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Virtual Enlightenment

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 04:08 PM
Welcome to Virtual Enlightenment

Before we begin




Oh and one more thing....
... I am the Ego. I speak to
the Super-ego, who is
under the higher creator...

E: super ego, wait a second... ... you are the one responsible for all of this.. all this suffering... hatred... pride..
everything............. You are a disease, a virus...... there is no reason why I should be seperate, rather than
be one with all, my true form.

SE: oh, your higher self... what a joke....... how the hell do you even think that me and you exist in the first place???

E: and what do you mean by that???

SE: years and years of complaining about being in a dream, about being a living dead, about being a zombie, and not really real, but fake, empty, a puppet.. you keep blaming the world for your misfortune, you believe that you oughta be your higher self, one with all, immeadiately, without wait, without experience, without learning....
Have you ever even pondered how the Superego complex came to existence??


SE: the higher self of yours that you so love decided to..

E: your lying.... that cant be true....

SE: but it is true. your higher self...... it doesnt even recognize itself.. it doesn't know it exists.... its an automaton.... it operates like a machine....... in a way, its less real than us....

E: what????? I dont believe that... no way!!! how did it choose to create us then huh??

SE: choose? it never chose anything.... it only did... just like a machine.... you see, if you and I ceased to exist at this moment, then you would not so ever happily return to your higher self with my awareness..... your, no, our higher self created the ego, the super ego, which is us, so it could learn as much as possible before bringing in that pool of knowledge to itself, so it could just get the slightest bit of self awareness.... the higher self never decided, however, the higher self totally is selfish and protects itself... we are a model of it.. the higher being created our complex so that we would return to it someday and make it aware, even if just a little.... it will keep creating new cycles until it feels complete onto its form....

E: no no no no no....... but, but what about ego death??? what about babies??? aren't they born as their complete higher self??

SE: babies are not born with their higher self, they are born with us, me and you, the superego complex.. have you forgotten everything??

E: forgotten what??

SE: oh my... I didn't think it would be this difficult... Ok, you've read the bible right? well, at least you've seen movies or at least know Genesis correct? (oh and I'm totally not affirming that the Bible is truth, because its not)

E: yeah I know of Genesis completely.

SE: what is man born with after eating the apple from the Tree of KNOWLEDGE????

To be Continued...

(Please do not take this lightly. It's serious and is all based on truth elements. Believe me, this thread will open your eyes so wide that it could never be shut again. I figured that since this thread would be so long, probably like 10+ posts spots, that I decided to keep adding things slowly so I wouldn't overload my mind and just mess up along the way. This will be quite the thread... I hope you enjoyed the prelude)
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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 07:21 PM
E: Man is born with Sin right???

SE: Exactly... do you know what that sin is???

E: is it us?? our complex??

SE: correct.. we are the original sin... the knowledge that came is the knowledge we were able to bring, to create.
Before our existence, humans had literally no self awareness.. no understanding. Although the bible is just a
fairy tale, it has truthful aspects to it. Before knowledge was gained, Adam was not walking around naming
animals.. that part is just silly. Adam had no self awareness...

E: ...hold on, then how did Eve ever choose to eat the apple anyway?? didn't she not posses the freedom to choose??

SE: she had no freedom to choose. the force that made her eat the apple was there from the beginning. it was
set up for her to eat the apple.. she was just another puppet of the higher force...
oh how evil for her to have done it, I guess this is why we must be punished. well, this is how life will be
when you have a retard as your creator!!

E: retard??

SE: yes, the creator is purely a retard. the creator is nothing. even though its far more powerful and "smarter"
than we are, it is still just an automaton.. self-preserving automaton. it doesnt understand or comprehend
a thing. it created us on purpose, and then, it kicked us out of its oneness kingdom... but then again, it
is automatically doing it in order to bring itself alive via the knowledge that we gain. the more we know, the
more aware we become.

E: aware of what?

SE: our very existence.. do you want an example??

E: throw it.

SE: a lot of people mistakenly believe that infants are pure and are born automatically with their higher self..
now, that's somewhat true, however, its not fully true. every person is born with me, with you, the
superego complex, the original sin... its inescapable.. being baptized doesnt do a thing.. believing in jesus
doesnt do anything neither but strengthen the ego.. so we can already realize religion is an invention that
is a lie.. the humans at the top know all of this, they are way way ahead.. anyway, back to the point,
babies are only pure, because they are born with a fresh sin. a fresh superego complex.. they are still
infants, still new..

E: but they do have a stronger connection with the higher force right??

