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Empire Building

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 12:25 AM
Just surfing and ran across this interesting app so I thought I would share. That being said....

Once there was a King who dreamed of a vast kingdom. In order for the king to achieve his goals he would need a plan.... create an empire but call it something else, something that sounds good to the people, a commonwealth. Well the king began collecting commonwealths starting with Sumeria, then Babylon and Syria. The power of three commonwealths created something new, a realm. soon the world expanded from this original realm and the king and his advisors were seen as gods by the people so with this new found power the commonwealth plan expanded to Egypt, Persia and the mystical lands to the east. The king and his advisors shared technology with the people. just a little at first then more as they could handle it. Now the king controlled everything and everyone in all the realms but found himself bored so he created conflict between the different realms. This caused chaos and disruption and war and the king was bored no more. (Anyone feel free to pick up the story from here.)

The Commonwealth

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