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The search for higher level intellectuals. The journey of enlightenment and some thoughts about the

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 12:57 AM
To start this off i'm going to give you some background on me so you understand my situation a little better.
I'm twenty one years old and i usually spend my time reading about a large array of topics. I love learning and i could sit for hours listening to someone speak about a topic so that i can learn. I make it a point to appreciate every single thing i have in my life because i know my time on this earth is short and the only thing that will ever remain is change. I am pretty introverted and i'm perfectly happy staying in doors then going out and partying.

I already feel like i don't fit in with most of my peers because most people my age are about partying and hooking up and the such. I dont really care about any of that. I just want to learn different things and become wiser to make myself a better person. I make it a point to always be humble. I know that i am not perfect and that i too have flaws that i try to work on.

My problem is that i feel like i have no one to relate to. To put it bluntly i feel like i have no one that i know who is as wise as me. That is why i love this site because reading through the topics and replies i can get a feel for the wisdom that many of these people have. I can feel the knowledge they are imparting and i love it. However, i can not find this in my every day life. Even older people who i have conversations with usually are not open minded enough or speak with bias or ignorance.

Many people come to me with their problems and i somehow always have an answer that makes everything right for them. Honestly, i really do not know how i know the things i say. I feel like its just there in me. I have considered a major in some kind of psychology based field because i seem to just deal really well with helping people with their issues. I always seem to have this deeper knowledge that i try to impart on the person with the problem.

Sometimes i feel like i am too wise for my age because i have no way to express or relate to anyone because anyone that i know will not absorb the true meaning of my words. If i tell someone something i can tell they absorb the knowledge that is on the top but they don't comprehend the deeper knowledge of what i really meant. it is becoming a problem because when it comes to my girlfriend she doesn't feel too well that i can't really explain to her sometimes what is upsetting me or what i'm feeling because i feel she won't really understand what i mean. She'll understand the basic concept but not the deeper levels of what is bothering me. so she feels left out of the loop. Of course that's not what i want but i just feel like if she wanted to understand my meaning and thoughts behind things she'd have to go on the path of wisdom which would have to start by her genuinely wanting it and not just learning it just to understand me.

I am starting to feel that there are certain levels of consciousness that are present in people. Some people have no interest in following the path to wisdom and live their life in ignorance and cause harm to others etc. There is another group who have some basic principals of wisdom and overall are good people but are still flawed by some ignorance. Then there are those who follow the path of wisdom who seek to understand why everything works. i am sure there are levels above that but at this time i wouldn't comprehend them. Of course this is a highly simplified version of what i think but i felt it was best to shorten it to prevent this post from being enormous.

Im looking for someone who can impart wisdom on to me which i find very rare. usually the lessons being passed down i've already understood them. Usually if i ask someone what they think about something i get a mediocre response or something that isnt really thought provoking. however, if i try to explain something to them they don't really follow me completely and don't understand my logic.

For example i find it hard to talk to someone who is so quick to yell at someone who did something that APPEARS dumb or someone who criticizes someone else who hasn't walked in their shoes.

A real example that happened to me was that my friend was driving and out of nowhere a car merged in front of us sort of abruptly causing us to break to avoid crashing. It wasnt really too big of a deal but my friend was calling him an idiot or what not. However, i know that personally when i drive in unfamiliar places i get very nervous and sometimes i misjudge my distance or the speed of the on coming car or maybe i'm lost and i really don't know where i'm going so i make a mistake. It's hard for me to take advice from someone who cannot yet put themselves in that persons shoes to understand maybe there was an acceptable reason why he did that. Of course that person's intent could have been to be a complete jerk but its best to at least look at other alternatives before calling that person an idiot.

I feel thats why this world has so many problems because people are so quick to judge. People don't take the time to empathize with someone else and really put themselves in their shoes to understand that persons actions. Of course there are times where you know that persons intentions were bad but at least analyze things with your mind instead of calling that person a moron right off the bat.

Anyways, I find it hard to express what i truly mean so i guess my question is do you feel like you can't communicate with others around you because you feel like they aren't wise enough to give you anything significant to think about or learn from? Can anyone else relate to what i'm talking about?

I hope that you all grasp what i am trying to say because i feel like i'm not very good at expressing what my problem is into words.

Thanks everyone and before i forget
happy new year!!!

