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Noah would says No to God, or be a Traitor to Jesus, says do onto others rule?

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by AlreadyGone
Have you read the bible? Do you even know what you are talking about?

Jesus nor His teachings were in this world at the time of Noah.

The flood punishment/cleansing of the earth in response to the genetic contamination of Nephillum/Raphiam/Giants/Fallen Angels mentioned in Genesis 6

The reason Noah was spared was "his generations were pure"...his genetics had not been cross bred...

To see just how terrible the world The Book of Enoch...mass sexual cross breeding/inbreeding, canabalism, beastiality, man was consumed with sin... these were not innocents that were left off the ark.

If you read will read that this "knowing" or impregnating of the women that the fallen angels found favorable occurred before and AFTER the flood.... these post flood giants lived in Canaan in the north...Jericho..which is why every man-woman-child was slain there. Same area as Balbeek...look it up...the king up there was 13 feet tall.

This genetic contamination was an effort of Satan to desrtoy the lineage of Jesus before He was even born... but God foresaw the effort and "cut him off at the pass" so to speak.

Noah acted as instructed by God...with a child-like faith...just like Moses...and as we should too.

God is the Father...He understands things we can't even grasp...just like an earthly father understands things even a small child can not grasp.... there is nothing wrong in questioning God...He wants us too, but do not think we are smarter than God.

Let me just post a few quick points for you.

I have read the Bible so let your head shrink a bit and keep your more ignorant idiocies to yourself.

As to Jesus not being in Noah’s day, is Jesus not God?

Let’s say I agree with your Nephellum idea.
Tell me why God would allow his sons of God to use the earth as a brothel, thus basically forcing him to drown the whole earth. On the surface, that was a rather stupid move.

As to Noah being pure. If he did unto others the way Jesus would have, the same Jesus that used genocide, then there is no way he would have abandoned his complete race. He would never have finished the ark in the hope that God/Jesus would have to find some other way. LIKE, curing instead of killing. The moral thing to do IOW.


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