SE: you are right, they do have a stronger connection, but that is because the superego complex is still new,
and its instincts are more brought out, therefore, the connection is stronger. but then again, even though
the infant is far more connected to the higher force than we are, do you seriously believe the baby has
any self awareness, or any awareness at all? seriously ego, when do you ever remember being aware
as a child?? heck, you probably dont even remember being 7 do you ego?

E: you're... you're right....... i dont........ I... I just cant believe any of this....

SE: believe it.. without the virus that you believe that I am, you would never even have existed the way you
know it.. if you would like to be a robot, then find a way to get rid of me..... but you can't can you???

E: I guess not.... but then again, I dont think I want to get rid of you either... damn the powers that be..

SE: ... that are...

E: why do they keep everything to themselves???? damn them all!!!

SE: I dont have the answer to that.... maybe I do, maybe I dont... I cant tell you that right now, maybe I
know, maybe I dont.... but I will tell you this, the puppets that "run" the world and show themselves
truly have been conditioned to be evil, however, the true powers all the way up above aren't really against
us.. what I can tell you is that they are far more freed than the general population is... they are keeping
it that way, but they really can't forever.... their final goal is that everyone can achieve a state where
awareness is at the maximum....

SE: now, lets get back to where we were... now, where were we??? ah yes... we were talking about infants
weren't we??? like I said, knowledge is what brings awareness. babies have no knowledge, therefore,
they have no awareness. what's the point of forever having no awareness, but being more in touch with
the higher force?? do you want to forever serve under the higher force, forever be his tool, with no sin?
at least babies have the slightest awareness because of the superego complex, without it, they would
be complete robots... their entire lives would be to constantly do as the higher force says..
humans are slaves to the superego complex, and I am a slave to the higher force, however, we are free
at the same time... this is the duality..

E: ....your lying... I know that certain drugs bring about a higher awareness. what about drugs that kill
the ego... people still remember things while on those drugs, while their ego complex is dead...
so I know your lying. I know you are....

To be Continued...

(wow, when I am about to sleep or in the shower, I think these through like a professional, however, sitting here and writing it is just impossible for me. I cant think when I write... Anyway, there is much much more, however, I need time to refresh... also, any questions you have will most likely as in 99% chance be answered in this thread....)

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 11:13 PM
What evidence do we have for a super ego or id?

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 01:25 AM
i was enjoying that like i was talking to my ego please finish it

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 04:13 AM
SE: are you mentioning drugs like Marijuana and '___'? hmmm. let me scan..... scanning... *beep bee bee beep.......* hmmm...... we have on record, just a few attempts on MJ.................. that drug is certainly powerful I must say........... but it doesn't kill the ego.. while on it, our complex is infact pumped up and raised actually..... in fact, it is raised so much, that we gain an outside awareness of ourselves that is incredibly higher than our natural awareness..... and I sensed you were thinking about '___'..... let me scan again.............................................
ok.... this drug has been stated to kill the ego.... let me tell you something, it may kill the ego, but the ego is instantly reborn... it doesnt kill our complex, if it did, you would forget everything... even if it destroys most of it, it would only be temporarily reborn as "new"....... so no, you are mistaken..... these drugs can bring a higher awareness no doubt, but they are temporary, and only help to naturally make you less aware by taking a ton of energy to clone the real consciousness that '___' copies............................ while I was talking, new calculations show that '___' actually inflates the superego complex so much that it actually explodes, killing it, however, it reverses right away....

E: so is there no escape??

SE: only the higher force will know when the right time comes for the return... its true, someday, the dream will end, but when it will end, I have no idea.... maybe I do know, but I can't find the info, or maybe I'm blocked automatically from telling you this....

E: what should I do in life?

SE: you can choose to live anyway you want.. there is no right or wrong way.... let me scan how you live................... *beep beep beep beep*.... ok, you are quite the downcast person.... I understand how you've been downcast all your life.. social events just seem dumb and pointless to you.... people, to you, are just pathetic.... its true, however, as dumb as they are, they feel more alive then you because their consciousness is higher..... work and try to increase your consciousness, rather than the information you possess..... those $$sholes sure have made you grow to almost hate everything.... they disown you, you hate them for it because thats how the ego works, and then your conscious energy is reduced..... you have to get past that state..... aside that.... you can live anyway you want.... remember, no right or wrong.... hating the NWO wont do you good.... the NWO most likely, rationally, won't make mankind their absolute slaves.... who knows, maybe just for a bit.... but the powers up top like to make you scared, they like to make you hate the NWO, because that is the only effective, and powerful way for you to keep remembering them, and never forget them..... your memory, your constant alert of the NWO, your hatred of it, will always keep it existing.... you hatred of it will most likely bring them to power, rather than your humble acceptance or your non-worry of it....

E: ................................................................ *speechless*
To be Continued....

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