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 01:25 AM

Originally posted by mischief2013
people are so quick to judge.

you are years ahead of your peers, never loose that hunger for knowledge you will find truth in the strangest places. and here at ats everyone is a mini judge the posters, staff everyone wants to judge each other without hearing the other person out even the mods are drunk with power deny ignorance more like spread ignorance

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 01:29 AM
No word of a lie OP, I'm just like you in every aspect. EVERY aspect. I'm only 19 and my post count on this site isn't that high, neither is my register time really, all I do is read the varying topic. There's a lot of bad ones, trust me, but the rare few you find it just opens.. 'Pandora's box' and stuff starts clicking. I'm just as humble as you, and look at the whole situation like how the other person is feeling while I'm feeling something different then them because of the problem we're in and I sympathize with them because there's no point in arguing or fighting, it gets you nowhere. I've accepted that what happens in life is what is meant to. Until each individual somehow stumbles upon that path, is when they'll understand. You can't sway anyone, they must learn in their own way as that's what life's about. You and I may be a bit.. 'quirky'? but we're all just the same. Suffice to say it'd be great to actually communicate with people I can relate to rather then just taking in the knowledge as it comes. But eh.. It ain't that big of a deal to me due to my astrology sign (Pisces-Aries cusp). I haven't much more to say then that but just to show that you aren't alone.

This may/may not help you in your journey as it did me just today! Profound stuff..

People like you and I are cooped up indoors, that's why you can't find em.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by mischief2013

There is no-thing to teach or learn. But for most, that process will be at the end of a cycle. Right back to the beginning, as it were

The knowledge we gather and.. "harness" in life mean very little in the grand scheme of things. At best, they are simply lost upon death. At worst, they trap us in our own minds as we pine endlessly for the freedom that is and always will be there.

If you search your own perspective, and not necessarily the "things" contained within it, many interesting lessons can be learned. This can only be done by you. Others concepts of "what is" can only bring one so far. Our own limited concepts of "what is" can only bring one so far.

Now, communication is always a fun topic to me. The problem with relaying any concept to another is the inherent limitations of language. Most even limit their own thoughts with spoken language. The simplest things can yield massive perspective differences. Even when using the word "chair," we both likely come up with something vastly different. Now, when we start linking sentences together into paragraphs, well, people will all have their own stories. On top of that, we have the limitation placed by pruning down concepts into the spoken language. These things all contribute to the breakdown of communication. But, if taken into context when talking with people, it can be used as a tool to explore how different we all really do "see the world."

edit: also, the title of the thread was cut off. i believe you get a limited amount of time to edit it, so wanted to let you know in case you would like to fix it while you can

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 03:16 AM
I can relate pretty much with every aspect of your post. Except that I'm a but younger, and have been through many different degrees and types of the social ladder. From being the jock in high school, to the drug addict in my first year of college, to the reclusive and depressed loner in my second year of college. And now that I'm in my third year I'm looking for a new identity, but have been hard pressed to decide. A lot of names and situations change, but the feelings rarely do.

It's just like you say, "I want to meet someone who is wise and understands my emotion and meaning behind the language". And that's true of any situation, we all want to naturally be guide in the "right direction" (more feminist), whereas males tend to want to keep the ones that care about from going the "wrong direction". But the only difference is instead of valuing facial structure, being accepted by a large group, body mechanics, just want one person to accept you unconditionally and guide you into a deeper state of awareness that you call wisdom. And this isn't to say your feminine, because I would much like the same thing, everyone needs a fatherly figure (real or imagined) before they can lead and protect others, themselves.

I do get that "I value and understand more important things than other people" type attitude that you speak about, and wish I could find someone who even remotely saw way the things I do...but I haven't really yet. Although I do advise talking to elderly people (grandparents if you have some) because most think in the same ways we do...humility, strong foundational beliefs, and willingness to listen, understand, and share without fear of what you think about them. As for psychology, right now I'm getting my undergrad in it before I go to med school and take residence as a psychiatrist. And I actually enjoy reading my text books most times. I was a year into a degree in civil engineering, but honestly I feel that helping other directly is much more up my alley, and if your like me you wont want to get a degree in less just because of a little money.

And because the we know, that we know more than others, you can either do two things with that knowledge. You either exploit it or you understand that the only thing that matters is the well being of others. If we are already have sufficient knowledge then I feel it's our duty to rescue others from the cycle of emotions they experience as a result of the piss poor values system our society fails at trying to teach. Because being wise isn't necessarily about how much you know, it's about a certain state of mind that allows you to experience and control things on a much greater level.

