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How do YOU wake people up?

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:57 AM
What is the goal awaken people? ...I know from experience it is a thankless, frusrating we are conditioned from birth to believe what we are told

A long time ago I read the book Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance ...took three readings before I got the gist ...but this excerpt is interesting

The human mind becomes fixed by what we are taught throughout our education and in the western world it benefits those that keeps control...and the indoctrination and dogma keeps us in our own comfrtable little boxes as most people are the same...we are not pushed to question motives, we are not pushed to question the anomalies that spring up in our lives...we are not pushed to question everything...because ..we are are given reasons by the church...and the church dosen't lie!!...anything that is out of the box and you say ..."look ..please see...put 2and 2 together ...can't you see something is not right..just look and evaluate ..make your own descision..but at least look!!"

Aye !! a thankless task trying to open peoples it a good thing to open peoples eyes...not sure about opening peoples eyes makes them question...and their comfortable lives can be really upset and cause misery ...because at this time when their eyes are open you will expose them to misery and frustration ..because one thing that happens is once the eyes are open and you want to know everything...and that opens doors...yet knowledge is power...power over our own lives and at least we can see who you are being screwed by ..that there is a plan...or is there ...but at least we are open to questions!!

Some say on this site DENY IGNORANCE...but maybe IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!

Why push people to open thier eyes?? well for me ..I know in my lifetime I will see dramatic changes ..its the wanting to protect those you love ..

I now live in a remote part of Scotland ..gave up everything and life is hard but I saw the writing on the wall ...but trying to convince the relatives why we are here is a real bugbind...but looking around and seeing what is to come we are in the right place..done the groundwork and even though the relatives think we are mad ..they have an escape route!!

And what gets me is the most intelligent of the family has a baby ...and still does not look ...the problem with people now is they do not project the implications of events happening now!!

Aye!! its frustrating ..generally now I keep my mouth whats going on !!in the place that I am I am pretty safe ...I made the jump ...not been easy ..but still here...waiting!!..

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Sometimes though ..a sheep will break from the flock and confront the wolf,,,its wether they stand, runaway, or go back to the flock that is important!!..its the going back to the flock thats a bummer!!lol

The sheep that confronts works a way round..unlikely to win though..but the prescence is known and will be a threat to the there may be others or a collective

The ones that run away..will unknown threat to the wolf

The ones that run back to the flock...will always be ..prey!!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by shuck

From my observations of people they prefer their lives to be dictated we have all been dumbed down...through education, media, sociology vested interests...we have been dumbed down to forget our future on this planet...I know my grandchildren ...will have a hard time ...thats if they survive to adulthood...tried that one too ...but the comeback is ..."things will be spend far too much time thinking and looking at conspiracies"

So we are regarded as the lunatic side of the nothing has happened !!

Time will tell!!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by shuck

you are so right when we question the normal and throw different views at sleeping people we are deemd crazy nutcases. for the past 15 years I continue to speak outside their boxes and know many of the different views I have thrown at people have come to reality, smack them in the face reality. I am actually getting many phone calls asking what my view is or did I ever hear about "such and such" Time reveals if what we crazys so intimately speak about is true. I loveit when someone calls me and says , Oh my gawd you was right how did you know. I tell them I research adn study every possible aspect of life. example, a year or so before the housing crash i had earned my real estate liscense. when i attempted to work with it i backed out and said aint no way I will be part of the near future real estate crash. I tried to talk a few friends and family members away from that time of buying a home more then they can afford. they all have their homes. I listen to the crazys who are spilling political madness out to whoever will listne, because he or she is also me. and people eventually realize I may know something.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:35 AM
I dont think you can. You can tell them all you want and some people just wont listen. My bro for example is the exact opposite of me and he could never be told anything. its like his mind is controlled by his balls.

I think people have to realise them selves and look up history and other things. They have to want to wake up imo, if you try waking someone from a real sleep if they are tired their eyes will be closed again within a few minutes and might not even remember been woke up at all.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 11:49 AM
the way you wake people up is to RFID chip them, take away all their freedom, take away their property, then lock them all up in concentration camps. then they will finally wake up.

until the people that are already awake does something, nothing will ever change

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by anumohi

There will be no voices herad in would be niave to thinks so...the Jews in their camps died thinking that everything was ok...and just like in the slauaghterhouse...animals go without a struggle until they see the end which time its far too late!!

