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Is HAARP About To Open The Sixth Seal?

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by howmuch4another

Originally posted by Eurisko2012

Originally posted by howmuch4another
Interesting take....but,

HAARP is in Gakona, Alaska.


There is also a HAARP in Norway.
Take out a globe and put your 2 fingers over both locations and you will see what they are up to.

I know its' a point of specifics but the OP said HAARP not EISCAT which is in Norway. So really no need to correct or enlighten me on that although it is appreciated. HAARP is in Gakona. EISCAT is in Norway. BTW the mother of all Ionospheric Heater Reasearch facilities is the International Radio Observatory (HISCAT) and puts out over 340 MW compared to 100+MW @HAARP and under 50 MW in Norway. I will try that fingers on the globe thingy you suggested now.

The powers that be are being vague what exactly HAARP is doing.
I think they are preventing kinks in the jet stream.
If you allow kinks to occur = severe weather.
It's just a guess.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 02:53 PM
I agree with most of what you’re saying but I have a little something to add.

They said in the initial report that the birds were found over an area 800 metres wide and a few miles long. Could it not be that the birds were feeding on bugs in a swarm and crossed the fight path of a UFO.

The updated report on the Yahoo story:

“UPDATE: A state veterinarian tells NBC that preliminary necropsy results from several birds show that they died of "multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs," though what caused the trauma remains uncertain. According to Dr. George Badley, their stomachs were empty, so they weren't poisoned, and they died in midair, not upon impact with the ground”

You said yourself that the area is prone to UFO activity. I have no answer for the fish kill, but it is strange that only one species was affected… And the removal of just a singe species from an eco-system can have multiple ripple effects.

Best of luck,

PS: I’m not being blasphemous or anything but I just wondered why the big guy didn’t choose a more suitable mascot when talking about delivering his wrath and smything this and that. Something a bit more hardcore than a lamb….

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by kyeleigh
reply to post by Eurisko2012

Have you seen the norway spirals? they are trying to blame it on a rocket.....i dont think so man, who are they fooling!If you havent youtube the norway spiral, and surrounding videos, very interesting...

I think it was a rocket.
It's not a UFO.
It sort of reminds me of that sub launched missile off the coast of California a while back.
I think that one was an accidental launch from a Trident SSBN. They were probably
conducting a routine exercise / drill but then.......OOPS! I pushed the wrong button!!!

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by Illustronic
First of all, there's nothing remotely secret or even classified about HAARP. No security clearance is needed to visit and tour the site, and HAARP usually holds an open house every summer during which anyone can see everything there. During the rest of the year, research is conducted.

The first sentence is so wrong that it should be considered *fictional.* Sure, no security clearance is needed TO VISIT AND TOUR THE SITE, but you certainly need one to work there. It is severely inaccurate to believe that during these tours visitors are granted *full access* to all HAARP areas and files. In fact, no one has access to the computer systems of HAARP unless they work there and have had an extremely *particular* background investigation. "During the rest of the year, research is conducted." That says it all. Hosting a few tours does not mean HAARP isn't involved in secrecy.

Originally posted by Illustronic
HAARP consists of an observatory and an adjacent 28-acre field with 180 HF (high frequency) antennas, each 72 feet tall, with a maximum transmission power of 3600 kilowatts, about 75 times the power of a commercial radio station, but only a tiny fraction of the strength of the natural solar radiation striking the same part of the ionosphere at which HAARP is aimed. Although the observatory operates continuously, the HF antenna array is activated only rarely for specific experiments, which average about once a month.

If those are the public statistics, then it's almost guaranteed that the *classified* (true) statistics are completely off the charts. Your assertions about transmission power and experimental timeframes have no proof. Merely stating unverified statistics proves little. Further, even if the statistics were "verified" --from Wikipedia or whatever-- they are surely only the sanitized public versions.

Originally posted by Illustronic
Sadly for the conspiracy theorists, HAARP has no potential to affect weather.

You cannot prove a negative. Just because you present no facts about HAARP's potential to affect weather does not mean that it cannot affect the weather. As the famous quote goes: ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE.

Originally posted by Illustronic
The frequency of energy that HAARP transmits cannot be absorbed by the troposphere or the stratosphere, only by the ionosphere, many kilometers higher than the highest atmospheric weather systems.