Enough of my rambling though. I'm still pretty drunk and when I read your line about how nervous you get when driving unfamiliar places I was like "This guy, man....he knows what I was just going through by dodging cops down dirt roads" haha

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 04:28 AM
Hey I, and others I guess, can totally relate to that.
I've almost been around for, only, 22 years and yet, there are things, obvious as light of day that some people simply cannot see.

The veil between point A, where person X is and point B, where you are is SO THIN.
Yet, you cannot give someone a simple answer.
Our wisdom is partially a product of a lot of reading and listening, computer-like information gathering.
Like robots we scavenge these boards.
But that is only recent.
--(therefore your intheknow level, haha
, might be a lot higher than most, remember, if our parents wanted to learn something on their own outside of school they had to go to the library and god knows what mistruths they would have gotten there in the relative endless amounts of time to get it)--
We've had years of live-experience prior to our minds being tuned to topics never conceived of before.

So we check out our experiences of the past with our, current state of wisdom-check-list next to it and learn.
See and understand what has happened, answers appear to questions from childhood you didn't even remember you had.

Still you're growing as the ever-changing being you are and come across things relevant to this day and age.
That is....If you don't get distracted by all the sensory input.

Now, in comes a person with which you create a bond.
You call this person your girlfriend or boyfriend and together with that tilte comes a set if unspoken imaginary, IMO zombie like, rules and regulations.
One of these is the notion of being supposed to 'KNOW' your counterpart.
While your girlfriend follows these lines perfectly and is able to tell how you'd like your coffee you on the other hand find yourself in a world of such size and wonder that coffee and girlfriend become irrelevant.

This is being felt on the other side and indeed people will feel like they are being left out of the loop.
I experience this with 'my girlfriend' to the point where I, for her sake, want to break up with her.

I think we might be a generation that isn't either going to conform or die because of the excess to different (global) perspectives through the use of Internet.
This could also be a trap,,, just keep us Thinking we arent

But, I think bottom line, Turbulent times + easy acces to people/info = early wisdom.
And young as we are, we still have a lot of old tards running around, TAKE THAT OLDIES!, who are not (yet) even slightly interested in seeing how they have been living half their live's as directed by others.

all the best all the time to all the people.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 04:39 AM
I was told a long time ago that most people are a bit slower in the mind than I and the person I was talking to was. It would be easy to think of lots of people as being idiots or not too bright. I'd rather think of them as not having all the neural connections some of us have so they constantly repeat mistakes and do things that look stupid. Anyone may develop some stupid habits of their own if we don't think about what we are doing. For instance a few people picked up on a fact that I would sometimes ask questions that I already knew the answer to. They wondered why and thought I was trying to find out if others knew the correct answer. Maybe so, maybe I just wanted to let them voice their opinion so that they feel better about the situation so I'm not telling them the solution all the time. Maybe I have at times found it difficult to find someone to relate to as well.

As far as watching other drivers on the road, half the population may be half asleep, a few on drugs, a few are really stupid, some are wild and reckless, and some are so slow in their thinking and driving it could drive you crazy. I just try to obey the law and get to one place or another without ticking anyone off or getting upset myself in the process. Life is too short to worry about everyone else. Getting angry doesn't do anything to the other stupid drivers, it just raises your blood pressure and makes your own health get worse. Relax, let the other fast drivers get ahead of you. You aren't really losing that much time in getting somewhere are you? We need to think about what is important in life instead of worrying about all the little trivial things even if someone just cut you off in traffic.

There is also the possibility that some people feel better venting their anger calling other drivers idiots, stupid etc. etc. As long as they aren't confronting the other drivers or getting into a road rage driving episode it's not hurting the other drivers. It only hurts themselves and anyone who has to listen to all of it. I sometimes find it amusing hearing about others road rage driving episodes. Some people turn driving back and forth into an adventure instead of just a road trip.

