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1000+ birds dropped dead from the sky.

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by maybee

Well, NEWS agencies pick and choose which responses they will air, and which ones fall to the editing room floor. I guarantee you, any comment that said anything alarming would not be aired. It calms the masses when you show a string of commentary that sounds like ho-hum, no big deal...

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:38 AM
The most recent numbers that I've heard of this morning....

Five thousand birds, not just a thousand dropped from sky in Arkansas.

A hundred thousand fish have died and are washing up on river beds, not thousands, HUNDREDS of thousands.

(I didn't have time to read whole thread....but the numbers I saw were low)

The lightning strike/fireworks theory is ridiculousness.

If that were true, every year we would see 100's of thousands of dead birds after July 4, and thousands and thousands dropping in every thunder storm that occurred.

We do not see that.

My guess is that it is some toxic based event.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:44 AM
link go to sleep for a few hours and suddenly there's about 10 new pages of posts!!
You have been busy little beavers....


1. 100,000 drum fish die off in Arkansas river around Ozark in a 20 mile stretch
2. 5000 blackbirds die off around midnight on NYE in Beebe in a 1 mile radius
3. Ozark and Beebe are approximately 125 miles from each other.
4. The Arkansas River does NOT go anywhere near Beebe.

Some assumptions can be made:

1. The blackbirds did not eat the fish. Black birds do not eat fish! They eat berries, insects, and seeds. Also, if the fish were really the culprit, then other species that DO eat fish - such as buzzards and eagles would have died off too. Further, that would make the river "ground zero" and all animal deaths would be in a radius from that location. This is not the case.

2. Fireworks are unlikely to be the culprit in the bird deaths. If this were the case, there'd be millions of birds dying off every 4th of July.

3. Lightning is also very unlikely. First of all, there was no lightning in the area of Beebe and the bird deaths that evening. Second, as someone else already mentioned, there would be telltale damage such as fried birds. There were no fried birds. Other than the ambiguous "physical trauma" (which could have come from falling), we don't know what the condition of the birds was. However, when you review the television footage, it is apparent that the birds are NOT fried.

4. Don't know where the duck comes into this...but your theories are hilarious and humor is ALWAYS welcome!!

5. Toxins - this is also unlikely unless we can determine what killing agent would be specie-specific.

6. Seismic activity - the swarm earthquakes are happening between Guy and Greenbrier Arkansas. This location is about 50 miles from the location where the birds were killed and even farther from where the fish were killed. Again, it doesn't explain why the birds died in Beebe and not up around where the seismic activity actually occurred. However, it IS interesting that the fish deaths, earthquakes, and bird deaths ALL OCCUR IN A STRAIGHT LINE, although this may be completely coincidental.

7. Magnetic anomaly - this is an interesting concept and one that needs to be explored more deeply. That being said, it doesn't explain why only one species of bird and one species of fish would succumb to it. The Arkansas River is full of many species of fish....not to mention all the different species of migratory bird that make Arkansas their winter home. Again, it doesn't add up...

8. EMP - This, I think, is so far fetched that I can't believe someone actually said it. If Iran...or any other going to do an EMP, I really dont' think they are going to choose BEEBE ARKANSAS. At the very least, they would do it in LA or New York...or even DC. And, if they were going to do it in Arkansas, my guess is they would pick the Chemical Depot at Pine Bluff or even one of the nuclear reactors.....but not a little town that has no strategic value. Furthermore, no one in the town reported any communications that can pretty much rule out this scenario.

9. Prophetic - um....I'm not touching this one.

10. Classified military project - this is my bid. And considering that there is a military base not 20 miles from the site, I think it is very plausible. Is it possible that the military tested some DNA-based weapon on both the fish and the birds?

11. Completely unrelated events - this should be considered too....

Did we miss anything???

Whatever killed these animals was localized and specific to these species. Again, my bid is on
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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:47 AM
Forgot to add - an "amateur" cannot go pick up some of the birds and do necropsies because an EPA contractor has already picked up all the birds and taken them away (while wearing hazmat suits, no less....)

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:13 AM
dont know if someone has said this yet.

apparently like 100 miles from this blackbird incident 100000+ fish of one spicific species (dont remember the name of it) were found floating down the river and investigators are wondering if these are connected.

both incedents happend on the same day, just slightly different areas

EDIT: remove if you want, i was beat to it
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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by Pharyax

Originally posted by LDragonFire
reply to post by neowakko

I wonder if this happened near the recent earthquake area, and they died from noxious gas releases?

That is what I thought. and NOW, they just found over 100,000 dead fish close to the same area, down river in Little Rock.