Again, you are assuming that your information about HAARP's frequency range is accurate. You don't know the true range and spectrum of HAARP's capabilities. And if you or anyone thinks he/she does know, then you might have been given false or sanitized information. Aside from pilots, military officers, technicians and aeronautical engineers, does anyone really know the true TOP speed of the SR-71? Most likely you know what the government has told you is the top speed, and that is nowhere near its real top speed. Same as with HAARP. They aren't going to announce to the Chinese and the rest of the world the true extent of this array.

Originally posted by Illustronic
You might ask "What's the point of HAARP?" If it's not to wreak global destruction, what good is it? Communication and navigation signals are sent through the atmosphere for a broad range of civilian and military purposes. Guided missiles rely on digital transmissions which can be affected or jammed by a whole variety of natural and artificial causes...

Again, this is speculation. Sure, maybe the publicly available information is accurate. It probably is. That does not mean that the true nature of HAARP is limited by the spin put on by the Public Affairs Office.

Originally posted by Illustronic
So if HAARP is so anticlimactically mundane, why all the conspiracy theories? HAARP is operated by MarshCreek, LLC, an Alaska Native Corporation under contract to the Office of Naval Research. Anytime the ONR or DARPA or the military have their hand in something, paranoid types tend to come out of the woodwork and blame anything they can imagine on it. So regardless of whether HAARP is in the atmospheric research business or the rubber duckie business, they were pretty much doomed to conspiracy charges from the beginning.

Again, you are asserting a negative, saying that HAARP is not capable of anything more than benevolent atmospheric research. You cannot prove a negative. The statistics provided by the public affairs office are surely not the extent of HAARP capability. If HAARP is really capable of more, and surely it is, then the government would surely put an innocent spin on it, which they (and you) have done.

After all, we ask if our personal default settings are to trust official government assertions as solid truth. Perhaps in an earlier age. If memory serves, the Gulf of Tonkin incident which spiraled us into war in Vietnam was finally revealed to have been fiction (i.e. a lie)? Further, look at the controversy surrounding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, 9-11, JFK, MK ULTRA (the illegal drugging of unaware citizens with '___' and other drugs)... The list goes on and on. Therefore, when HAARP is depicted as nothing more than an innocent research facility, I think about the amount of money put into its creation and how many hundreds of millions (or more) needed to maintain and operate it... Keep in mind that there are (almost) always TWO SETS OF STATISTICS: the ones they let you know and the ones they don't want you to know. It's true across the range, from weapons systems to scientific research.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by Eurisko2012

Originally posted by kyeleigh
reply to post by Eurisko2012

Have you seen the norway spirals? they are trying to blame it on a rocket.....i dont think so man, who are they fooling!If you havent youtube the norway spiral, and surrounding videos, very interesting...

I think it was a rocket.
It's not a UFO.

Fortunately, yours is like anyone else's: an opinion. "Think"ing it was a rocket does not mean that it was a rocket. As far as "It's not a UFO." Incorrect. It is very well a UFO because UFO means: Unidentified Flying Object. Many people who haven't done their research take the shortcut to thinking that UFO = flying saucer or extraterrestrial. UFO merely means Unidentified Flying Object.

Although, if I were particular, I'd say that this object was really a UAO (Unidentified AERIAL Object). Because we really don't know if it was flying or not. It could have been a projection. And, that brings us to think about what kinds of things *PROJECT* energy into the atmosphere? HAARP naturally comes to mind.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by Red Cloak

Thanks, Red Cloak, for the OP. The scenario you paint is similar to what Edgar Cayce foresaw. Cayce died on Jan 3, 1945. He was a life-long Fundamentalist Christian (at least in his waking state). In trance, the info that came thru him was astounding -- and non-traditional.

I have a great deal of faith in Cayce's readings. I am NOT a Christian, although I believe Jesus was a genuine spiritual teacher -- a fully-realized being.

Many of us are aware that something very ominous is happening in the world now. It's as if we sense a "quickening."

