the background, like a distant melody.

Later, people would occassionally come up to me and say "I want what you have. Can you give it to me, or show me how to get it?" And I would sayl "You have it already. You just can't feel it because your mind is making too much noise." That answer later grew into the book that you are holding in your hands.

Before I knew it, I had an external identity again. I had become a spiritual teacher.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:02 PM
I have had the unbelievably strong sense that something is about to happen for the past few months now, I was also going to make a thread exactly on it almost exactly the way you put it.
Its getting stronger, there is no doubt about it... Ive spoken to countless people who feel the same way.

But as far as feeling sick or unwell, all I have had is feeling completely drained of energy the past 2 or so weeks, no matter how much or what I eat, and how long I sleep.

It is very re-assuring to me to hear that im not the only one.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by Griffo515

You're cat looks um, very aware and enlightened, to say the least!

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Not trying to insult the New-age, touchy, feaely dudes here, but what a crock of crapola.

Any physical changes that come from all of this wont be down to who dose the most meditation or who takes the best elixirs of life... what rubbish..!!

Evolution isn't that fickle..!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone in your little world is changing and some people outside your world are..

Evolution is random and usually picks the strongest, not the most peaceful.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:06 PM
it smells like sh.....wait a minute that was not energy

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:13 PM
I would like to offer this as well, that in the US what the media focuses on can shed light for those so in tune to what is going on at present. Now, it's true that often times the news will focus on a subject to keep the people unaware of what is going on in another area. But, for the last months the TSA assaulting good citizens has been a big news story. Most people are appalled by the treatment done to those flying.

They will internalize this to imagine it happening to themselves. This brings about more repugnance and negative emotions as people are rightly angered by it, but one has to ask, "Why is this happening, and what is the real purpose?" If the masses can be drawn into the negative through various stories then that negative energy serves the purposes of the ptb. I can be angered by the wrongs I see, but I can choose to stay focused on positive energy and being the change in the world I want to see. I choose how to interact with each beautiful soul I meet, and walk in a loving energy. I don't always succeed, but I am getting better at it than I was in the past. All I can say is let go of all fear and focus on being centered and remain calm. Do not let the actions of others dictate your emotions or thoughts.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:13 PM
I guess you can add my name to the hat...For a while now i've been really questioning life (in a NON suicidal way) and trying to figure myself out. I've also been having major back & leg pain, along with this constant nervous feeling. For some reason life just doesnt seem to have the excitement and love I can remember. Hopefully those of us going through this pain eventual feel the happiness we've been longing for. The number one thing I'm doing now is not using this 2012/End of the World stuff as my excuse to continue this bad streak. I guess we'll all see whats going to happen and why this change is occurring...

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by Ironclad

No worries Iron, and I feel your anger, and it's ok, I don't mind drawing that or taking flak.

But what I would ask you to consider, is that the human being is becoming more self aware, now that we've met the basic needs on Maslow's hieararchy of needs, and we also now possess the ability, not only to reflect, but also to communicate, to people all around the world through this "noosphere", and you see, that changes everything!

Being self aware, and having access to all these technologies, resources, methods, etc. "evolution" is now a tool in the HAND of mankind. We have it within our capacity, to self evolve. We can choose it, it needn't merely choose us or weed us out if we are sickly or malformed or born into "bad stock" or whatever.

And how do you know that the most peaceful and loving among us, are not also now, the most powerful, now that the a purely "rational self interest" within a Darwinian survival of the fittest MO can be seen for its fruits..?

Your worldview, is being overcome before your very eyes, and it's making you angry, and that's to be expected.

You cannot burst MY bubble, no worries about that!

The materialist monist, survival of the fittest and "strongest" framework or worldview, is fast passing away, to be replaced by something infinitely more powerful, more subtle, and move loving, and more aware, even yes, peaceful.

Bring it on my friend, because I am here to absorb it, and I can take it on, and dissolve it. Are you sure you want to do this?

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by Ironclad
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Not trying to insult the New-age, touchy, feaely dudes here, but what a crock of crapola.

Any physical changes that come from all of this wont be down to who dose the most meditation or who takes the best elixirs of life... what rubbish..!!

Evolution isn't that fickle..!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone in your little world is changing and some people outside your world are..

Evolution is random and usually picks the strongest, not the most peaceful.

I think it will depend on who is truly strongest. Those who live by fear and power are not ultimately the strongest in my beliefs. They may be able to kill, protect from attacks in the physical world, and subjugate the physically and spiritually weak, but I believe the truly strong are those who can rise above negative energy and it's affects. I am not against physically protecting when attacked, but I am against falling into the fear paradigm and following along like a good little sheeple off that cliff many are being herded towards. Your judgment of those whom you disagree is disrespectful and I wonder just how enlightened you are, but again you are entitled to your thoughts and feelings. I just don't think sending negative energy by using "crapola" to describe members views is helpful except to teach people to rise above such negativity.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by Serenity08

I think you're right that in a way it's helpful to the cause and inevitable, and it needs to be expressed by these so-called "normal" people who live in the "real world", so I say bring it on! It's part of this whole process.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 06:24 PM
I actually haven't put much thought into it but I have definitely felt drained and more tired then normal lately. I have also been waking up a lot about the same time every night about 3am. Finally I have been having a lot of backpain that I just wrote it off to having a bad bed, but this is interesting.

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