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What is the strangest unexplainable possibly paranormal event that you have experienced first hand?

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 05:03 PM
I remember when I lived in my old house I would always go upstairs in the middle of the night to get a snack. I would always keep the lights off so I wouldn't bug my parents. When I got to the top of the stairs it seemed like I was going to run straight into something. It startled me so much I nearly feel down the stairs. I immediately turned on the lights and nothing was there. It really shook me up because I was sure something was there.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 11:06 PM
I think I was 5 or 6 but we moved into this house and the first night I was here I saw this black shadow walk from the hallway, enter my door and then walk accross my room in front of my bed, he then exited through the wall. This all happened and stopped at midnight, there was a grandfather clock and as it started to ring midnight it happened and after the last chime is when he exited through the wall. After that weird things happened things would fall off counters or shelves, one time I think they were paper plated they were in the middle of the table I saw a hat levitate about a foot in the air and then drop. Flashes of light out of the corner of my eye which actually can be explained though when we looked where the flashes came from nobody was there so I'm not sure.

After I think a year or two it stopped then it would start up again every few years the latest incident was 2 years ago in the summer. Nobody at all was in the house except for me everybody was about 200 miles away in another town. Anyway it was night and I kept hearing something that was being dragged in the room under my room. It lasted for a few minutes and it stopped, The next day I thought I heard the phone ring and I swear I heard one of my sisters voices telling me to pick up the phone. I went to check like 20 minutes later and there was no message so I called my sisters and none of them called so yeah.

The other thing too was when I was in high school I could hear people talking in the room below mine could never make out what they were saying It was like I could feel the vibrations and then I could hear two voices talking. There was nobody in the room at the time and when I heard the voices it was around midnight so nobody snuck it.

I guess my nephews who live here now have seen some stuff but I haven't seen anything in 2 years though.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:49 AM
This gets 10flags when real evidence is nothing. I will say the weirdest thing is a image I captured, but like I said these forums have become sad.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:17 AM
I saw two people (I guess) in metallic suits from head to toe with glowing eyes come up out of the ground, lept across the road approx. 12 feet in the air, landed on the other side of the road and started running. about the time they were right next to me they vanished into thin air... I heard the most wicked snarl and felt something grab me. I could feel the electricity. It was like being shocked. it was right behind me in my truck. as they were coming up out of the ground they were watching me come towards them. one was the height and shape of an average male, the other was shorter, smaller and thinner. I used to assume it was a female due to the thinner frame but who knows. they were completely covered in some kind of metallic material.

of all the things I've seen I say that was weirdest because there is just no explanation for that other than something being very wrong with my head but I have witnesses to other things. Seeing a seemingly non human being sitting on my counter was pretty strange but seeing people vanish and feeling the fear... whatever the hell that was... that was a little different. I mean you could have told me at times that it was a couple of people trying to escape from hell and it would have been a mild relief over some of the # I have thought about. #ing christ!

#ing hell. What the hell is going on?
At this point in time any explanation for THAT would probably be a hell of a lot less frightening than some of the things that have crossed my mind but heaven forbid tell people what the hell is going on and risk *freaking them out* or *causing any kind of panic* Nice job having this all wrapped up neat and nobody's raising questions. Keep the lid on whatever the # THAT could have been and everyone will sleep well at night.

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by gemineye

Interesting story about children and their "imaginary friends".

My family has always been privy to paranormal stuff... I have a cousin in his 30s now, but when he was young he also had a "imaginary friend" named Adam. Adam and my cousin were pretty close. My auntie didn't think much about it the time, until some kid followed my cousin around and tried to fight with him. Apparently Adam didn't like it much and the kid got his ass kicked in plain sight by my cousin's invisible friend.

This all happened before I was even born, but I've heard lots about it from my auntie... My cousin doesn't really talk about Adam though, he likes to play the ignorant card when it comes to paranormal activity happening right in front of him.

I do have my own story involving the same members of my family though. They were living in a nearby town from where I grew up, and I went there to stay for weekends sometimes for something to do. They were older, my auntie and uncle in their 50s and my cousin in his 30s (spends his days on the internet), and they just go custody of a young girl (7 I think at the time). Over three people had died in that house over time, and while the house was relatively small it was definitely haunted.

One of the people who previously lived, and died, in the house looked just like my uncle who was then living there (my uncle was the grandfather of the girl). My uncle is a long-haul trucker, so he was rarely there. A few times the girl had proclaimed that "daddy" (my uncle) was there when my uncle was gone for weeks. Sometimes she would say that he was even sitting right on my auntie's bed when nobody was near the room. My auntie and my cousin have also both heard strange people talk in the house, and have both witnessed cabinets swinging open and shut randomly.

