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Mankind's next enlightenment

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 05:20 PM
While the material forces of the world have taken advantage of the technological unification of the world, the spiritual forces that exist in the world have been steadily preparing for the next enlightenment to unfold on the earth.

It is worthy of comment that it is only now that these trends have become visible, like a crop planted in secret long ago, it appears suddenly and by suprise, with only the wisest of men discerning the signs of it.

The business of the agencies of light and intellect and love and long had a nation of light in which they have reigned in the universe, whatever name it has been given in the various epochs of human recording it is the description of the same place.

Simply put, it is where good things come from, and where good things return. On a more advanced level of understanding, this place is the abode of the great beings, those who are the judges and the governors of the universe.

it is silly to assume that these highly active and intelligent beings have neglected to organize the universe after their own resemblalance, which is light, love, and knowledge and goodness. This earth, with its special condition of having both good and evil influences upon it, would reasonably be the scene of battles both great and small against the forces of evil, and the developed forces of light.

Evil in its corupted and enslaved condition has become strong only by its numbers and position in the world, but its people are locked into a matrix of their energy and intelligence, because their beings have collapsed into the chaotic regions of the living intelligence of the universe.

We are at a critical mass of sorts in the world. There is not more cultural isolation in any real sense, the technology of the world has allowed for the industrial powers to homogenize the lifestyles of any nation stable enough to trade. Along with this economic change came great levels of personal decay, especially in those nations in whom these ecomonic changes has occured suddenly and with other forms of instability and war.

The current powers of the world organized themselves out of the industrial and financial institutions that grew to immense sizes after the great peace of WWII. They have grown so influencial and strong in America that our current government is merely an extention of the policies of industry and trade, finance and administration. There no longer exists any kind of intelligible spirit of America, it has become a platform for money making only, philosophy and science has fled away with all speed from the houses of these kind of persons.

Patriotism has reduced to a kind of corporate jingle, where our role as a force in the world is for the establishment of economic stablity which is equated with "Liberty" by the people. Yet while this new kind of "Liberty" has loomed large over the world, a new kind of tyranny has come along with it.

It is not the brutal kind of political tyranny established in the past, but it is a new kind of low-grade fascism called consumerism. Consumerism displaces all other forms of social and political order by replacing the traidtional aspects of human character with those of commercial desire, luxury and endless acquisition of consumable and indurable goods.

Consumerism began as a corporate and financial model, but because of the humogeny created by the modern world it rapidly became the new religion and creed of America. While luxury has always been the partner of production and peace, there must also exist a portion of the society that maintains purity from such material corruption, and focuses their being on the ongoing development of man's civilization. In other words, there have to be some heads left around to wear the crowns of the gifts of virtue, intellect, goodness, judgment, and civilization.

These things are like the jewels of the universe, and are kept as great treasures in the abode of the great beings of light who dwell in the heavens. Among men, these great treasures will be cultivated, planted, and developed by these good agencies. Men will be selected on the earth to bear these great gems in their beings, and they will increase upon the earth.

It seems necessary to me to strike down the vile notion that there exists some kind of equality between the forces of darkness and that of light, as though the stablity of the world is attained by their concurrent presense on the earth. There is no such equilibrium. The evil forces that exist among the people are not capable of organization of men, nor the construction of any new thing whatsoever, but are parasitic in nature, and comepletely without the jewels and tools required of the workmen. Evil beings are thieves and robbers, and do not have anything to contribute or build. How then do you say they are equal to the good ones?

It is a great misunderstanding to say or think that evil has a place here. It does not. It has not a right to be, their origin is not from a place of organization, but they are the result of corruption, and degrade from a common source of good, the same place from which WE have come.

Thus evil is clearly seen, it is is brought out from its hiding place and chained before you. View it and know it, this is your enemy.

We were taught by the great ones to destroy evil and to establish good, that is the general commandment given to all mankind. Mankind is a living, intelligent wonder. Evil is not welcome in us, it is not going to dwell with us, and it will not endure on this earth. Evil develops FROM humankind, it does not have its' own independent origin. Thus it is without any legitimate claim to kingdom.

