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What is the strangest unexplainable possibly paranormal event that you have experienced first hand?

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 12:07 PM
Ok my turn again.
This is again a true story. Although my sister has never admited in so many words that everything was true and happened the same way as I remember it... my mother told me that sis said largely the same thing to her after this incident.
Please forgive the mention of what some call Christianity... I am a Christian and although I don't see demons under every rock like some... I have come to accept the reality of these type of experiences and they no longer surprise me.

Anyway. My sisters husband - just after they were married... had a business trip to go on... my parents were on a vacation or something to the Caribbean and I was feeling sick... was off of school and all.
My parents thought it would be a great idea that I could keep my sister company and she could look after me while I was under the weather.
Anyway... never read John Grisham novels when feeling sick because you will end up having nightmares and hallucinations of lawyers chasing you all night long when your running a fever.

Anyway... at one point in the night the lawyers left me alone for a moment and I was looking in what seemed like a porthole of a ship.. sitting on the wall of the room I was in (in my dream) in the porthole I could see a man or something standing at the foot of the bed of my sister... I do remember knowing a bit about that anyway.
I remember vaguely that it was scaring her but she wasn't doing anything about it.
Well I made a sound or said something because the thing looked at me at this point and growled or something.
As a Christian that is a real believer I know I have authority in the name of Jesus. I went to a good church way back when... I just did the usual thing of shouting out loud in my dream when I felt this thing get oppressive against me... I said I bind you in the name of Jesus. Get out of here now!
Well poof and the thing was gone. I found myself awake and alert and sitting upright in the guest bedroom of my sisters house and my fever was gone. I only kinda remembered the strange dreams I just had and I was half wondering if I shouted out loud in my sleep just then or not.

About 5 or 10 min later after I woke up - my sister came into the room to check on me... as she had done off and on since I got there. Well she just asked if I was ok and I said yes... and she brought me something to drink and left me alone.

About a month later I came home from school after my sister was leaving the house... I asked my mom how she was doing and she was the one that asked me about that night at the house. I could not remember of hand what she was talking about and asked her what she meant. Well... as my sisters husband was leaving he was picking badly on my sister and since they just moved into the house and were newly married he had her terrified of ghosts in the house (it was a strange house with locks on the outside of the doors inside the place) and the thought of someone breaking in and attacking her... well this put my sister in a bit of a state of fear and the next thing she remembers was waking up in the middle of the night and someone was standing at the foot of her bed.
She was too scared to scream or shout or anything... the man came closer to the bed and she didn't know what to do... when all of a sudden she told my mom that at that point my voice was shouting from the next room - Get out - I bind you in the name of Jesus... get out. or something to that effect. The thing left immediately - she turned on the lamp near the bed and when she felt brave enough she got up... searched the room - no one there of course... and came down the hall to check on me... was quite surprised to find me wide awake and feeling better.

My wife an I years later mentioned this incident to her since I had talked about it with others over the years. My sister only nodded and got quiet and never said yes or no to any of it happening... but I took that as an acknowledgement that it was at least partly what she remembered as well.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 12:53 PM
I experience a lot when through my dreams.

A little backstory: My grandmother & I had a very close relationship & since her death a couple years ago, she has appeared to me in several dreams. When she was alive, she lived in a single family ranch style home with my aunt & my cousin. Before my aunt & cousin moved in to help her with the bills, she lived there by herself. And, before that, she lived there with her parents. She has always slept in the same room.

So, back to the dream...
For whatever reason, I was house-sitting for my aunt & cousin. They have a dog, and I had just recently brought the dog in from being outside. As I stood in the living room, I could hear their phone ring. I didn't answer it, and figured the machine would just pick it up. The machine did pick it up & I could hear the person talking into the answering machine & all they were saying was "Cassie! Cassie! Cassie! (my name)" I wandered down the hallway to where the sound was coming from - my grandmother's old room.

As I stepped over the threshhold from the hall to her room, in REAL LIFE I woke up from my dream to the sound of my computer speakers going through some sort of power surge: WOOOOOHHH WOOOOHHHHHHHH WOOOOOHHHHHH WOOOOHHHHHHH. It was like they were on highest volume setting & the sound pulsating from the speakers would not stop. The only thing that worked was when I pulled the plug.