At some point another cousin of mine boarded there for a few weeks until he got himself kicked out for smoking crack like an idiot. He was staying in the girl's room at night, and apparently got pretty scared from activities in that little room. The room itself was creepy... Not only were the hundreds of Dora the Explorer/Jonas Brothers toys disturbing, but there was the fact that some of them would randomly turn on and act out of the norm, like a toy robot getting up and walking around without batteries.

And then there was the point when my grandfather suffered a stroke and was rendered bed-ridden for a few months. My auntie took him into that house and placed him in her room (the main bedroom) and took care of him until he eventually died (he would be the third death in the house). When he was staying there, because of his stroke, he would make these really distinctive and loud gasps that could be heard all over the house.

One night I was staying there to visit another cousin who came up with his wife to visit. They stayed in the main bedroom, my auntie and the girl was in the girl's room adjacent to the main bedroom, and I was in the living room (beside the main bedroom). At around 2AM, there was a very clear and loud gargled GASP from the main bedroom that sounded just like when my grandfather was in there (he had died weeks before this). I immediately yelled "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?". A few moments later my auntie spoke up, said she heard it too (she knew what it sounded like too). Apparently this noise occurred at least two more times on later occasions.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 05:42 AM
You want a story? Sorry but I can't tell it. But I will do one thing here.

I'll let you see the paranormal experience I had.


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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by ExCloud

Sometimes people just like a good read. Show us your image, please.
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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 09:55 PM

My auntie didn't think much about it the time, until some kid followed my cousin around and tried to fight with him. Apparently Adam didn't like it much and the kid got his ass kicked in plain sight by my cousin's invisible friend.
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

Dude, that is the best ghost story I've ever heard!!!

And yeah, I would avoid a room that contained hundreds of Dora the Explorer and Jonas Brothers dolls, lol!

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by ntech

OMG! What happened? Or is that the part you can't tell? lol

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 07:50 PM
2 summers ago I was going through my mail at at the post office, when I noticed a former friend standing outside the post offfice, looking somewhat confused. It was odd as this person lived in a neighboring city an wouldnt have been in my neighborhood, and as I said he was looking around in a somewhat confused way, so I figured he was high or drunk, as usual. We had very bad blood between us, and I didnt want have a confrontation so i waited inside hoping for him to leave.
After several minutes he was still just standing there looking around, and I had places to be so I figured if I put on my motorcycle helmet and sunglasses I might sneak by and he wouldnt notice. So I did just that and walked past him by a few inches and he didnt notice, and left.
That was on a friday afternoon, the following monday a friend called me early in the morning to tell me that this person had died, but they didnt know the details. I figured he had OD'd over the weekend since he seemed high when i saw him on friday. I related to my friend that I had seen him on friday and thought that he was using again and had likely overdosed.
That evening my friend and her boyfriend came over to talk about it as we all knew this person, when she told her BF that i had seen him on friday afternoon he was shocked, and told us that there was no way I had seen him, because on friday he had been dead for five days and his body was only found that friday afternoon.
But I knew this person for 20+ years and I know I saw him, and as I thought back on the encounter, it was almost as though he wasnt there when I walked past him leaving the post office.

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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by gemineye

I did something a bit silly a few years back. Took religion a little too far. And it's taken a few years to figure it out.

Didn't realize at the time it was a IQ test. And I passed.

Book of Thomas.
56. Jesus said, "Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy."

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Ok I have a few. Some of them may not seem paranormal but I believe they are. The first two involve animals. One night I ended up getting off work at around 3 in the morning. I came home and walked to my door and there was a little dog barking at me. I am friendly with animals and I tried to get a good look at the dog in case it was a neighbors that got out. Needless to say I didn't recognize the dog. So I started unlocking my front door and the dog continued to bark and then started to growl. I figured it was towards me so I just went inside. It still barked and growled. I brushed my teeth and it was still growling/barking. I decided to check if there was a cat or something and I checked the dogs line of sight. No cats or anything else. At this point I recognized something was weird and I got creeped out. I went back inside and felt like something was off until I fell asleep. Another night I had to drive my girlfriend home in her car and then get dropped of by her dad because she was very sick and couldn't drive. So I ended up getting home late at around 3 again. When I got out of her dads car I was halfway to my door when I saw a full sized doberman just sitting on the porch looking at me. I started walking towards me and then it just bolted down the street. I have two more but I'll share them later

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by WeRpeons
When my son was around 4 years old, sometimes in the morning hours he would wake up and run down to the end of the hall way to play his video games. Our master bedroom was next to his and we would hear him run down the hallways in the morning and laugh saying "there he goes". One morning, both my wife and I heard him running down past our bedroom again. I got up out of bed and looked down the hallway, my son wasn't there. I looked in his bedroom and he was sound asleep.
omg- i have had almost the same experience with waking up and hearing my daughter practicing her piano downstairs and then i get up to go and i see she is sound asleep in her bed- freaky!

