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No more hospitals for YOU, thanks ObamaCare

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posted on Jan, 5 2011 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by burdman30ott6

Come on, just because everytime the government puts more and more money into the education system and a directly proportional decline in scores is the outcome, does not mean anything. It is all relative. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the unions in government have pretty much bankrupted all the Democrat leaning states, that is just correlative. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the fact that EVERY socialist style system like Social Security has been raided and placed in the general fund, does not mean this will happen again. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the government has always said one thing and done another, that is not meant as historical fact. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the world is even more precarious even though we have 700+ military bases in 130+ countries around the world, does not mean it is causal. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the fact that every single time that government attempts to do one thing and thousands of unintended consequences occur, does not mean they are stupid. /sarcasm

Come on, just because the LAWS of chaos prove that anytime that you attempt to control something that is uncontrollable, the underlying facts that the center cannot hold proves NOTHING. /sarcasm

One more, My Life is mine. My labor is mine. My property is mine. My liberty is mine. My freedom is mine. The INSTANT the government or their agents attempt to disenfranchise that FACT, we are no longer citizens, we are SLAVES.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 04:32 AM

history also tells us how it is when there is no controls....
and so does china and india at the present time.

everyone complalins about how our legislature is in the pocket of big corps. they pass laws, that benefit companies that they, or their buddies are in a position to get great profits from. The whole global warming idea has been tainted with that conflict of interest! cap and trade will bring in a great deal of profit for those who are passing the bills and running the show! Those scanners that they are putting into the airports, again, those in power are set up to profit.....
we all say that is very, very bad!!!

so, we have a bunch of doctors who have put themselves in a position where they can not only profit from the services rendered.....but from the profits from the hospital they are referring those patients to, since they are part owners. (sounds kind of socialistic to me, ya know, the workers all sharing in the profits that they are producing in all that)....and there is a conflict of interest! But, no, this is good???? It's good if the doctors can now refer people to needless surgeries and hospitalizations (which will only drive up the cost of medical care, not only for their patients but everyone...since so much of our healthcare system is based on what resemble socialistic frameworks.) and gain greater profits for it??

The hospitals won't be built, so what!! Our gov't is flat out broke because of all that conflict of interest within our gov't,, the conservatives are calling for cuts in the social programs, and well, hate to bust your bubble, but in the area where I am living, 70% or 80% of the revenues coming in is taxpayer money!! cut that revenue, and we ain't gonna need so many hospitals, because only the rich are gonna be able to afford the care!!! And, there's not that many of them!!!

our kids have grown up eating food, drinking water, breathing air that god only knows what is in it....we have birds dropping out of the sky, fish dying enmass, fish deciding to change their sex. an outrageous number of kids being diagnosed with autism, asthma, and whole range of other health which they are drugged with god only knows what!!
if you want my opinion, our kids aren't achieving that well in school because of the lack of control, conflict of interest that is already going on.
all this griping about obamacare being socialism, and then you go turn around and support something that is even more socialistic!!!

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by burdman30ott6

Originally posted by gimme_some_truth
Schooling, Libraries, Post Office ( Even though you seem to think they are horrible, I get my mail right on time every day), Justice system ( backs up with that are do to idiots with BS lawsuits... all in all a decent system)


Schooling: America's public education system is so fantastic that year after year test scores decline while the rest of the developed world's scores increase.

Yes...the rest of the developed world where education is "socialized"..which kind of begs the question of the relevance of private vs. public in the debate.

Yes we need to improve our educational system, but to infer the issue is gov involvement is dishonest in the context of the countries which are outperforming us...which are also gov. run educational systems.

Originally posted by burdman30ott6
Further, every effort made to add accountabillity into the education system is met with vile and veneomous resistance from the teachers unions and politicians who get their bread buttered from said unions.

Half agree...Unions are an issue with our educational system. No doubt about it. But you might be suprised to learn that some of the politicians who recieved union support are calling for the unions to stop their BS and looking to change that system.

Obama takes on teachers' unions

Originally posted by burdman30ott6
If the feds run the hospitals, then all hope is lost and Sauron has the ring.

oops...I take it back...I thought I was having a discussion with someone living in reality.
Carry on with the "good vs. evil" did wonders for us during the Bush years.

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