Sounds like out gassing.

could be,but it also could be aluminum poisoning..i just think its really strange that there isnt more of a "what the f*ck is going on?" from the public,stuff like this doesnt happen everyday and i mean 1000 birds,1000s of fish,this is too big to be ignored

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

The military project sounds about right except how would they single out black birds and drum fish. If they experimented in the river other fish would be found dead - same goes for the sky, other types of birds would be dead. The greatest mystery here is the fact that we don't have various species. Good work on the break down!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by pinchanze
reply to post by mydarkpassenger

Hey darkpassenger!

You might want to go back to school and get a little more educated. Blackbirds migrate at night. Sometimes for hundreds of miles,especially when the weather changes in the area their in. Large-eyed birds migrate at night also. You know...Ducks. Arkansas is a major flyway for these birds. Sorry I butted into YOUR conversation but I suggest before you start calling someone a troll you might want to know what your talking about first. How DO southerners talk or write? I'm not sure if that was an insult or a compliment. It does'nt matter but you better do some more reading.

I don't know where you're at, but the blackbirds around here all roost at night. You might want to pull your nose out of the books and actually go out and look at some once in a while; any idiot can write a book. Along with that, blackbird migrations are generally done by this time of year. Add to that that the fish kill was south of Beebe, so I can't see them going south to eat and get poisoned and then all coming together back north of there to die.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

got all this from wikipedia on extinction, not random mass death, but could still give us some clues, or something to work with

"Population genetics and demographic phenomena affect the evolution, and therefore the risk of extinction, of species. Limited geographic range is the most important determinant of genus extinction at background rates but becomes increasingly irrelevant as mass extinction arises.[13]

Natural selection acts to propagate beneficial genetic traits and eliminate weaknesses. It is nevertheless possible for a deleterious mutation to be spread throughout a population through the effect of genetic drift.

A diverse or deep gene pool gives a population a higher chance of surviving an adverse change in conditions. Effects that cause or reward a loss in genetic diversity can increase the chances of extinction of a species. Population bottlenecks can dramatically reduce genetic diversity by severely limiting the number of reproducing individuals and make inbreeding more frequent. The founder effect can cause rapid, individual-based speciation and is the most dramatic example of a population bottleneck.

Purebred wild species evolved to a specific ecology can be threatened with extinction[14] through the process of genetic pollution—i.e., uncontrolled hybridization, introgression genetic swamping which leads to homogenization or out-competition from the introduced (or hybrid) species.[15] Endemic populations can face such extinctions when new populations are imported or selectively bred by people, or when habitat modification brings previously isolated species into contact. Extinction is likeliest for rare species coming into contact with more abundant ones;[16] interbreeding can swamp the rarer gene pool and create hybrids, depleting the purebred gene pool (for example, the endangered Wild water buffalo is most threatened with extinction by genetic pollution from the abundant domestic water buffalo). Such extinctions are not always apparent from morphological (non-genetic) observations. Some degree of gene flow is a normal evolutionarily process, nevertheless, hybridization (with or without introgression) threatens rare species' existence.[17][18]

The gene pool of a species or a population is the variety of genetic information in its living members. A large gene pool (extensive genetic diversity) is associated with robust populations that can survive bouts of intense selection. Meanwhile, low genetic diversity (see inbreeding and population bottlenecks) reduces the range of adaptions possible.[19] Replacing native with alien genes narrows genetic diversity within the original population,[16][20] thereby increasing the chance of extinction.

Coextinction refers to the loss of a species due to the extinction of another; for example, the extinction of parasitic insects following the loss of their hosts. Coextinction can also occur when a species loses its pollinator, or to predators in a food chain who lose their prey. "Species coextinction is a manifestation of the interconnectedness of organisms in complex ecosystems ... While coextinction may not be the most important cause of species extinctions, it is certainly an insidious one".[23] Coextinction is especially common when a keystone species goes extinct."

it could also be a species spicific disease.

also this is an interesting fact, a group of some 400 biologists have estimated that some 70% of all life on earth is in early stages of human caused extinction

as for the fish, it could have been a chemical that seeped up out of the gound into the water, or send down river by some irresponsable company, i think the fish case will be solved a little easier than a thousand blackbirds dropin dead for no apparent reason

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by odd1out
reply to post by maybee

Well, NEWS agencies pick and choose which responses they will air, and which ones fall to the editing room floor. I guarantee you, any comment that said anything alarming would not be aired. It calms the masses when you show a string of commentary that sounds like ho-hum, no big deal...

