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Invasive species lie in wait, Possibly strike after decades!?

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:04 PM

Animals and plants introduced from foreign habitats may not reveal themselves to be harmful 'invasive' species for decades, according to a European study published on Monday. Canada geese walk towards the water at Cuckmere Haven in southern England in this February 22, 2006 file photo. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor Species that are moved away from their natural predators back home can displace native species in their new habitats, and scientists say the problem already costs Europe 12 billion euros ($16 billion) a year. The study, which is likely to hold true for other continents too, means that the seeds of future, perhaps bigger, problems have literally already been sown.


Don't forget viruses! and now we know why the aliens haven't invaded yet!

all in theory,you reap what you sow,as the saying goes

My only hope,if true,is that whatever seeds that have been planted(in waiting,to strike!
) turn out to be cute little care bears and not dreadful mutant 7 headed hydras

In all seriousness anything is possible,I would not shrug off any outcome,theory or idea...Unless proven to be 100% truth or false.
and 16 Billion is no laughing matter!
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