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VIDEO: Did you know the ATF fired the first shot and killed the first person at WACO? WEEKS B4 FIRE

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 09:14 PM
Anyone think they would have treated radical muslims the same way?

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:35 AM
A few interesting facts about the Waco slaughter.

The MSM was confused from the very beginning. They did their usual Law Enforcement point of view, but even then they were questioning some of the facts presented by those in charge, as they began to notice some things didn't add up and it become clear that those running the initial operation (The ATF), were making big mistakes before the Raid ever began.

I haven't had time to look at your videos yet (I will eventually), but I do remember the initial ATF raid, where they attempted to sneak up in a few trucks with ladders to make 2nd floor entries as the first floors were known to be heavily fortified & thought to be guarded. They hadn't counted on and probably had never been fired back on, and thus all they knew how to do is retreat after a few were wounded bleeding, crying & pissing themselves as I recall. I'm not sure who took that initial video - perhaps MSM they invited along hoping to make themselves look good on TV that night.

The MSM had set up an encampment a few hours after the initial raid where Law enforcement decided was a safe distance from the siege and they were broadcasting video of the church compound on CNN & others 24/7. AT some point after the FBI took over the debacle that the ATF had created the MSM was forced to move several miles further away. The Feds said it was for their safety & so that those inside couldn't watch police action on TV, the FED's knew that all communications had been cut off including television in the compound.

The FBI had hoped that they had moved CNN & the rest of the MSM out of video range, so they could clean up the ATF's mess out of public view, but the MSM overcame that hurdle and brought in higher powered equipment. They may have made them move a couple of times.

In my opinion the FED's would of gone in much sooner had the MSM not been broadcasting live video feeds 24/7.The MSM really did a good job documenting the event, now that I look back. If such an event occurred today I'm certain the MSM would ether voluntarily shut off their cameras or the Feds would try to shut them down.

The FBI tortured those people by setting up huge high powered concert type of speakers as well as high powered multimillion candlepower spot lights to blast them with lights and sound so they couldn't get any sleep.

They specifically played "These boots are made for walking" by Nancy Sinatra that include lyrics One day you're gonna get burned and these boots are gonna walk all over you.

The Pizza boxes with listening devices the FBI sent in offer some other interesting pieces of info as I recall.

I watched the gas & fire attack live and was bothered by what I saw and even the MSM seemed to be angry that they wouldn't let the fire trucks in.

When WACO is mentioned today by the MSM they state x number of Koresh followers died without mentioning that the FBI cooked over 20 children in a fire that day.

In contrast when the MSM mentions the Oklahoma city bombing they always state the 6 children who died that day.

Of course supposedly some of the FBI agents & perhaps ATF too that were part of the WACO raid, were based out of the Federal Building in Oklahoma city which happens to be why that building was taken out as revenge against the federal agents who burned all the children to death in WACO. Tit for tat. Added - was a Ruby Ridge connection to that event as well as I recall.

Anyway that's what I remember for the moment without checking precise facts after 2AM this morning.
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