"until the people that are already awake does something, nothing will ever change "
the people that are awake are in the put their heads above the parapet..and they will be taken down...its one thing to want to "open peoples eyes"...but to put your own existance in front of making people aware is another thing..there will come a time..and the struggle now is getting enough numbers to make a change for what is the right thing and the sheep that have what they want...

Ever seen Quatermass and the Pit...Star trek and the Borg...Religions and their agenda...the free thinkers ..will move things forward...but there will be a price....

And the Sheep for " WE ARE LEGION AND WE ARE MANY" will take on those that think!!

IMHO !!lol

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 12:34 PM
People will believe generally what they want to believe..anything that comes along and threatens established things and beliefs ..they will shy away doing so it keeps their lives within their parameters..and really I can't blame them....its for me ..wanting the truth...but from observation...people don't like the truth..especially when it upsets their consumerist ordered life !!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by OleMB

I have found it is better to teach a man to fish then to offer him a fish. Engage their curiosity of the world. Start questioning their rationale. Test their ability to understand their own point of view. Challenge their current world view. But always do so lovingly, and do not force the issue if they are not ready. Some people know the truth but do not want to see it, making excuses for the lies. Be kind with these people so that one day they might turn to you for advise.

I don't claim to have it figured out. But I know one thing doesn't work. That one thing is telling them what the truth is as they will not want to hear it. In a way you must be like Jesus or any religious prophet of old times. You must appeal to the person as someone that knows the truth absolutely and confidently. However, you have to be prepared to back off when you sense they become uncomfortable. When they are ready, and you have respected their wishes, they will come to you requesting more of your insight.

It is very possible to "wake" someone up. But you must understand "waking up" is a process and they cannot go to the level you are at overnight. If they get one piece of what you speak to them let it rest and the seed is planted. They will return for more.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:13 PM
"In a way you must be like Jesus or any religious prophet of old times. You must appeal to the person as someone that knows the truth absolutely and confidently. However, you have to be prepared to back off when you sense they become uncomfortable. When they are ready, and you have respected their wishes, they will come to you requesting more of your insight. "

Now I do understand your intentions..but that statement to be is dangerous..NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH ABSOLUTELY..that is total BS...all you can do is help someone question from a different perspective..nothing all means plant the seed to make people think...but by NO MEANS espouse you know the truth...its crap like that..that has gotten us into this state...

I assume you are young and fired up with what you feel is right...but from my perspective ..what is happeneing has nothing to do with any religion..there will be no saviours...only ourselves!!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by OleMB

Have you considered that they might be the ones who are awake?

I read allot of conspiracy stuff, I know more than the average guy who has read a few articles in the MSN about 9/11 or Builderberg meetings. The problem is that you don’t relies that for you, your believe in conspiracies is basically a religious belief for the most part. The NWO are the omnipotent abstract being who are “evil” or it’s the reptilians who are on their way to have us all enlightened. You have faith in their existence being true, or rather the NWO in your case and as such refuse to believe anything that contradicts your beliefs.

I always think there are two types of conspiracy theorists, the first is the one I have outlined above, you will basically believe anything so long as it fits into your religion, anything that has the illuminate stamp you will jump on. A believer of the ET’s will act in the same way, you cannot be persuaded that your beliefs are wrong, just like a Muslim will never accept that their beloved profit never heard the word of God. The there is the second type, people like me to look for conspiracies that are independent of each other, there is no omnipotent focus to our research such as the NWO. We look at evidence objectively and are highly critical always looking for the most probable explanation rather than the most spectacular.

I would say that you are the one who needs to wake up and come to terms with the facts. It’s not everyone else who is asleep it is you. Most people are “sane” enough to recognise that they are not all under the control of the illuminati and that most UFO’s are hoax’s. You would be better off trying to tell them oranges are blue. If however you are like me, and don’t subscribe to every crazy theories out there then people are more willing to listen. For example, I can explain to someone about how the 9/11 OS is questionable because of a lack of video footage at the pentagon, a lack of wreckage form flight 77 and the speed at which the buildings fell and maybe even drop in some stuff about Northwood’s. What I don’t do however is then attempt to tell them that it wasn’t Al’Qa’ida but rather a NWO group who have been controlling the earth for the past 2000 years and the reason they don’t know about this is because every media outlet on the planet is in on it. I don’t tell them that because I don’t know for a fact that it’s true, indeed I know enough to conclude that such statements are probably totally untrue and just the manifestation of some paranoid conspiracy theorists belonging to group one.