I hadn't even thought about that! Good point. I mean if I woke up and saw thousands of dead birds all over my yard and the neighborhood, I'd be freaking out! When I saw the report (locally) they were mostly interviewing the sheriff of the town. He was even smiling at a few points. Really, really strange reaction, in my opinion.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:29 AM
Going back to what I was saying about earthquakes, and the earths magnetic field.....from what I can gather from a bit of googling, marine life, including fish, are also sensitive to the magnetic field, not only that, but any electromagnetic field, including powerlines and such like.

So for more than one "freak" occurance over such a large area, I cannot believe that toxins or gases were involved, especially as only fish and birds seem to have been affected.

Question is, assuming I could be going down the right path with this, could it have been natural (EMF) or man made?

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by DangerAllAround

i think if it was gassing, or something that targets and wide area insted of a specific species/animal/plant/building, not just one specific species would be dying; we would see humans, dogs, cats, other birds, etc, etc dropping dead.
i think this will be added along wiht the other anomalous rains or deaths from above of fish, frogs, cats and dogs (literally), and many other weird rains, that have still yet to be explained...................

search anomalous rains, or strange rains for other info

also if it was an electrical anomaly or EMP/EMF or whateva, why isnt there any reports of computers or electronics in the area having troubles, and if its man made, why emp nowhereland
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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:38 AM

Originally posted by OneSmallStep
reply to post by dukeofjive

Someone posted the there is a Chem-Bio factory in Pine Bluff? Just for fun I looked at Google earth for the factory. Here some thing weird, probability water treatment plant? Throwing darts here.

There is BIG biowar plant in Pine Bluff.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:39 AM
What does everyone here think of the possibility of HAARP as the cause of these strange events. I HAARP can be used to trigger earthquakes such as the one in Haiti, what if this were being used to trigger another in Chile, or the New Madrid fault? Bio Bio, Chile and Beebe Arkansas both lie on the 35-36 degree latitude, one north one south and almost in a straight line. I checked this out on Google Earth. Both had birds fall out of the sky at the exact same time on New Year's Eve! Argentina had a quake on the 1st and there was one on the 2nd, very close to Bio, Bio, Chile.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by primoaurelius

Because birds / fish are hyper sensitive to changes in the EMF, they rely on it for navigation. The type of change I am talking about would have no effect on any electricals or people. Earthquakes and solar flares can cause these changes and no-one would notice.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by neowakko

I saw this story this morning on And right below it, there was another story said that a massive fish kill also happened on the Arkansas River. Not sure how far away the fish kill and the bird kill are from each other, but methinks something's rotten in Arkansas right now.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:44 AM
How about a new sound based weapon, specific to species range of hearing??? Clean, no evidence, and would not affect other species if fine tuned properly enough....

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by Pharyax

Originally posted by mydarkpassenger

Originally posted by AlwaysWondering
CNN is now reporting 4,000 - 5,000 blackbirds fell from the sky in Beebe, up from 1,000.

And the drum fish in Ozark, Ark is estimated to be 100,000 dead in a 20 mile section of the river.

Lots of small EQs in the general area between the dead fish and the dead birds.

Also, these birds should have been roosting/sleeping at 1130 pm on 12/31/10...why did they fall from the sky?

A local meteoroligst was interested in the bird story, so he grabbed radar images from 1130 pm. Closest storm was 50 miles to the east. radar image

The birds in South America that dropped from the sky happened at the place where the 6.5 mag quake just happened, near Bio Bio Chile.......

maybe the New Madrid is going to let go?

That is a chilling thought, what with the unusual EQ activity in Indiana along the New Madrid and related faults.

Does anyone have a map to place the fish kill and the black birds along the NM faultline?

One thing weird: it seems a species specific issue, Drum fish, black birds and starlings..
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Whoa... just looked up where the mini-swarm is, and where the fish kill/bird kill is -- 9 miles away....

We might want to send a shout out to all the peeps here along the NM fault. I don't know what they'd do, but it seems like something is happening, though I can't figure the species specific angle into this.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by woogleuk

alas, solar flares and earthquakes may not be noticed by out computers our ourselves, but some instrument out there would have picked it up, and measure them, and that measurement would tell us if it would be strong enough to effect our electronics, and warn us like they do during solar flares or whateva. i just think its a slight stretch to say they all died from electrical anomaly espically when they are over 100 miles apart, but something strange did happen, something that dosent happen every day, so it very well could have been something like that.

lol im thinking act of god

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:51 AM
I found this interesting that near Greenbrier located between the Ozark and Beebe Arkansas there have been several small earthquakes in the past week. Below is a link detailing them.

Click Here

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