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by matthewgraybeal
so many freaky's really weird one- my stepfather bought my mom a beautiful ralph lauren jacket for her birthday a couple years ago-- very expensive ($1400.00)--i only point out the cost as it makes the story that much more bizarre-- anyway she loves it and wears it often. one day she is bringing food over to her elderly next-door neighbor and she sees the man's german shepard sleeping in his dog bed on top of what looks to be a bunch of old blankets and rags. then she notices this familiar material peeking out from the bottom--- she looks closer and is horrified to see that it is the ralph lauren jacket! she screams and pulls it out from the pile and it is covered with mud and dog hair and is filthy. she is crying looking at her once beautiful jacket and brings it into her house only to see that, hanging up in the closet, is her jacket. perfectly fine. the destroyed jacket is the same make, same size, same everything. she calls me over to her house and we dont know what to make of it. the elderly man has no idea about the jacket or how it got in the dog bed (and he would never have bought such an item). bottom line- she gave me the yucky jacket- i had it dry cleaned and now i have a fancy ralph lauren jacket. my husband barks when i put it on (he thinks he's so funny!)

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 02:04 PM
I have a plant in my room at the time the things was almost dead it had one stem and two leafs on it anyway i left my room for about five minutes and when i came back there were two stems and one had seven leafs on it now i have my theories on what happen but until proven it must be considered unexplainable....

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by tiger28

Originally posted by WeRpeons
When my son was around 4 years old, sometimes in the morning hours he would wake up and run down to the end of the hall way to play his video games. Our master bedroom was next to his and we would hear him run down the hallways in the morning and laugh saying "there he goes". One morning, both my wife and I heard him running down past our bedroom again. I got up out of bed and looked down the hallway, my son wasn't there. I looked in his bedroom and he was sound asleep.
omg- i have had almost the same experience with waking up and hearing my daughter practicing her piano downstairs and then i get up to go and i see she is sound asleep in her bed- freaky!

hmmm, that actually reminds me of yet another incident that actually happened to me in fall of 2009.

I was living around the coast, staying at my auntie's place (same part of my family that I wrote about earlier in this thread, but this was my latest time staying with them).

This particular house was somewhat older in the nice little city of Abbotsford (sarcasm, it's one of the top organized crime cities in BC and Canada itself). Apparently previous owners were involved in having both a hidden grow op in the house (in the attic, which stained the ceiling on the main floor) and some human smuggling of Asians (there were a few hidden compartments modified around the house).

Now the strange thing was that the little girl living with my auntie had ANOTHER little girl as a friend there (an "imaginary friend" I guess you could say). I forgot what this girl's name was, but more than a few times she's been heard crying or screaming or whatever around the house. My auntie claims to have seen her once for a split second in the house, when she was alone (described her as a little Asian girl, about the same age as the girl living there).

Now when I stayed there for a few weeks, I never really noticed anything too strange there... aside from the creepy dolls that overlooked the spare bedroom I was in (I find old dolls to be extremely disturbing sometimes). Perhaps I just didn't sense anything because there were four other people there, along side a bunch of dogs and computers (which emit magnetic fields that interfere with some sensory perception).

However, one night I was sitting around in the basement with my auntie. This was like, 3AM and everyone else was in bed, including the little girl upstairs. Suddenly we heard a bunch of heavy things moving around upstairs, like couches and tables and stuff. Usually the girl was superhyper around this time and made lots of noise, so we just assumed it was her or the two bigger dogs. But it became clear that we were listening (and feeling) a couch or something getting drug around right above our heads. My auntie went up to investigate and she said that the girl and the dogs were both sleeping in her bed.

If it was somebody breaking in (which has occured before), then they would make some obvious sounds like foot steps or a door opening, but there wasn't any of that. It was definitely strange...
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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 10:16 PM
I've never had a paranormal experience as such, I've felt energy but I've never seen a ghost. The one reason I do believe is two story's I heard in LA that had nothing to do with me. A few of us were having lunch on a job site and the paranormal topic came up, everyone had a little something to say about it . This carpenter starts telling us about an old bell tower style apt he rented across from the Hollywood Bowl(I think it was an old movie studio at one time) You could see the hair raising on his arms as told us about some of the weird stuff that went on and you could here in his voice he wasn't making this up.