Evil beings and their legions only appear seperate from mankind. They are not truly from another place, they fell away from the body of light and mind that is projected as the ordered government of good. Such are traitors, brigands, and liars, for they will deny that they have fallen away, but are the enemies of mankind and all civilized endeavor.

As the world reaches its fullness, which it now approaches with great speed, there must needs be a conflict because of the nature of evil. Evil has perceived the work of the good ones, and has acquired the intelligence necessary to antagonize the work of the good ones. Because of their great numbers, they have become bold in their offenses, and feel no restraint at all, and will mercilessly attack those human beings that have sought after and allied themselves with the good ones and their light.

It is not so much a personal war against sin and redemption. That is the old religious corruption that We have come to overcome. It is a larger issue, of control of nations, peoples, and the entire world, and the ultimate control over the osuls of men, and the interruption of the plan of evolution of our intelligences.

The next great enlightenment is the convergence of the great ones and the culmination of their work on the earth. They have steadily manifested their presense on the earth through the birth of new avatars, beings in whom the spirits of the great ones and the goods ones have especially joined with, in order to bring down from heaven the sacred thoughts, deeds, and words of the Great Intellect of Good, which has tended this world like a farm, growing the immortal souls of men, who are then able to develop into the higher levels of beings that dwell among the Good and Great.

That is the greater work. Evil is not a partner in it. Evil is not equal with it. Evil are the weeds and the churl, they are threatening and menacing, and cause men to suffer all forms of degredation, theft of their energies and the harm of the delicate structures of the mind-spirit. Such as these are not to be among the children of the good, they are to be destroyed.

The next enlightenment will consist of people realizing the illusion of security in this life is disintigrating, and the forces of the universe are no longer satisfied to lurk in the shadows, waiting like spiders for their next meal, but have emerged as an agressive force of global proportion. They have allied (or perhaps possessed) with the corporate and industrial and financial powers of the world, and they are steadliy charting out OUR futures, and putting their nefarious and decayed intellect onto the thrones and high places of the world, and this has offended all of nature.

Clearly there cannot exist a stable world while these forces are in control. It is for the same reasons why an evil person cannot be made the ruler of a kingdom, or even a small inheritance. The reason for this is plain:

The Tools of the Workman are the living principals of God. These are the laws, virtues, and thoughts that allow a being to rule a home, a nation, and a world. They allow him to build its edifices, maintain its works, and to develop the world from the grasp of natural chaos. Heaven has a monopoly on all good thought. Good thought cannot exist among evil, or else the evil is changed into good, and loses its former nature. Good is collected around the source of good, it cannot bear to be without it, therefore all of its fruits, seeds, and branches are from this one place, and do not dwell in dark places, but flee from them.

Therefore evil cannot maintain its rule, especially in such a grand endevour as the RULERSHIP of MANKIND and his inheritance EARTH. It is not practical to rule the earth with an oligarchy. Its human component will decay, die, and fall into corruption, and the principals of rulership, the "tools of the workman" will vanish because of the oppression of the freedom of the people, and the wicked theft of their power in thought in citizenship.

The people will be left with an imbecilic and impotent body of governance, which will opress them terribly because of its ignorant and violent nature. The natural vigor of a people, which is in the fullness of their authority and Liberty, which is the foundation of a free self-governed people, will leave them, because it was not excersised, and they will be great in numbers but utterly powerless, many people in numbers, but fragmented, unenlightened, carnal and base, and unable to form again the level of civil development to reform the nation to her former purity and health.

So then, the current generation has chose their master, and it is a vile and evil one, and their works will suffer the inevitable condition of destruction, because they have wantonly opposed the will of the greater good, which is the true government of men, and the source of his vitality.

Woe to the men because of this, because they have been cut off from their source of healing, and learning, and have gone into the depths of the abyss, and have threatened to take everything down that was tied to them, undoing the work of a hundred generations of free men upon the lust of just a few generations.

Worse yet, the powers and the forces of the world have encouraged this corrpution of the people, it is their work and endeavor, because it has made them very rich. And now, in this weakened and confused state, we are ripe and ready for the invasion and the occupation of our very beings by the unseen enemy of men, who have been the black partners of these corrupted human powers and forces in a kind of perverse manipulation.

