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Did anyone predict so many birds and fish dying the past few days?

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 10:26 PM
If so please post a link to that thread or website, I really want to know what else they have predicted. Until then people, I'd give it a rest with any prophecies.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 10:58 PM
hahaha, i dont think yellowstone will erupt either, or that someone who sees atlantis popping up, is actually dead on with the other predictions. well, no link, but ive been telling people that this winter was going to be terrible. it has been, and its not over yet, i just didnt expect such a loss of life.

fish/bird-kills actually happened, therefore people will not have prophecised it happening, people would have to be able to see the future, instead of just the way its headed. be even funnier if sorcha faal was the only one that was right about what happened.

my prediction-more die-offs
more confusion
seemingly flawless transition to killing our livestock
people are awakened to the truth that everything they "knew" was just arrogant ignorance

=D kinda gloomey, but has a higher chance of going down than california into the pacific

buuuuuut.. we will get more ww3 threads tomorrow, no time in wasting time trying to find prophecies that happen, there are too many awesome realities you can get lost in for a few minutes. some of us never come back. only real completely specific prophecy i have ever seen come true came months before september eleventh 01, and the man who prophecised it was shot. maybe its better to make up fantasies than it would to actually be right.

to be honest. ive laughed more in the predictions forum than i have in the jokes/puns forum. just accept that people rarely even know what is going on now, they still bicker about events and what happened. truth is, we routinely get the past wrong, and there is actually evidence of that. there are still many who wish for that one off the wall prediction that somehow raises them to messiah status, untill their next prediction fails hard. if they were smart, their next prophecy would be sixty years later, so as to not be a phony immediately. we have lots of people that would love to take advantage of situational fears and speculation simply to seem like they are magical, or talked to by greys, etc.

fact is, if u look for a prophecy on an internet conspiracy theorist website rumored to be run by masons, what are u expecting to find?

2 years from now, hundreds of thousands of birds will fall from the sky, spreading fear, and causing eough pathogenic panic that affected countries youthanize their own animals..
then someone realizes that all of the other countries have done the same and there is no more food

that last part hasnt happened...yet

posted on Jan, 5 2011 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by Ghost374
If so please post a link to that thread or website, I really want to know what else they have predicted. Until then people, I'd give it a rest with any prophecies.

I actually responded to this question, and some others a couple of times already.

Yes, there have been predictions posted on this website, BEFORE THEY HAPPENED, which have occurred.

Remote Viewing Forecast
Thursday June 26, 2003
"Remote Viewing is mind control," a kind of systematic ESP, where you're able to control your own mind, Major Ed Dames ( told Art Bell when he returned to Coast this Thursday night. First off, Dames was asked about a prediction he made in his last appearance on the show back in March when he said North Korea would stage a nuclear attack during the Iraq war. "That was my opinion as a strategist," rather than a remote viewer, Dames said, adding that he stood by his assertion that North Korea would be the first country to use a nuclear weapon in this time frame. Dames said his team is working on a new protocol that would allow them to narrow the timeline for their predictions, by remote viewing the nearest significant event prior to their target. "Avian borne disease" which could lead to economic collapse was the nearest threat Dames saw coming, possibly as early as this summer. Here is a rundown of some of his other comments: "I'm a big star on Japanese TV," Dames ... More

Scroll down to almost the bottom here.

He also talked about dissapearing bees, mutating frogs which would die, a new bovine disease which he says will leave us without milk in the future, among other things before they happened.

He, and his team also talked one month before it occurred in 2003 that the mother of all solar flares was about to occur but it would miss Earth, he has called it "the shot accross the bow", and it happened almost a month later which was an X43 flare.

Scientists even had to update the scale used for solar flares because they didn't know one so big was possible and we had never seen one so big.

He, and his team also said, before it happened that the next use of an atomic weapon would be done by North Korea as an exercise in it's own soil, and later there would be a war in which North Korea would use another atomic weapon against the South and U.S. troops.

They also explained that we would be in a mayor war, but that a natural event of catastrophic proportions will literally make everyone stop what they are doing and look at the sky.

They also said there would be a planet passing by which would be the cause of the natural catastrophes and people would have only about 3 months, I think, to reach the safety of high altitude.

He has been however also wrong on some predictions, but as I have said before he has been right enough times to take notice.

Sometimes a remote viewer might interpret something he/she sees differently than what it actually is, it is called human error, we are all human after all.

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