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Battle of the Sexes...

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 06:21 PM
It must be me... But I doubt it.

It seems more and more that theree is a rift ever growing between the sexes. Movies, advertising, magazines; everyhting seems to take the side of a woman and ultimatly, make the man look like an idiot.

Many moons ago, my daughter had an unfortunate instance where she broke her arm. I was not the reason, but I was asked over and over in the hospital by doctors, nurses, security and police to again and again explain what had happened. My wife, escapsed the barrage of questioning...

Recently, I have took to enjoying the comedy in daytime television. Now I would not consider Jerry Springer and Steve Wilco's shows as a good dichotomy or our lives, but the guy is alway the jerk... Always done wrong...

A night ago, I was forced to watch a chick flick... Valentine's Day. It was a small price to pay before loading up T1 one the big screen and surround sound, but I could not believe the audacity of the writters... A woman cheated on her husband of many many years, and in the end, the husband had to look past this event and forgive her. Another charactor was made to look past that wich he did not like simply to get the attention of the woman.


If a man cheats on his wife you get a Springer stage war, but if she does it, I have to forgive?

This, I can only assume, has been nothing more than a long term psychological ploy by feminists. I can not see how every chick flick can have the man have to suffer through all he has to just to gain the affection or hand of the woman in the story, even if she was the one to blame.


Now, perhaps guys are more predictable... We see beauty and there will be women who say that saddled with that expectation is unfair. But it is not us that originates it... Media push the perfect features, not guys.

How is it that no matter the instance, the guy is in the wrong. Seemingly no matter what. Men seem to be feeding the empowering woman syndrome as most movies geared twards men has a heroine who is aggressive and devistating (looks and attitude).

Is there a battle of the sexes? Or is it vapor trails? I am glad women were given the right to vote and be equal, I am not denying that, but enough with making me wrong just because I am a man!

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 07:04 PM
The battle of the sexes is probably the oldest example of "divide and conquer"
its so old that its been sublimated by all

the reason men can't/don't understand women
is because men have been separated from their female half and vice versa

"to know a thing one must become that thing,
for the like is only intelligible to the like"

the favoritism/bias is to create resentment and conflict


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