I find it funny that you try to wake people up by telling people that their favourite musical artists are also part of this massive theory because of some symbols in their music. No wonder they close their ears, you sound insane, you sound like you have slept through the past 50 years, it’s like you’re trying to tell them that Elvis was working with the same guys that caused 9/11

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:23 PM
The real world is too much of a pain in the @ss for people to wake up to. So they just choose "ignorant is a bliss" option.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by shuck

But one thing I have your life as best you can ..respect life ..never ever screw anyone the best human being you can be an true to yourself and others...

But there is so little time left!! make a difference to those that will go after!!

I fear for my kids and grandchildren!!..I really do!!..I know I was born to see the change chlidren and grandchildren will have to survive THAT CHANGE..

I think its something that has been forgotten here...we want to change peoples minds...but it the childeren we should be concentrating on ..preparing them ..for what is going to be a really harsh world...THAT IS WHERE WE NEED TO BE CONCENTRATING ...our CHILDREN...we will not change the minds of adults now...we need to be preparing our kids!!

Bugger the adults and their silly egotistcal power games...what about our kids!!?

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:36 PM
But what gets me about the human most organisms live on this earth with some inherent forthought ensuring food balance environment..for the species to go forward...humans humans don't!..we take consumme S@@T it out then consume more without a thought for the legacy we leave...

Educate people...not sure about that now ...there are those that will be around..hopefully...but for mother earth..Ireckon eneough is enough!! has to stop!! to those that want to enlighten..please keep your truth to yourselves....if people haven't woken up by now...then truly ..they will never wake up ..there is enough out there for people to question ..if they really wanted to know!!...

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:44 PM
The whole issue begs the question.

You've decided for yourself what the TRUTH is. How? Well, maybe you read some books or maybe you just browsed around on places like ATS, but somehow you've come to the conclusion that TPTB are conspiring to create a NWO at our expense. The TRUTH varies, but it likely includes a belief that this is all controlled by the Illuminati, Masons, Templars, Zionists, Bohemian Grove, Antarctic Nazis, or even plain old Skull & Bones and involves a boatload of conspiracies from 9/11 being an inside job to secret treaties with Reptilian aliens. Really, you've got your pick of conspiracies, some more outlandish than others. It's a huge buffet line to choose from.

The evidence for these conspiracies varies from lack of any evidence at all, therefore proving the case (We don't have video, THEREFORE there was no airplane!) to evidence seemingly irrefutable. "A nuclear explosion took down the towers!" What about radiation? Well, never mind. The planes were holograms? What happened to the people? Well, never mind. In other words, most of the evidence is composed of other people speculating on the evidence or evidence and facts impossible to verify. A good example is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Completely and utterly debunked decades ago as a plagerized work of fiction, still today we have people insisting it is TRUTH.

But look what happens when we DO get some TRUTH thrown at us: WikiLeaks. Out of tens of thousands of cables, some of them "Secret" (Ohhhhh!) what we have found out is that the Vatican plays a role in world affairs (Duh!) that some junior diplomat wondered aloud if a world leader was taking his meds (How devestating), or that Saddam wanted to be friends with the US (ha ha ha! You believe that,right?) C'mon, most of this stuff is utterly and completely boring diplomatic gossip. But wait! What WikiLeaks is GOING to relase, any day now, will be amazing! UFOs, top secret CIA conspiracies. Just wait! It WILL come out. We PROMISE. Any-Day-Now.

The funny thing about all this is that the purveyors of these conspiracies take a superior attitude, such as this thread shows, wondering how to wake the sheeple up to their version of TRUTH. Somehow they think they have achieved enlightenment. They KNOW the truth; other people do not because they are asleep, unwilling to face facts, or just plain stupid. The poor common masses just don't know what WE know, because WE have FIGURED IT OUT! due to our superior intelligence, investigatory skills, and our ability to be "in the know" due to friends in high places who tell us (and only us) what they can, though not too loudly as they might be in, you know, jeopardy. (Shhh!)

