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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 07:21 PM
I do not post without clear thought on my words. This is best way to introduce myself that I know.

There is no PROOF of aliens

What proof do you need? What proof is there that anything exits if we don't want to believe?

Look on conspiracy theory websites or look on the religious sites for PROOF.

What proof do you have that every thing NASA released was not screened and/or altered? If a government has the ability to cease any physical proof in the name of National Security then who has the proof?

When faced the totally unbelievable only personal observation will be enough. Simple put “I got to see that myself before I can believe it.” No amount of hear-say or pretty video's are gonna do.

If God(s) talked to you. Like he has to others, in the account of many world wide religions. You would believe no matter what amount of mental illness, mind washing, world-wide dominance or crazy outlandish theory any one else has.

Here is a better way to look at some of the crazy theories of our fellow man. Would anyone what to stand trail for murder with the evidence provided in such cases? That you say there is no PROOF.

The amount of PROOF it takes is individual to each person according on how much they want to believe. So for some the overwhelming PROOF that you need would be nothing more than a cleverly crafted deception to others.

So there is no PROOF. There is only what I believe and what you believe.

The more important question may be.

What is the effect when most of what we believe is untrue?
Much more importantly do we have the ability to define what is true by our beliefs?

Ask one of the respected Quantum Physicist if the observer defines and changes what it true or untrue.

We may just find that belief is more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Proof is what you want it to be. So you must provide that for yourself. I and others can only tell you what we believe and some times we have photos, videos and words claimed to be from someone who does know.

But in the end all we can do is respect the beliefs of others and hopefully they will respect ours.

The only mind you can change is your own.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 07:43 PM
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