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 04:51 AM
You are just ahead in the mental areas. I know how you feel because I feel like I am in the same situation as you. I love to learn and I love gaining the wisdom and knowledge, but when I look around at the people that I am with. They seem to only care in the here and now, by partying, or cramming for their next test.
I realize that schoolwork is also important, but after looking at how short life is, I feel like that isn't everything to life, and I just want to embrace everything in life as much as I can.
I understand how you feel completely. Another reason why I like this forum a lot.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 05:34 AM
Dont worry. There are many introverts like you.. Here is how I started to dig deep into my own self. I was always so happy, cheery, and always felt alive, until I reached 13. I had to move to Los Angeles County. For years now, I've just hated the concrete jungle. I've always stayed home. All I've had is the internet really. So, I started to think that everyone is just dumb, and all the pointless # they do is just pointless, just as the pointless masses say themselves when they keep referring to everything they do as #.

Anyway, perhaps you were alone enough and less disturbed enough to gain this level of understanding and comprehension. I know what you mean when you talk about deeper comprehension, and how so many dont get what you say. Everyone has been trained to be shallow. Everyone says what they like, or what they like to do, or where they like to live and such, without actually going so far deep as to say why, what feelings are associated with it, what the end goal is to have such likes or dislikes, etc..

You are a deep, introvert, and that gives you a strong character. Of course, you may appear weak to yourself sometimes, but believe me and yourself, if the opportunity comes for you to truly bring yourself out, you will excel at it and be incredibly perfect at it too. Being so introverted makes you strong and immune to many fears, immune to being hypnotized, brainwashed, tortured, pain, etc.. But then again, that does also make you a poser when you choose to be social..

Anyway, dont worry, you are superior to your peers and to the ignorant citizens around you. Keep yourself focused, and try finding an incredible place where you can bring yourself out and push yourself to the limits.. Have a strong mind or strong will? Become a detective, join the CIA or SWAT team, and try to push yourself so far from there so that you may become a world power.

Best of luck to you... My friend. And dont feel left out, I myself am only 17 years old.
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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 06:36 AM
Sounds literally EXACTLY like me. This gives me hope that we can make a difference despite how many people are still sleeping. In other words not awoken as of yet. Also weird that another poster in this thread is 19 just like me. Keep it up guys. Times are changing.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by mischief2013

Well yours is a big post. So I will have to break it down into pieces. Thank god you exist. Sometimes I know I mustn't generalise but sometimes teenagers irritate me so good for you.

"My problem is that i feel like i have no one to relate to. To put it bluntly i feel like i have no one that i know who is as wise as me. That is why i love this site because reading through the topics and replies i can get a feel for the wisdom that many of these people have. I can feel the knowledge they are imparting and i love it. However, i can not find this in my every day life. Even older people who i have conversations with usually are not open minded enough or speak with bias or ignorance."

One problem is one of loneliness and isolation. Yes people can be in relationships but can still be lonely. I suggest that you make plans to move somewhere more convivial like a major city where the odds are stacked for you to meet like-minded souls. I do not know much about the current state of psychology degrees but I have been told that rats and mazes can be boring. The really interesting stuff comes as a postgraduate. You may also consider first training as a counsellor or psychotherapist. Something that is more practical and can more easily give you a salary. I am urging caution about making a huge financial commitmnt at a time when many are questioning the degree factory.

You have to be very selective in reading ATS as there is a lot of dross around. Not bashing ATS it is what it is.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by mischief2013

.......Im looking for someone who can impart wisdom on to me which i find very rare. usually the lessons being passed down i've already understood them. ......

Grow a mustache. People will follow your orders/request and won't ask questions.

Without a mustache they will second guess your request and blow you off.

Try leaving your mustache on for 6 months and see how people act. Then shave it off for 6 months and see how people act.

The human mind conceives a mustache bearing person as being intelligent. Your life experience will be better with one. My .02 cents for the day.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 09:09 AM
My advice: - this is a Journey you must make alone - give up fretting about wether people are ever going to 'get you' or not.

It is between you and the universe - and you need to leave all social constructs behind, if you are able, doesn't mean stop dealing with people - only recognise what it is that you are dealing with.

It is an inconcievably difficult journey to make - and you will of course fail - but then we are all in the same boat!

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 04:57 PM
It'd be so much easier if we were recruited to the top powers huh?

Oh and do not move to a major city. Your soul will die. Stay near the woods and make sure you can afford a huge house for like incredibly cheap. Thats life not a crappy apartment in a polluted, disgusting, loud, and noise city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by mischief2013

I'm only replying to this because you remind me of myself at that age. So, I will impart the views I believe would have been important for me to develop at that point.