These demonic forces have managed to turn an entire generation of gifted and intelligent men and women against their own people, convincing them to work and earn only for money, and the power of wealth and luxury. Instead of working towards the common government of the universe, and the will of the good and great, they have become the servants of the lessor demonic forces, and now those forces are rampaging across the world.

This understanding is the key to this enlightenment. The organization of our minds and actions around these concepts are the keys to our success, because in order to remove ourselves from the inevitable tribulations and chaos that will emerge from these forces, we must emancipate ourselves from their immediate imfluence and interference.

It is the will of our government in Heaven that mankind be brought into a perfect state of understanding and equillibrium with heaven, so that the good things that exist there can be brought here, that the human forms we now inhabit can be filled with the kind of good stuff that comes from that place, which is the fullness of love, intellect, and understanding.

The focus of attention now is the in the attempt to destroy the entry into this world of those human beings who were selected and sent here by the good and great ones, so they cannot bring about the kind of changes that the current world-ruling forces fear, which is the final enlightenment of this era and the final revelation to mankind of the nature of the universe.

Futile it will be, because it is not a thing done by men, or brought about by individuals, but is a larger movement by a greater and more intelligent origin, and cannot be overcome by deception, murder, or war.

The nature of this final time is that every human being that has remain loyal and true to their origin and purpose and has not fallen into the darkness will receive the link to the place of light, and will be a part of the force that will arrive to cleanse the world, and destroy the power of the fallen ones, and of the dark ones, and of the things they have brought into being on this world.

The laws of this new government are simple, they are not burdens given to men in order to churn gold, or wheat, or any other thing man adores, but are the fruits of perfect civilization, which is attainable only by a few, but the whole of the inheritance is given to them.

If there is a group of people in which perfect love can endure, then that group will rule all there is. If an individual cannot reform himself and rejoin this love, then they are removed altogether, and given nothing at all, for they have become the harm and calamity of the universe, and will not ever give us peace.

it seems as though every activity of man in this time has become evil and comes from the most carnal of intentions, namely the stuffing of his body, and the gain of riches. Many intellects dwell among us, who have overcome this first threshold of enlightenment and have put away their material lusts, and have begun to merge with the true light.

The problem is that these ones are not found in civil life of this country, or anywhere else in the world, they have retired from public adventure, and have retreated into the safer places of their world. They take with them the crown of their nations, their crowns of the little ones, and all the association and inspirations of the divine, and the guidance of the spiritual.

The remainder of mankind, and by far the majority, are left to their own ends, to serve the masters they have chosen for themselves.

Because such a situation is unsustainable (All gifts given to mankind are for the sake of the good and the righteous, and are delivered by them, not by anyone else) and the rest of mankind will quickly perish because of the withdrawal of the secret foundation of all the world.

How arrogant are men, and how proud of their constructions, yet see the calamity when the righteous and meek, whom they oppressed, withdraw from them, and also their blessings, which in truth sustained all men both good and evil, and most of men did not understand this or give any thinaks for it.

It was the duty of the saints in this era to suffer, and endure, and continue to develop their minds and further their union with the light of heaven, and by doing so bring greater light to the whole world, and increase the whole house by their great spiritual wealth.

Yet how long will we suffer, how long will we endure, when the rest of mankind has become enraged against us, and has sought to destroy us and our light entirely, and has made continual war against us and our children.

How arrogant are they, because every blessing and comfort they enjoy was created by the peace and order of great men, and great deeds, and not by their actions. By their very nature they cannot create, their minds are sterile, or capable of producing only degraded and deformed creations resembling themselves. They came into power by displacment, not by original thought, they exist within a system, they cannot coincide with independance or self-completeness. Now they want to establish themselves as the legitimate rulers of the world, complete with earthly thrones and the sevitude of the people.

The enlightenment that will come is a realization of the conflict that looms before us, it cannot be avoided. The will of our enemy has become manifest, it is to cover the entire world with itself, smothering all peoples under its workings, choking out every last vestige of ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge, relacing it with spiritual tyranny and the enslavement of our inner beings and physical bodies in their system of consuption.