I believe the Global Elite have been preparing for decades for these disasters -- using TRILLIONS of US taxpayer Dollars to fund their secret survival bunkers and stockpile resources, etc. The world is over-populated -- close to seven billion now -- more than doubled in the last 50 years -- an unsustainable rate of growth. "The Culling" starts in earnest.


posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by GhostLancer

They had a guy on TV that sure convinced me.
He said one of the rocket motors failed to ignite and caused the spiral effect.

Makes sense to me.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by GhostLancer

There is a basic truth in what you're saying. By the time the x-15 spy plane crashed in the Soviet Union back in the early 1960s, we were already flying spy missions with the sr-71 blackbird, but there would be no acknowledgment of that craft existed for nearly another decade. HAARP is not just an inosopheric research base. The Navy took over most of the base's "research" time to conduct their own use of HAARP and it is linked to a web of satellites that magnify and focus the electromagnetic energy emitted. We have no idea how much they can do with this as a result. Did you guys happen to follow the tracks of hurricanes heading for the gulf this year? There were several in a row that took radically right turns out into the Atlantic. Granted that happens occasisonally, but I've never seen four in a row take the same track. HAARP and weather modification it somewhat logical to assume for even beneficent purposes. Since the Navy is in charge, it's also logical to assume it's a weapon, which is explicit in Naval planning documents addressing the idea of "full spectrum dominance," the current guiding buzzword of the US military. Don't dismiss it.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by ghostpigeon

The X-15 was a Spy plane?
One crashed in Russia?
I must really be out of the loop here.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by Red Cloak
Since several members that have posted in this thread have asked for this info:

The HAARP base in question is located in the extreme south central part of Missouri region. From the nearest couple of roads that are south of the base, one can see the HAARP base when it fires, especially at night.

These roads and areas are actually located in the very north central part of Arkansas. The HAARP base is located between the areas of Mountain Home, Arkansas, which is south of the base, and Gainesville, Missouri, which is north of the base.

Near to where the HAARP base is located, there is also a large FEMA camp, which is located in Arkansas, north of the Mountain Home area.

I will not give any more info on this due to personal safety concerns.

Pretty please? I was hoping for some google earth coordinates or something as the area you just described is only about 250 square miles and I've been looking since your post (geez). I google searched Ionoshperic research Arkansas and found nothing. I searched several sites looking for anything showing Ionospheric research facilities and got this which raises more questions.
Google coordinates of an existing AFB shouldn't hurt so the personal safety card fails.

edit on 1/4/2011 by howmuch4another because: sorry I suck at embedding an image

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by BuzzCory
reply to post by Red Cloak

The New Madrid and The Great Lakes region is connected to the Caribbean fault system. Based on the way the Mid-Continental United States is geologically formed, if someone wanted to trigger the Caribbean plate system - the best way to do so would be to first destabilize the Caribbean plate.... This could be accomplished by destabilizing the sea floor bed of the Gulf of Mexico. This has in fact already been done via the BP oil rig disaster. The next thing you would have to do to set off the Caribbean plate is you would have to trigger a massive fault line rupture at the New Madrid fault zone.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the BP oil rig disaster "destabilized" the floor of the Gulf Of Mexico. It's been environmentally destabilized for sure, but how does that tie in with "setting off the Caribbean plate system"?

If you meant that the spill & resulting oil resting on the sea bottom has destabilized the area tectonically, contributing to possible plate slippage & earthquake, could you please elaborate on how that could happen?
If this has "in fact" been done, can you please cite a factual reference?

BuzzCory, way back when the BP rig first exploded, or shortly thereafter, BP hired a Russian deep-sea submersible to survey the damage to the Gulf floor. It seems that oil was not only leaking from the drill site, but oil was also seeping from cracks on the gulf floor some distance from the drill site. Simmons kept saying that the integrity of the sea floor had been compromised and the only way to seal ALL the leaks would be to detonate a nuke below the drill site.

When BP announced the final capping of the drill site, Simmons kept saying this was all THEATRE FOR THE PUBLIC that did NOT fix the entire problem. Simmons would NOT shut up. Shortly thereafter, Matt Simmons had the fatal heart attack in his hot tub. That shut him up for good. Interesting how conveniently that worked out for BP.