Flash forward about 7yrs later and I meet this girl and became friends with her, same subject came up and she starts telling me the same story the carpenter told me about yrs before, it turns out it was the exact same apt with the exact same weird stuff going on with both of them, she swore up and down that there was no doubt this place was haunted; constant presence of someone or something, things were moving, hearing noises, voices and steps, sudden temperature changes, pressure being applied to their body's. It always kinda freaked me out because neither one of them knew each other, yet their stories were verbatim identical, they also both told their stories with a tone of sincerity that's not easily faked, you could see in their eyes that whatever they experienced, they did. Thought I'd share this although it didn't happen to me directly.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 04:16 PM
I've had a lot of strange experiences in my life, some of which I'd classify as paranormal. The thing is that while part of me has always believed that what I was sensing or hearing was truly there, I'm also a fairly pragmatic person and often would write them off as products of an overactive imagination. Even when I was with friends that saw or felt the same thing I would later wonder if one of us mentioning what we saw/felt would lead to the other accepting the reason being given and reinforcing it. I've had a few years gap where nothing's really occured...

At least until last week. I've been having VERY strong sensations of something being with me, physical sensations of being touched when noone is behind me, and have been having thoughts which don't seem as if they originate from me if that makes sense. Now much of this I had experienced before, but the new twist is that at my job children have been having strange reactions to me. Now I've never exactly been a draw to kids like some people seem to be, but ever since I started feeling this way again this seems to have changed. Nearly every time a client has brought a young child into the office the kid will just keep staring and smiling really big in my direction but it feels like they're looking past me. If they're a coworker's client often the child will keep trying to come sit at my desk even if I'm helping someone else. It was weirding me out slightly but I was trying to write it off.

That changed Friday. I had a client with her two year old daughter, as soon as she saw me the girl started tugging at her mom's sleeves saying variations of, "Mommy he's a music man... mommy can you hear his music..." Slightly creeped me out as it reminded me of how when I was younger I would always often hear music that sounded like a classical orchestra or sometimes opera despite my normal music selections being rock and alternative. Still, figured that it might be that I just reminded her of some new pop singer I was unaware of. I asked if she liked to draw, the mom said yes, so I got her some paper and let her use a pen to occupy her while I tried to help her mom. What she drew finally has me knowing instead of simply believing that I'm not imagining things. Once finished she said, "Look mommy, I drew him and his ghost holding him." The mom asked her why she drew a ghost and she answered because it was there with me. I really wanted to start asking the kid all kinds of questions like what it looked like, what kind of music she was hearing but acting like what most people would consider a freak in front of clients didn't seem like a smart career move.

This is seriously starting to bother me, not sure what to do with this knowledge or what to do from here. Figured I'd post here... has anyone heard of something similar? Anyway to test if the spirit is benign or something? I don't feel frightened or intimidated by it but I keep feeling like it has something for me to do in the near future and I don't have a clue what that could be and if I'm made aware if I should rush to help or what... Any insights would be very welcome.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 12:33 PM
Well I do know a few ghost stories that have happened to family members. But for me personally their was one occasion that I thought interesting.We lived in an old 2 bedroom house. My mom was at work and the rest of the family(me, my bother and sisters plus our dad who worked at night). where in the second bedroom where all us kids slept except my brother cause he was a baby. We where being very loud and then suddenly things got all quiet then we started hearing strange sounds from the garage. It sounded like something heavy was being dragged across the floor. After a few minutes it stopped. Our dad tried to scare us by saying if we don't behave the ghost was going to get us. I thought nothing of it, the house was always making sounds. Either than that I've never noticed anything out of the ordinary. A few years later when we where in another house, my parents started talking about living in our previous house. The wondered if it was haunted because they would hear strange noises and that one time dad thought he saw a girl passing by a window heading into the backyard only to be nowhere in sight when he went to see who it was. They asked us if we ever saw anything mainly we said no except for a few times when we would hear knocking or creaking in the wall. To us it seemed that most of the time things seemed to happen to our a result we the kids came to a conclusion that if there was a ghost, then it did not like our dad very much!

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 01:44 PM
I remember several unexplainable experiences in my life time:

When I was a child I remember sharpening my pencil next to a closet in my kindergarten class. Being the noisy child I was I opened the closet door and saw another classroom filled with children. They were sitting in s circle and there was an older woman amongst them. She pointed at me and I closed the closet door. The weird thing was that the closet didn't lead to another classroom. It was just a small closet filled with school supplies (as i found out the next day).

Me and my sister were using an Ouija board in her bedroom when I was a child. I remember asking to have my read three times. Three out of three times the board responded with a correct answer.

One day, when I was the only one home, I remember walking upstairs and seeing my sisters bedroom door shake violently. It scared me quiet a bit.

When I was a teenager my bedroom door use to close and open itself in the summer. There were never any windows opened in the house and the door was not by any air vents. When my sister went to college I moved into her room and noticed that her bedroom door would open and close by itself gently. Whatever it was that caused my bedroom door to shut must have followed me because I never could remember my sister's bedroom door opening and closing by itself. I am an adult now and when I am in my parents' house i never see those doors open and shut by themselves anymore

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