I've tried Magick, Philosophy, Traditional Religion and the Psychological arts and in each of them I've found nothing but obfuscations and illusion. I saw clearer when I knew less. Now there is dross - there was far less then. Nothing can be discovered by going 'out' always look in. I'm not saying this to devalue education but to highlight the importance of what's within.

My quest to understand detachment nearly destroyed it. That sublime detachment allows me to see clearly and gives me the room I need to think. The greatest good I can do for others is to perfect myself, so I can teach by example instead of relying on patchwork philosophy and cleverly crafted words. Tricking a weaker will into submission with words, the illusions of power and real power are not the same thing. The former are the tools of our leaders, prophet and banker priests. They are not the concern of someone devoted to a higher dream.

No matter the system employed the result is always the same. Psychology, Magick, Philosophy, when one becomes adept the system is nothing more than a mirror that allows them to see what elements are at play within them, name them and attribute to them a cause. With this information they intelligently create and re-create themselves within the systems ability to explain and name the forces at play. You probably understand this much already. You're probably beginning to intuit that within this lies the seed of something else.

Being adept at a system does not make one an Adept in its truest sense. Knowing one system well means you've learned your limitations well. There will always be a point you cannot get beyond, information that system doesn't account for and therefore gets deleted before you get the chance to take notice. The system, the way of understanding causes reality to be edited in accordance with belief. This is how you have greatly differing levels of consciousness co-existing with one another, each completely convinced that what they see is real life. Most people, and I mean 99.99999% (myself included) just cannot see otherwise. Even when we learn we are just expanding the limitations we have imposed, not removing them.

To believe in anything is to be trapped by it. Truth is self sustaining and self evident. If you believe then it will never be the truth you see. The Adept in the truest self has nothing of the fractured multitude of screaming heads we're possessed with. To a normal person it would seem that within him is nothing. When he deals with a person he becomes that person, feels as they feel, thinks as they think. He can only do this because he is empty. He's like a blank canvas that can duplicate any image and see its course run. He seems to know things but he really knows nothing. He sees without judgement, detached and impartial. He understands physical events are not important, their roots have another cause within the person and it is this the adept sees.

There are two paths.

One leads to power and success in the eyes of other men and a healthy self assured ego convinced it has found its place in life.

The other leads to a sublime abyss where everything is taken and nothing given back.

There is one secret and the answer has to be what you can see right now - you're just not seeing it but at least now you know why.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by Pervius

Well not everyone thinks as you do re moustache. When i see a face with moustache or beard all i can focus on is hygiene or the probability of the lack of it due to trapped foods and odours. Facial hair does not connect to intellect for me at all. I just wish they would shave it off.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by Imhotepsol
reply to post by mischief2013

There are two paths.

One leads to power and success in the eyes of other men and a healthy self assured ego convinced it has found its place in life.

The other leads to a sublime abyss where everything is taken and nothing given back.

There is one secret and the answer has to be what you can see right now - you're just not seeing it but at least now you know why.

I believe there's a middle path too. I'm pretty sure I'll find it too.

But, OP, you don't have to be alone. I'm very much the same way, but younger (19). Use your brains to help others see what you think they're not looking at. They may or may not listen, but eventually you'll find someone, especially if you're in college. You also seem like you're dangerously close to looking down on people because they don't think like you, almost like you feel as though you're superior. Nobody likes a bourgeois attitude! Participate in the life you feel they are living wrong! You only have one to live! Becoming a recluse will only magnify any negative feelings you have. I socialize and party but my friends wouldn't think twice about reading the things I read or even coming to this site (most of the stuff on ATS is downright retarded I think, but like you said there are some interesting things). Most of them don't really think about the war from an Afghani, Iraqi, or Palestinian point of view. It probably has more to do with personality than intelligence though. My advice to you is don't spend the majority of your time on here--reading too much into some of the topics will drive you crazy! I lurk and post every now and then and get a book about something I saw on here. Socialize! Try a drink or a shroom or a bud! But please don't go killing things!

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 01:40 AM
Not to sound trollish but I never suggested a middle path. Such a thing does not and cannot exist except in the mind of the new-agers who make fortunes off rehashing the ideas of others in their own very basic and misunderstood words. If you believe you have found a middle path my friend or you believe yourself to be on the cusp of it you are mistaken and like so many others will fall into that oldest of arcane traps.

