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THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: Project Avalon Video Interview

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 05:53 AM

Originally posted by JohhnyBGood
Interesting interview - I found him quite credible.

I have no idea why. I mean, the guy was absolutely unbelievable in his representation of himself.

I like the part where the guy was saying "the military wishes they had people like me, I am unstoppable and have powers" and then adds "before anyone ever got close enough to fight me, I'd stop them with my powers before they even knew I was there"...and when asked to explain, both just laugh and let the subject drop without explaining.

Project Scam-o-lot has struck again...and here I was assuming they couldn't sink any lower into laughable absurdity.

Happy new year.


posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:34 PM
Even though nothing new was told, it is interesting to see it from the power perspective.

It struck me, that they do not care about us at all. At all. At all. At all. At all.

We have owners and they own us. We are well behind technology they have got and it will be like this for ever.

There will be masters and slaves eternally, unless some human beings will manage to escape this prison planet to another galaxy far away.

Thanks for the post, OP. Not because of the video - rather because of the comments. It was really interesting to read all the agonizing reaction or I would say denial.

posted on Jan, 5 2011 @ 06:53 PM
supposebly they are under attack now from this interview. ghosts and figures entering peoples rooms, shutting down their computers etc etc, the avalon community or family or sect or cult are nothing more than new age wolves in guru's clothing they look to bill ryan so blindly im sure he must feel a little uneasy.he says one line and "oh thank you bill,your insight is so great" makes me vomit abit. protect their own without even knowing who their own really are. you cant have it every way all at once, believe in a little bit of this a little bit of that, our positive thinkin will get us thru in the end, things are happening, we cant tell u who his name is, blah blah, if anything thats sticking to more what the tptb would do rather than the truth seekers they all pretend they are.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by questcequecest

Where did you hear that they were experiencing ghosts and such in their rooms and shutting down computers?

I just saw the interview with "Charles" a couple of days ago after stopping by P.C. to see what the lattest updates were. I first watched the Commentary that Bill Ryan gave on the interview and then watched the interview. Regardless, of who Charles is or who he is speaking for, I think there is certainly a message in this interview. The message is really more between the lines than it is outright spoken. As a whole, the human race has ignored their higher self. Like children in a candy store they run around without regard for the consequences. They sit and watch tv, hoping to be educated about the politics/science/religious factors without spending any time doing the actual work of research. The majority are self served with no concern for their fellow man, sending money to help the needy only to the degree that a tax break allows. Or sending money to Africa when you see people in your own community without basic needs. The majority will go to the doctor to get their high cost medicine's without once attempting to research a more healthier alternative.

I do think there is a message here in this interview that I do agree with. It won't make any difference in the end, because most will either scoff at it while the majority won't even care to watch it.

Awakening usually begins like a bad nightmare. You see the horrors, you feel your heart pounding in your chest with the threat of life ending. You tell everyone about your nightmare and like a mother to a child, they stroke your head and tell you just relax and go back to sleep. Some get stuck in the frustrations and become angry and imbittered by the lack of concern from the majority who are still asleep. You try shaking them, screaming at them and slapping them. But seldom do they awake and when they do, they often get stuck in your nightmare with you.

At some point we have to realize there must be a solution to our plight. What is the solution? We carefully weigh it out in our minds trying to figure out which is the best method to use? Studying history to find some solution that appeared to work before. We give grand speeches outside of the Whitehouse. We spend thousands upon thousands of hours trying to inform the public through media. We take up arms and kill everyone we think might possibly be involved along with everyone suspected of being a sympathisizer. We go into war and kill each other on an even larger scale. So, what is the solution?

Does history hold the answer to this question at hand? I don't believe so. Otherwise we would not once again be in the same situation as the Romans so very long ago. I think it's time for us to do things completely differently then we have ever done in the past. To throw out the old and in with the new. How many people would actually be willing to try something new. Old habits are hard to break. People do not bare well in times of change.

So, in closing I would say this man's message really holds some validity. Whether, he is in with the "33" or not. If such a group exists and I do believe that there is some validity to that as well. Then his message really was not for the masses in hopes of saving them from the issue at hand. It would have been along the lines of a challenge to those who are awake and understanding that it is time to use our natural gifts, intellect and reasoning skills. To recognize that most people are walking dead and could not be of any use if you did try to wake them. Why? Because they're so lost in the abyss after spending a life time without questioning anything that they are way too far behind the learning curve to have hope to catch up before it's too late. Culling the herd may sound cold and yet, it makes perfect sense. When you realize that life does not end with the death of the body, then you have to say would it really matter in the end? Personally, it makes perfect sense to me. If, I have not figured out how to survive the plights we all face today, then by all means, I am willing to pass over and come back after a refresher course and do better next time.

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