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Net Neutrality - BT Content Connect service faces 'two-tier net' claims

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 06:32 PM

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BT has introduced a controversial service that some say could allow broadband providers to create a "two-tier internet"

Content Connect, as it is known, allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that use BT's network to charge content firms for high-speed delivery of video.

It could spell the end of so-called "net neutrality", where all traffic on the net is treated equally...

Full story here.

There has been a lot of discussion on ATS regarding net neutrality lately.

In the UK, most ISPs use BT lines to deliver their content, and this could potentially affect the majority of users. The report also mentions how dotcom investment is likely to suffer as a result of implementing a two-tier system, and how it could create monopolies by allowing large content providers such as YouTube to pay a premium for faster or assured delivery services.

Also take into account the recent news that the UK is considering automatically blocking access to porn sites to all users unless they opt-in, and from my point of view it is clear that the internet as we know it is being chipped away before our eyes, funny at a time when we have Wikileaks all over the media, and of course the Assange saga unfolding...

Some other usefuls links:

Minister Ed Vaizey backs 'two-speed' internet

External Content
Culture minister Ed Vaizey has backed a "two-speed" internet, letting service providers charge content makers and customers for "fast lane" access...

This stance is in contrast with the US regulators decision to back net neutrality:
Net neutrality rules get go ahead from US regulators

An article on censorship proposals
MP calls for pornography 'opt-in'...

Opinion from the Guardian
Blocking internet pornography ... that's censorship, isn't it?
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