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Christian warrior wants the (dreaded?) Obamacare Bill exposed! Got Facts?

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 12:50 PM
Ok!!! Enough already!!!
I’ve scrapped and scoured the far-flung reaches and dusty, dark corners of our fair world-wide-web and must say- that the majority of what’s online about the supposed freedom-stealing passages in HR 3590 seem to stem from the smaller 2009 bill. And even those are- for the most part- easily placed in doubt when it comes to what they really mean.
While accusations about everything from shady earmarks to the mark of the beast abound, real, undeniable, proof is sadly, scant.
The reasons for this are obvious but its been months now and all your friendly neighborhood media terrorist can find are holy rants about the mark of the beast (anyone on ATS who knows me knows no one loves a holy rant more than I do… or is better at it). But still…
I’m in the process of producing a multi-part video series on the subject of the “Mark” and don’t have the heart to fake the funk on the research (nor the time to wade through 10 reams of paper).
That said, not a whole lot about how the Obamacare law is gonna send us all to hell- seems to be circulating. Actual proof of evil government conspiracies based on the 2010 law’s actual wording is what’s lacking.
Now before any foamy-mouthed, Anti “O”s out there attack me, let me make clear:
I know he’s “black like me”, but I’m no fan of the man and what’s more didn’t vote for him. Furthermore, I’m not doubting that somehow, someway, Nasty-Nancy, “Pass-It-2-C-What’s-Init”, Pelosi and the rest of the goon squad haven’t worked in countless little demonic surprises no one in their right mind (or noble, holy spirit) would like…
Its just that no one seems to have found any proof that would convince the average skeptic. I for one think a focused and coordinated assault on the document is what would not only truly advance the debate, but help us all realize what we are truly up against.
What I propose then is using the brain and networking power of those who are ATS members to get to the bottom of this vast bill-
as far as the microchipping issue (and anything else they’re planning to do to us that we should know about)
-and use its own wording against it! We need to cross-reference and document what the thick, legal jargon really means and share our findings here to remove all doubt.
Of course in the true spirit of ATS, any and all comments are subject to questioning, cross-examination and lively but respectful debate.
Gentlemen (and Ladies…) start your engines…


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