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CIA Hypnosis Memo

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:14 PM

A CIA memorandum, dated May 1955 and recently obtained by Cryptome, disagrees with the assessment of the medical community that individuals can’t be hypnotized to perform actions against their will. The unknown author of the memo notes a 1939 case in which a “campus atheist” was converted to a “devout believer” through use of hypnosis and concludes “it appears to be easier to hypnotize large numbers of people than a single subject.”

This is fascinating subject matter and proof that the CIA operates in the US. I note that they claim they use hypnosis to control and manipulate individuals or groups. This may not be hypnosis as we are accustomed to as described by Hollywood imagery of a mad stare and swinging pocket-watch but the kind of duress used by pimps, cults and torturers (includes abusers and molesters).

The hypnotist may not necessarily be one person but a group who are singularly aiming to change a target's viewpoint or belief system. Cults may use love bombing, gangstalking and physical debilitation to control and influence a target.

We know the CIA deploy operatives that organise private armies of locals to group stalk/gangstalk foreign nationals in friendly countries who are unionist, nationalist, journalist or anyone critical of the US.

Several hundred registered by the secret group in Norway; Former police leaders paid by the United States to monitor the Norwegians.

(Dagbladet): TV 2 News tonight reveals that a secret intelligence group in Oslo on behalf of the United States has systematically monitored the Norwegians for over ten years.

Among the Norwegian monitors are several former police tops and ex-employees from the Police Security Service has been paid by the Americans.

Gruppen, «Surveillance Detection Unit» (SDU), består ifølge TV 2 av 15-20 personer, og skal ha vært plassert i 6. The group, "Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU), according to TV 2 consists of 15-20 people, and should have been placed in the 6th etasje i den såkalte Handelsbygningen like ved den amerikanske ambassaden i Oslo. floor of the so-called Trade building just off the U.S. embassy in Oslo. tf=1&sl=no&tl=en&

Sweden opens probe of U.S. embassy surveillance

(Reuters) Sweden is investigating to see whether the U.S. embassy has committed any crime by carrying out surveillance measures, the prosecutor's office said on Monday in a case similar to one that has blown up in neighboring Norway. The probe to see if illegal intelligence gathering has taken place was launched after the Swedish Security Police at the weekend confirmed the U.S. embassy had a surveillance system in place since 2000, without informing the local authorities.

The Swedish office of public prosecution said in a statement that a preliminary probe had been opened to see whether the U.S. measures constituted a crime and to see who had carried out such a crime, if one had been committed.

Basically you deploy a private army to monitor, harass and even use mind control technique to turn people, create patsies and radicalize individuals.


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