It is a war, a battle, and the awakening of mankind to this condition will result in his necessary and violent reaction, namely the abandonment of his collusion with these forces, no matter how tenuous, and his recollection of what is truly good, and what is truly evil, and his return to the author of his true comfort and peace.

War is inevitable, for it is the final time for these forces of darkness, and they are such as they will not surrender while at their strength, but will seek to rule by force or destruction, which are their only implements. Their eyes are fixed firmly on the little ones and the saints, who represent their defeat and destruction. It is not possible for these kinds of beings to live among the pure and the good. They do not submit to rule out of love, but only are driven continually by the light and the might of good.

They are not equals of the gods, they have no claim to his authorty, or anything else, but are thieves and wicked men, and to be put down.

So you, who read this, take up your cause with wisdom, and learn to speak after this fashion, and fill the ears of your neighbors with the fruit of this revelation, and tell your children, your brothers, and your old folks. Learn to see who is who, and what is what, and what lies within people around you. You will see the line clearly drawn, and the skirmishes of light and darkness and they fight over the bodies and minds of men.

Choose your side, receive your weapons, and to the war.


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 05:37 PM
Your literary style reminds me of those "charismatic" souls who start up cults.

Interesting read, but you seem a little too intent on putting us to your purpose rather than just informing us.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 05:46 PM
I have no desire to start a cult, as it would be inferior to what has come before. I am not something new, I am following something much older than that!

My intention isn't to get you onto MY side, for I do not have a "side" in an individual sense, there are larger forces I am talking about. My intent was to get you to see directly the forces at play in our world, the beings of light and their great treasures which are the foundations of our civilization, and the beings of evil who have fallen away from that good place and have tried to establish their own way.

My words are to encourage people who share this awareness to join together on the earth, and find comfort in each other, and get out of the snare of the system. I know that those like ourselves are scattered and weak, and without any guidance, and we suffer because we are surrounded by our enemies, and they assail us ceaselessly. We need our own place, to make a defense against what is going to come to this world.

My awareness has awakened, and yours is going to as well, very soon.


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 06:16 PM
Well, if youre so sure, ill wait till im "awakened" to take up arms in any sort of war.. Regardless of it being the violent type or the subtle type.

Good luck with that though.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 08:06 PM
I can definitely relate to much of what you said, Ark. I have seen most of it during the last year. Something has to happen to sort this out or we're all well and truly fecked.

The people will be left with an imbecilic and impotent body of governance, which will opress them terribly because of its ignorant and violent nature. The natural vigor of a people, which is in the fullness of their authority and Liberty, which is the foundation of a free self-governed people, will leave them, because it was not excersised ...

That has already happened up to a point. We have Bush in the US and Blair in the UK. If there were any examples of ignorance and violence in government you need only look at that pair of degenerates.

Good thought cannot exist among evil, or else the evil is changed into good, and loses its former nature.

From what I have seen, it appears the opposite is true. Good people have been taken over by materialism and greed, having been manipulated by those already taking that path.

The next great enlightenment is the convergence of the great ones and the culmination of their work on the earth. They have steadily manifested their presense on the earth through the birth of new avatars ...

Do you mean like this ?

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 08:32 PM
I am ready to go to war, I've been waiting a long time, I was sent here as part of a "Special Forces Unit" (SSA)

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 09:04 PM
That's funny.

You grabbed my key points about the current president. It's hard to appreciate anything this administration has done.

As a matter of fact? What have they done besides make trouble for the entire world? Are we closer to mars? Are we switching to alternative fuels to get us out of the oil wars? Have we gathered the world around us and discussed the future of humanity in the next century?

No, the only people meeting are at the top, in the shadows, and they are planning, but it's not the kind of plans you want the people to know about.

It seems to me that the secret organization of the world's powers and governments at least in the west has come to a critical point - All of the heads of state and business are a part of the game now. There aren't any mavericks remaining. The light is now green for the people to come under total control.

First you shrink the mind, then you weaken the body, and then you fasten the chain. End of Liberty.

Now I ask, since I know that we will not be able to stop the wave from cresting, how do you bring us forth out of this calamity without destroying the entire world?

Is the ultimate result of this brave new world the loss of all liberty?


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