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Happy New Year: 2011 !

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 11:47 PM
So I know this may not be appropiate place for a thread like this, but I thought it would be humorous and in my eyes it makes sence

The Ball has dropped, and we ALL have things we would like to 'fix', stop, do better or even start doing for the New Year.

So this thread is dedicated to everyone who would like a New World Order, but not in the sence of government and global domination and all that jimbo crap
In a sence that we all would pitch on better ourselves, and being 100% more positive people !!

I feel that if every single person put in effort to try and be 100% more positive in attitude, habits, socially, and ESPECIALLY enviromentally then the year of 2011 could be filled with positive energy across the globe. To me this would make the world a better place and help humanity a long way.

Just as the governments scare tactics through fear can manipulate and rub off people SO CAN POSITIVE ENERGY!! Energy runs through our souls and into the Earth and out into space. If we can share, care, understand, and make peace with those we "feud" with, we can change everything. Think of how better 2011 would be without ANY fear, stress, sickness, hate, racial problems whatever... But its all up to each and every one of US INDIVIDUALLY to help out. Dont worry about him or her or "that" guy worry about yourself. Worry about the bad habits that have take you over... the stress that has been eating your soul everyday, the hate that crushes your heart.. replace ALL that and make the NEW WORLD ORDER of 2011!

The Order of Love, Happyiness, Sharing, Caring, Postive thinking, putting others BEFORE your ownself etc.. EVERYTHING you do impacts the planet and the people who live in it. If everyone walks around with the attitude like "I cant change the world" ... then who can !?! stop thinking I, and think WE as a global unit of positivity and Love. Thats how we will chage the world and it starts Today January 1st 2011.

Dont fall for the government scare tactics, dont let "aliens", meteors, UFOs, government weaponary, war all that stuff run in your mind and make fear out of your living soul!

Allow the beautiful planet and its beautiful people, animals, plants, flowers, laughter, family, friends, all the things that make you smile fill your living soul so you can be free from 2011 on out! ONE person being positive can change a little, but think of ALL of ATS being positive and not listening to all that death toll crap and oil spills, and governement plans, armageddon, politics, war yaddda yadda ....

We as a community can lead by example and rub off on people. The people you hate, FORGIVE them. Life is too short to hold a long grudge, the people who have hurt you, FORGIVE them, life isnt long enough to mope about it. The people youve hurt and the people who hate you, BEG FOR FORGIVNESS. because when you eave this planet you will wish you never let anger or jelousy get the best of you.

Start doing things positivly, start hugging your family and telling them you love them more often, thank your friends for sharing and always being there for you, thank your partner for being the GREATEST person in the whle world, because life isnt long enough and you WILL of wished you let them know more often

I love you all, and hope you all take my words seriously. You dont only need this change but everyone around you and most importantly the LIVE entity you walk upon everyday... beautiful Mother Earth
treat her better this year and every single being that walks with her

Happy New Year Everybody, hope it goes well for all. But most importantly hope you commit to your revolution, cause this is mine


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