Needless to say, I am 100% sure she was trying to make contact with me. While I was frightened at the time, it made me smile to know that she was checking in to say 'hello.'

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:53 PM
Well since forever I've experienced the paranormal. To state just a few: >>1.Just two weeks before my uncle was shot I dreamed of it and warned my family of what was gonna happen. He ended up being grazed by a bullet in the arm. 2. Just two days before a co-worker of my mom lost her baby to a miscarriage I had dreamt of it, and told my mom. 3.Before my mother herself lost my would-be sibling to a failed pregnancy, in every dream I had I had a little sister who would have been the age she was in my future-tense dreams had he/she been born following the time of when my mom was pregnant. 4. Prior to despiteful and/or turbulent events in my life I can feel that something unusual is gonna occur. 5. I happen to have an activated pineal-gland which is known as the spiritual gateway to the paranormal dimension.And it is very rare for the average being to have this, it is considered the final step before enlightment, and to most it is considered enlightment itself. 6.Lets just say that I can go on forever but I have come to terms with my capabilities and I no longer see them as a curse but as a blessing and I see myself as chosen and its ironic because Iwas near-death when I was born and one day the doctors told my mom there was no hope, and the next they were telling her how soon i would be going home. No joke...Believe.
edit on 19-3-2011 by DanecaGMallette because: I had he?she instead of he/she. And Ididnt finish one of my sentences before going to the next so it didnt really make sense to what I was trying to say.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:55 PM
Since I was a child I have been plagued by nightmares of people I love dying. One I had most often was the most real feeling one I can remember and I started having it when I was 8, I remember that specificaly because my sister had just had her first birthday and the morning after I first had this dream, the moment I woke up I went and got her out of her crib just to hold and love on her. Right after that we moved to a different house so I know I was 8. In this dream my Mom was relentlessy searching for my younger sister. It was so strange, the 'scene' always took place in our front yard but there were all these big brick buildings instead of the houses. Replacing our front yard were 2 huge multi layer staircases so it was like spiriling up into the sky, I sometimes helped her search for her and we would just climb up and down all these stairs trying to find her and feeling a great sense of sadness. When I was in my early 20's I had that dream for the last time but that time we found her. In the dream my Mom, my sister and I got into a van and began driving around just talking and Mom and I telling her how much we loved her and were so happy to have her back. Out of nowhere the road ended and the front half of our van ran off a cliff. Dangling there we tried to break out the back window to escape but it wouldnt budge. I distinctly remember us talking about that window being too small as if it was a jeep window or something. So instead we cut the roof around the back window because to our amazement it was canvas. My Mom and I both got out but my sister wouldnt climb out with us. As we yelled and cried begging her to climb out to us the van started falliong over the cliff. My Mom and I stood in horror as my sister watched us through the back window smiling, and waving with one hand and giving our 'family hand sign' for I Love You. I never had the dream again.
About 10 years later my sister got into drugs really bad. Long, sad story short: On a Thursday evening after we had gotten my sister cleaned up (or so we thought) and talked her into staying with our brother to get her life back together, my Mom and I went to visit her. We got to their apartment which was in an urban area with huge brick buildings lining the street and in the lobby were two spiral-like staircases. We went on up the flight on the right only to find it had no access the the left side of the building, so we went back down to take the other flight up. We got up to her 7th floor apartment, had a lovely visit where we encouraged her to come back with us to spend the night with Mom. She declined. When we left we hugged and showered her with affection teling her how happy we were to have her back with the family. As we got in my jeep-like suv with the back half a removeable canvas and drove away I watched her in the rearview mirror, smiling, waving with one hand and giving that same I Love You hand sign for as long as she was in sight. The following Monday my sister was found dead in that apartment due to a lethat reaction to drug abuse. The last time I saw her was an almost exact picture of the last moment I saw her in my dream. Even the brick buildings and the staircases.

I have had precognitive dreams for as long as I can remember and still do regularly. They often involve sickness and death of friends, family and even family pets. I don't discuss these with anyone except my best girlfriend and my husband and to them I don't usually divulge all the info because I'm afraid. If there is anyone else afflicted with this I would love to hear from you as I feel so alone in my fear.

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