Take a look at the numerous ATS threads on the BP Spill -- if they still exist. I am NOT making any of this up, but I can't give you exact sources without going thru a huge pile of info. No time for that now. Florida oil spill law site has great detailed info that NEVER hit the MSM.


posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by digitalphotographer77

I have to admit when this bird story first broke, the Pine Bluff Arsenal was one of the first things to pop in my mind....I have had numerous family members that either worked there or currently work there...But I have to point out a small issue with your "Facts about Pine Bluff"...The last time I checked Beebe, AR was approx and hour NORTH of Pine Bluff, AR....I guess I could have read your post wrong, but the way I read it you were saying that:

"- 1hr north of Beebe where the birds died."

Simple mistake I'm sure, but Pine Bluff is in fact SOUTH of Beebe, AR....

I seriously doubt any of us will ever know the whole truth about what has been going on with these bird deaths and dead fish in the AR river.....

Oh and I am also in the North part of AR, and have never seen a HAARP base...Not saying it doesn't exist, just that I have no knowledge of such a place existing in Arkansas / Missouri.....
edit on 4-1-2011 by BREWSE because: spelling / grammar

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by Red Cloak

Ah, no!

Why? Because time after time, "Chemtrails" have been scientifically debunked here on ATS as well as thousands of other places on the net.

Chemtrails only exist in the minds of men who are so far mentally gone that I can't even begin to reason how anyone continues to believe in it.

Northern Arkansas is one of the "most heavily sprayed areas" ?? REALLY? And what proof do you have of that? What study? Or is it the fact that the JET STREAM crosses over Arkansas a majority of the time and that it is a heavily traveled rout by aircraft of all types?

Those who continue to insist that there is a secret government/covert operation going on continue to only embarrass themselves.

Here is a fact: I know that I personally have no mental illnesses to speak of.

Therefore, if I say that Chemtrails are a figment of one's imagination, I am pretty sure that those who profess it are mentally challenged, not me for debunking it. I mean not disrespect. I actually feel bad for those who believe in this myth.

Please stop already with the Chemtrail issue. Please?

(covering my head and curling into a fetal position to take on the barrage of Chemtrail promoters who will flame the hell out of me.)

Bring me ONE pilot. ONE crew member. ONE person who can tell me that they are flying a tanker and dispersing anything which you call a Chemtrail. JUST ONE???

You may have a better chance of bringing GOD to my front door or proving to me that Mary was a virgin.

I, sir, am Sane. Are you?

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by phantomjack

Weather modification has been going on since I was a kid and before in the 1940s and 1950s. Chemtrails, as much as you disbelieve, have been admitted to be weather modification experiments by the UK and Germany over the years and the US is standing pretty much alone in continuing to deny that. The appearance differs significantly from contrails and a chemtrail will persist and disperse over a much longer time period than high altitude contrails. There are no low altitude contrails because of temperature and atmospheric conditions differing significantly.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:20 PM

Originally posted by Phantom28804
reply to post by WJjeeper

Umm you got that backwards. The moon turned red, and the sun was nowhere in sight if you could see the moon. The earthquakes I'll give you but I believe the meteor shower occurred a few days before the eclipse.

The book also said something like the powerful and rich would hide in caves (homes) trembling in fear to true might of god or something close to that.

I don't know about you, but I sure don't see the rich trembling in fear about anything! That in itself would be a site to behold!!

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:23 PM
Copy and Paste the links into seperate windows or tabs and enjoy the findings....
HARPP Patents:
The patents are from greater part owned by

a LARGE defense contractor:

- US Patent 4686605 - Method and apparatus for altering a region in

the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere

- US Patent 4999637 - Creation of artificial ionization clouds above

the earth

- US Patent 4712155 - Method and apparatus for creating an artificial

electron cyclotron heating region of plasma

- US Patent 5777476 - Ground global tomography (CGT) using modulation

of the ionospheric electrojets

- US Patent Application 20070238252 - Cosmic particle ignition of

artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere

US Patent 5068669 - Power beaming system

US Patent 5041834 - Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma

layer which can be tilted

Just lets remember the scenario 6 years ago:

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

and turn to some scientific backing:

Ionospheric Precursors of Earthquakes; Recent Advances in Theory and

Practical Applications

Theoretical Model of Possible Disturbances in the Nighttime Mid-

Latitude Ionospheric D Region over an Area of Strong-....Earthquake

Preparation (Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and

Radio-Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Relationship between microseisms, geomagnetic activity and ionospheric

absorption of radio waves (Geophysical Institute, Czechosl. Acad.