If you begin to look at this kind of attitude as a religious one it begins to make more sense because it sounds exactly the same. I have a cousin who I would call a fundamentalist Christian. He cannot understand why anyone would refuse to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior because if someone refuses, they will go to Hell, pure and simple. It cannot be any other way. He's not a stupid guy. He is an airline pilot and flies 747 cargo planes all over the world. It's not just a matter of IQ. Few of us here would agree with him, but the fact is, he sounds just like you do. Different subject--same approach.

The rest of the world is not as passive as many of you believe. They have looked at these conspiracy theories and found them wanting. All you uave to do is google "conspiracy mindset" to see what other people think. Put mildly, your world view is a minority opinion. Even Rolling Stone magazine calls you "clinically insane." I would have thought a more positive reception would have been forthcoming from them; and I don't really believe their conclusions. But I do think the conspiracy mindset represents a rather fanciful interpretation for world events that has no regard for evidence, scientific or otherwise. Most are, I suspect, delusional fantasies of your own making. But since you share them, they MUST be true!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 01:50 PM
as long as greed and power are our driving force, nothing will ever change.

the rich become richer the poor become poorer and the song remains the same.

the truth doesn't matter when someone else is pulling all the strings

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by schuyler

This is why I like ATS. You get a diversity of views on the same topics. And it's a good thing.
I may not agree with everything you say Schuyler, but I like the idea of having my paradigm challenged.
It's keeps me from only looking at one perspective, and making conclusions from that while ignoring other idea's.
Even if I decide those other idea's are wrong. At least I looked at them, and thought about them.
I find great value in that.

At the same time. Is that not what "waking up" is truly about. It's coming away from the herd mentality, and asking questions. Drawing conclusions for yourself, rather than having other people draw them for you.

In other words, what you just wrote in your post is the sign of a mind that is awake and thinking, using critical faculties. Analysing. Questioning. That's sane. Not insanity.

But I know people who would even look at you as a nut. Just from what you wrote in that post.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by OleMB
How do you go about learning people the true history of our world,

...mastering communication skills might help...

Originally posted by OleMB
that it's been hijacked since god knows when by power-hungry, psychopathic secret-societies and that it's fast on it's tracks to a fascist world-government? also might help if you project your perceptions as a possibility - not absolute truth...

Originally posted by OleMB
I find people are most resistant even to the idea that other people than we think are in control right now.

...maybe they're resistant to your style of delivery...

Originally posted by OleMB
I have tried going easy, going hard, hinting, suggesting, talking about Bilderberg-Group, illuminati, family ties, music/movie-industry, 911, operation northwoods, symbolism and what have you. Most people close their ears right away,

...its their right to perceive whatever you say as they choose...

Originally posted by OleMB
and few are willing to admit something is going on, even when realising it's pretty much right in their face.

...maybe they see it as you being in their face, constantly harping, and its tiresome...

Originally posted by OleMB
Out of the people I have gotten slightly aware, most figure it out when seeing and hearing the symbolism in the music industry. How do you go about? What do you say? what do you show them?

...have a wide variety of things to talk about, not just conspiracy theories or your version of truth... stop making comments like "people need to wake up" because that makes the user look like an arrogant evangelist... the offline (no message board) world, when an opportunity arises where you can toss one of your conspiritorial opinions into the mix, say it but dont state it as fact and dont argue about it... if someone doesnt agree with your stance, let it go...

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Excellent question. One time I suggested to someone experiencing health problems that it may be due to cell phone use. Before I had time to cite a single study, indeed before I finished the sentence, I was snapped at as though by a caged, starving alligator. You simply would not believe the torrent of abusive, disconnected rants that my suggestion precipitated.

One time I suggested as a means of peaceful revolution that everyone simply starve the military industrial MKultra program by abandoning their phones, so 'they' would be forced to explain why cell towers were still being planted, and not taken away. Nobody starred this thought, no one.

I state unequivocally that those 'cell towers' are not at all what they seem. You have been used.
edit on 3-1-2011 by starless and bible black because: I've looked over Jordan and seen...things ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 03:13 PM
The more effective way to put people to sleep has been through increments of persuasion, so I think naturally you'd have to incrementally pull them in another direction.

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