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I think China has figured out why birds are falling all over

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 05:56 AM
i still dont see any birds around, except lazy almost flightless pigeons.

i wonder if theres still mass bird die offs going on or have they subsided?

posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 09:55 PM

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by TheIrvy
Thanks to those who appreciated my post, but really I'm just the naughty child who shouted out that the Emperor was naked. We all know what things smell funny and what things don't add up, we just ignore it because nobody wants to stand on their own. It's like those tests that are done where they bring a group of people in and ask them all questions, and all but one of the group are primed to give the wrong answer each time, and in most cases, the 1 person who isn't in on the game gives the same wrong answer, even when it's patently clear that everyone's answered "Green" when the answer's obviously Red.

And actually, that's the same trick that's being played on us now. They're even as blatant about it. It really doesn't matter who knows the truth, it doesn't matter about who leaks what, it doesn't matter what evidence comes to light, all that the collective governments and religions have to do is make sure they don't blink. If they keep denying, or refusing to comment, then yes, there'll be those of us who rant and rave and shout the truth, but we're painted as mad, as confused, as tinfoil hat wearing nutters who are probably cyber terrorists.

The masses are controlled oh so easily. Just get that nice man who reads the news every night to say something, and it becomes real. The truth really is out there, and if you fall for the trick and go for the obviously wrong answer just because that's what everyone else is saying, you've only your own stupid pride to blame.

For example, anyone with half an ounce of education in the area knows that vaccine creation is a difficult job. In the BBC remake of Survivors, which ran well before the swine flu "crisis" from last year, they had all the same comparisons with the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak, and they said they had no hope of fighting the outbreak on the show because "it takes years to develop an effective vaccine". There's no real excuse for not knowing that, we were taught in school how difficult it was creating the vaccines we have now, and we know how many people died before a working vaccine was found.

So, when the swine flu outbreak supposedly happened, and they had a vaccine right away, that should have raised suspicion amongst those in the know - namely doctors and the media. When we later read that the vaccine had been patented BEFORE the outbreak, anyone who was capable of thinking for themselves should have taken pause at that moment and realised, as many of us did, that this whole swine flu smelt a bit fishy. Again, when we later found out that most of the supposed infections turned out after further testing to be nothing but the common cold, we should have across the board realised that we'd been taken for a ride, and demanded to know exactly what was in that vaccine.

But here we are again, 1 year later, being told that cases of swine flu are on the increase, so please go out and get your vaccination. I'm quite sure that this year, we're going to have to loose a few celebrities to swine flu to make sure it's taken seriously this year. Maybe a soap star.

The truth is always available, always out in the open, but not necessarily where you expect to see it. You have to think for yourself instead of suckling on the teat of the infrastructure. Don't expect to be told the truth by people you know lie to you. If you do, all the smug superiority in the world doesn't change the fact that you're consciously propogating lies because you're afraid of the truth.

It's time to acknowledge once and for all, we can all see the Emperor's willy.

This is really a beautiful piece of writing. I couldn't have said it better myself - literally. Thanks for posting.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by kombat13
reply to post by BrainGarden

sounds reasonable to me, the blunt trauma would be where the birds fall from the sky then hit the ground. as far as the liquefied organs you got me, i hadnt even heard abt that.

Perhaps the liquified organs are cause from acute doses of radiation? The same way acute radiation exposure can cause the skin to blister and bleed what would it do to someones organs?

posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 11:35 PM
they have plasma arrays set up by the americans and the russians. The americans have haarp, the russians have woodpecker array. what is does is it fires high frequency ions into the magnetosphere, super heats it and then they use it as a mirror to direct the energy, for what purpose I do not know. some think it is a form of missile defence since it can fry electronic circuitry in the air.

as for the birds dying, it may be the russians or americans playing around with the toy. but the americans annouced they are shutting it down. the reason why i dont know, but maybe they have build another one somewhere else and the one in alaska has been getting too much attention. as for the effects they have said it destabilizes our magnetosphere or magnetic field firing super heated ions up there with 40 ton magnets, many times more powerful than the earths magnetic field.

as for the earths magnetic sphere weakening, it is, it has been for 500 years. they see the poles shifting as well, the magnetic pole has moved in the last 8 years, as much as it has in the last 50 years. As for the pole shift taking 2000 to 7000 years, i really dont think the scientists have any idea when its going to happen. especially with the anomalies they are seeing now. it could be within the next 20 years in my thoughts. I think if it was going to happen tomorrow the scientists would still be saying it takes 7000 years because they cant do anything about it, and they dont want social order to break down. because people become like animals in those situations.

most animals have something called magnetite in them, or in their brains. birds and whales have it, and they have found humans have it also. birds and whales are affected most because they use the magnetic lines to migrate, and with the weakening and shifting magnetic field, the magnetic lines have moved. thats why you have alot of whales beaching themselves because they follow one pod leader. so a magnetic ley line shifts into land, where previously it was in water, thats where you get whale beachings.

as far as what it does to humans its not known. we have magnetite in our brain cells, so its probably tied to the earths magnetic field since we evolved here. so it may tie into alot of functions such as memory that we are not aware of. it does tie into alot of systems we have from sleep to fertility and other cycles. it is said the cia did experiments with people using powerful magnets. they found they had no morals after that, and could do things without thinking, which they normally would have reservations.

it might be why currently we are seeing more people going postal, and hearing it on the news. they just happen to be more genetically susceptible to a weakening magnetic field, so their emotions are being affected more from depression to violent behaviour with more cosmic radiation coming in and increased solar flare activity.

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