Sci., Prague)



MONITORING (Karpenko Physico-....Mechanical Institute of the National

Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

And let us not forget that there is a functioning smoke screen cover

up mechanism, as seen in the case of the Tromsø / Norway spiral which

has been later ludicrously attributed to a russian Bulava missile test

- which was taking place hundreds miles away:

Data from HAARP style ionosphere heating facility EISCAT in

Ramfjordmoen just over the mount Tromsdalstinden.... only dozens of


away from Tromsø, during apparition of the spiral:

Daily plan for the 9th of December 2009 and the time frame:

EISCAT facility can be easily located on google maps or google earth,

under 'EISCAT'

Tromsø can be seen near by to the north. Its coordinates are:

69°39'07? N

018°57'12? E

Here is where the Russian missile was supposed to fly:

NAVTEX warning:


031230 UTC DEC 09



1. ROCKET LAUNCHING 2300 07 ..O 0600 08 DEC


65-12.6N 036-37.0E 65-37.2N 036-26.0E 66-12.3N 037-19.0E 66-04.0N

037-47.0E 66-03.0N 038-38.0E 66-06.5N 038-55.0E 65-11.0N 037-28.0E

65-12.1N 036-49.5E THEN COASTAL LINE 65-12.2N 036-47.6E 2. CANCEL THIS


If you put these coordinates to google earth you will see what I mean.

This is how the public is being constantly misled on everything.

March 1, 2010
Enjoy the research I think you will find it interesting...and on the christian thing here is a nice link:

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by WJjeeper

why dont you take your beliefs and opinions to a thread will people may actually give a crap... this is a thread about christian philosophy and prophecy, so please, take your atheism somewhere else.

Didn't anyone give you any attention at church on Sunday ?

Like the poster said, you have a book of myths and this is a conspiracy website why come here to do chicken licken why not save it for the bible thumpers who will cluck with you ?

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by WJjeeper
actually, i believe the sixth seal was just busted on december 21 with the lunar eclipse. there was a 7.4 magnitude shorlty after midnight (2am) in japan.

and another 6.5 hit iran shortly before midnight (about 10:12) it killed six people. the moon did turn black as sackcloth and the sun was blood red (as viewed from the middle east), a few days before on december 13th (7 days before) there was the geminid meteor shower, and plenty of stars were falling from the heavens like figs dropping from a tree.

The sun turns black and the moon red.
The lunar eclipse was red because it was the shadow of the earth that passed over it. Look it up.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by ghostpigeon

I am not suggesting that weather modification does not occur. But when the "chemtrailers" post pictures of contrails, and then insist that the vapor is chemical by nature and not water vapor, then i have a problem with it.

To the extent that vapor contrails criss cross the sky's, especially in and around known flight paths, and then to insist that these "trails" are chemical in nature, being delivered by a fictional collaboration of thousands of pilots, chemical companies, crew, and government/military personnel, I get a bit agitated.

While altitude does in fact play a large role in the variable of what we know as contrails, it is not accurate to suggest that a low level altitude can not produce a contrail. If the correct conditions exist, i.e. temperature, moisture, pressure, then a contrail can be made at just about any altitude. I have personally witnessed contrails from an F18 flying at 200 feet above the deck.

The low altitude claim doesnt hold water. No pun intended.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by aero56

Originally posted by Phantom28804
reply to post by WJjeeper

Umm you got that backwards. The moon turned red, and the sun was nowhere in sight if you could see the moon. The earthquakes I'll give you but I believe the meteor shower occurred a few days before the eclipse.

The book also said something like the powerful and rich would hide in caves (homes) trembling in fear to true might of god or something close to that.

I don't know about you, but I sure don't see the rich trembling in fear about anything! That in itself would be a site to behold!!

They built D.U.M.B.s which were built in what would be called caves. All of them are underground.
Doesn't make a difference though since they built most of them near the Yellowstone cauldera. They will go boom too.

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