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Birds and Fishes and Earthquakes - Oh My!

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 01:21 PM
I found ATS last year after the first ever-recorded earthquake hit Northwest Arkansas. We experienced the first one days after the BP explosion. Number seven (the last one) hit in June or July. I’ve since been following earthquake/plate activity in this and the surrounding and/or connected area and became aware of the unexplained earthquake swarms in Guy, Arkansas (just north of Little Rock).

When I heard about the birds and fish I thought again about our earthquakes and BP. The “connection,” as it is, is simply more unusual, unexplained events in our area.

Regarding the birds, reports don’t say yet that trauma caused their deaths, only that there was trauma. Trauma could be from the fall from the sky, but that would mean tissue trauma did not cause the fall (unless the birds flew into something in the sky above the town).

The fireworks theory is very weak for a lot of reasons:
- Communities have been shooting fireworks off at night for a very long time. This would be the first I’ve heard of fireworks knocking huge flocks of birds out of the sky.
- Most New Year’s Eve fireworks shows start at midnight, not 11:00 p.m. when reports first started coming in.
- Beebe is a small town. Even if there are a number of 11:00 p.m. simultaneous private fireworks shows, the resulting event would be rather small.
- No one has confirmed (or asked?) if there was an unusual amount of fireworks occurring at 11:00 p.m. in this 1-mile radius area, or even if there was an organized fireworks event at any point.
- No one reports birds flying into homes or cars, only falling.
- Many people do report birds on their roofs. If birds where flying below roof level (as some theorize), they would not fall on top of roofs.

Apparently some residents reported “booming” or explosion sounds that night, but I’ve read nothing about when the sounds occurred are what the causes or connection might be.

The weather theory is very weak for a lot of reasons:
- No one has reported or confirmed there was in fact significant or unusual weather, hail or tornados in this isolated area.
- Thousands of birds don’t generally fall out of the sky because of thunderstorms. They have been navigating skies and roosting in trees for a few years now and have become fairly well-adapted to their environment.
- Birds and wild animals are aware of approaching storms and aren’t generally "surprised" by sudden thunder.
- High-altitude hail would not be high-altitude hail if it killed birds roosting in trees.
- Birds would not be flying high enough at night to be struck by high-altitude hail.
- Previously known weather-related bird kills involved several dozen birds – not thousands.

As far as the Arkansas fish kill, theories so far also leave me with a lot of questions. Sudden air temperature changes occurring in this area are not going to affect the water temperature at the bottom of the river. Even if they did, why wouldn’t fish swimming at mid-levels be affected?

Oddly enough, since New Year’s Day there have been reports of falling birds and dead fish in at least a dozen other states or countries. I haven’t confirmed all of these, but I’m working on it.

Does anyone know how common events of this nature (and magnitude) are across regions? We’re told fish and birds kills are “common,” but they appear (at first glance) to involve far fewer numbers – like dozens of birds (not 5,000) or hundreds of fish (not 100,000).

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 01:35 PM
Yes it does seem kind of strange that all this started happening at almost at around 11:00 pm,and yes there has been on record some common bird and fish kills,but this seems to be something uncommon we are dealing with,if the birds were sick as in bird flu,wouldn't we have seen a few birds dead and tested that confirm they were sick,doesn't count the fish because they don't get bird flu,i am really confused about this going on right now

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 06:32 PM
Yeah, even according to the LA Times, in the last six months the largest bird kill was in Minnesota where 4,000 birds died - but the deaths spanned nearly two months, not 30 minutes!!

Dead birds falling from sky still mystify experts

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