If you read my post you would understand that it is not about becoming anything. It is about seeing what you already are - not what your beliefs, ideas and social conditioning have trained you to be.

Lastly if he appears arrogant or dismissive, as many other people who seek wisdom tend to be, to you and others like you that is because you do not see. You see the world as having the potential to be perfected the way it is, you see others as being theoretically equal, that does not mean that is how life is. You are also subject to the same descent into arrogance that you accuse the OP of. "Use your brains to help others see what you think they're not looking at." If that is not arrogance I do not know what is.

People are inherently innocent because of their ignorance but that does not mean they get a free pass from the consequences of their actions. If they realise what they are doing and still pursue it they will be destroyed from the inside by the very knowledge they have exploited and attempted to keep.

There is no way to get so far and stop. You can delay progress to suit your own agenda for only so long before you are forced to see the error of your ways. Mystics, Hermits and eccentrics seek solitude so they can learn to distinguish themselves from the rabble.

You also say "Participate in the life you feel they are living wrong! You only have one to live! Becoming a recluse will only magnify any negative feelings you have."

The hermitage has always and will always play a very important part in the self creation (or initiation) of man. Think of it like this. Would it be easier for you to study for an examination in silence with only the information you're trying to learn at hand in a focused environment or to do it while out partying all week long and not bothering to attend your course at all? The latter is exactly what you are suggesting. It is stupid and irresponsible to suggest that a person seeking wisdom within by immersing yourself in rabble is at all helpful. That is where I would expect a normal 19 year old boy to be at which is exactly where you are so it's alright.

This guy is not even a normal 21 year old, hell he's not even a normal 60 year old by any standards.

Lastly as to your mature sagely advise "Try a drink or a shroom or a bud! But please don't go killing things! "

Once again I will start out by pointing out the stupidity and immaturity of this comment. You take shrooms and become convinced you are having mystical trips. You smoke weed and believe it gives you access to shamanistic states. Although these things work they do not work for you. If they did we would have a world full of stoners who are enlightened instead we have a lot of burn outs instead. Again this isn't your fault it is all you know. Allow me to explain.

In times past when these drugs were used by priesthoods or the initiates amongst men they were used for a specific reason only after they had been sufficiently been trained. It takes a strong mind to use drugs for their intended purpose a weak mind becomes drunk on glimpses of other paradises and is easily lost in the noise. When someone trained uses those substances they give life to the the knowledge inside of them. For this to work their understanding of what they're experiencing must be clear and verified through trial after trial. It doesn't matter if you intellectually understand it it must be verified again and again from experience.

When this is complete these drugs allow one to go inside and become totally immersed. They see themselves, the ideas, egos and structures they've formed as tangible things and are able to interact with them to produce real and profound changes within a short period of time. The Initiate himself understands the purpose of drugs is to illuminate within himself, again this is something his hermitage would have taught him. The Initiate would have understood that without the foundation he meticulously built that he would not be able to preserve himself against the rapid influx of new concepts and ideas let alone integrate them fully into his internal life.

Until a man has done all of these things and understands their value he has no business postulating himself as a teacher of men. He is at best an ignorant charlatan looking for either an ego boost or a quick buck from someone even more ignorant than himself.

I do not mean to come across as harsh. I do not like when people take one section of something I've written and make a wrong judgement based upon it. If you had read the start of my answer to the OP you would understand that.
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posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by Imhotepsol

I suggested a middle path...for myself. I don't want to argue with you about paths because we can't prove opinions, now can we? Also, nothing in my post was arrogant. At all. He said he thinks people don't see what he sees. I said show them what you think they aren't seeing. As in, show them what you(the OP) see and they miss, according to you (the OP). You managed to falsely portray me as a typical, ignorant, drug abusing 19 year old who doesn't go to class. I guess.

As for the rest of my suggestions, that's all they are. Studying with people who are studying the same subject as you is even better than the parties! Maybe a study party? Why would I tell someone who is obviously looking for some kind of direction to do so alone? Even Jesus had teachers.

And lighten up. Those last two sentences are obviously jokes, one based on current events. Sorry that you misunderstood my post. You don't seem harsh, but it is condescending. With that attitude loneliness is your only option.

Most importantly this thread is not about me and the things that you assumed incorrectly about me.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by mischief2013

True wisdom begins with humility.
You can learn more from a child,
Than any intellectual.
Use your intelligence wisely and you will see
That intelligence isn't everything.

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