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Actual Roswell Newspaper Text - The "Smoking Gun" - NO UFO!

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by liejunkie01
We will never know. Personally I think we all fell into the disinfo trap. There is nothing left to do but argue and call each other names. That is the name of the game and we have all been played. The question's, what are the chances that an alien race came from who knows how many light years away to arive at earth just to be shot down with an antiquated howitzer, or is it some kind of Tesla engineering idea that the general's put into operation too early, or what is the chances of an actual weather ballon crashing on someone's property(how many times has this happened over the years)? We will never know because the info was disinfo and the disinfo turned into more disinfo. I think that people need to spend their time researching recent events and stop wasting time on the Roswell disinfo charades. Have fun wasting your life away by researching a topic that has been washed multiple times by the msm.
Just my .02.

The theory is that the two UFOs were hit by a lightning, that caused them to crash at NM. There are reported crashed UFOs world wide. Former Soviet test pilot Marina Popovich claim that the Russians are in a position of 5 crashed alien spacecrafts, were at least one of them was reported to have unusual hieroglyphic signs. There are at least 3 or 4 reported UFO crashes in the United States.
Maybe some alien spacecrafts are not so perfect, even our own aircrafts crash from time to time. It was only some few years ago that several 'Peugeot 307' cars suddenly blew on fire because of electronic failures. Accidents happens all the time.

According to the alleged briefing to Ronald Reagan on UFOs

"The United States of America has been visited by extraterrestrial visitors since 1947. We have proof of that. However, we also have some proof that earth has been visited for many thousands of years by various races of extraterrestrial visitors."

"Mr. President, I'll just refer to those visits as ETs. In July, 1947, a remarkable event occurred in New Mexico. During a storm, two ET spacecraft crashed. One crashed southwest of Corona, New Mexico and one crashed near Datil, New Mexico. The U.S. Army eventually found both sites and recovered all of the debris and one live Alien. I'll refer to this live Alien as 'EBE 1.'"

"Mr. President, EBE means 'Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.' It was a code designated to this creature by the U.S. Army back in those days. This creature was not human and we had to decide on a term for it. So, scientists designated the creature as EBE 1."

You mention about the chances of interstellar travel, the big mystery still on debate. From that same link:

"EBE did explain where he lives in the universe. We call this star system Zeta Reticuli, which is about 40 light-years from Earth. EBE's planet was within this star system."

"It took the EBE spaceship nine of our months to travel the 40 light-years. Now, as you can see, that would mean the EBE spaceship traveled faster than the speed of light. But, this is where it gets really technical."

"Their spaceships can travel through a form of ´space tunnels´ that gets them from point A to point B faster without having to travel at the speed of light. I cannot fully understand how they travel, but we have many top scientists who can understand their concept."

That's right, many fall into the disinfo trap, and according to that same link:


The Caretaker: "In order to protect all this information and the fact that the United States Government has evidence of our planet being visited by extraterrestrials, we developed over the years a very effective program to safeguard the information. We call it 'Project DOVE.' It is a complex series of operations by our military intelligence agencies to disinform the public."

Speaking of disinfo, from this link

This photo was taken at the NASA Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California on 6 May 1960 as part of an elaborate effort by the CIA to cover-up the true nature of the U-2 spy plane program. On 1 May 1960 CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union during a spy flight. Cooperating with the CIA, NASA issued a press release with a cover story about a U-2 conducting weather research that may have strayed off course after the pilot "reported difficulties with his oxygen equipment." This photo shows a U-2 that was quickly painted in NASA markings, with a fictitious NASA serial number, and put on display for the news media at the Edwards NASA facility.

In reality, up to that time no U-2 was ever used by NASA. Unfortunately, Powers was captured by the Soviet Union and espionage equipment was recovered from the wreckage. Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev exposed the cover-up and made much propaganda use of the American deception.

Seems the cover ups goes for both UFO cases and even the U-2 as well...
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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 04:58 AM

Originally posted by Arbitrageur
reply to post by spacevisitor

So in summary:
-I doubt that artifact was from the Roswell crash, but, even if it was...
-Tests show it was terrestrial, after the initial (false) finding was corrected by additional testing.

The deception in that video is shameful.

If that is so, how then do you explain this saying of Professor Russ Vernon Clark himself which is stated in this French article form 1997?
It is as far as I see it correct from Derrel Simms.

ROSWELL Analyze isotopic of a supposed debris

July 27 of this year 97, the UFOCOM received one fax in origin of the Belgian person in charge of the UEC.

Here this fax:


P212 FRANCE2 212 SATURDAYS July 5 1997 17h20 Roswell: "Proof" extraterrestrial A researcher of the University of California to San Diego, Russel VernonClark, asserted Friday, to Roswell (New Mexico), hold the extraterrestrial proof of an existence.

It presented an isotopic analysis of a supposed debris to originate of a space ship "extraterrestrial" that would have crashed on earth, 50 years ago, close to Roswell.

The analysis would show unpublished abnormalities on Earth, at the level of the atomic kernels, while the US AIR FORCES denied, this Tuesday, the non earthly origin of the incident of Roswell...

I did translate it first with google, but because google coincidently did not translate the last and also important sentence from this excerpt correct I did use freetranslation.

First from French into English but also to be shore from French into German.

Derrell THIS DR. RUSSELL VernonClark
Professor Russ VernonClark is here to explain some of the multiple tests that were performed on this piece of alleged Roswell crash. As I said earlier, there are laboratory tests still in progress on this and other subjects .. Now Professor Russ VernonClark:

Hello. My name is Dr. Russell VernonClark, you spell RUSSELL VernonClark. I am a scientist currently employed by the University of California, San Diego and I have a Ph.D. in chemistry.
For a year and a half, I was involved in private tests and analysis of the material that you Derrel Sims has described. I am here today to present the results of tests and laboratory tests that were conducted on this subject by scientists in all the United States.

Tests that were completed, these including a mass spectroscopy coupled with an Induction Plasma Spectroscopy and Secondary Ion Mass, we determined that this material shows considerable variation from the normal isotopic composition found on Earth and must be regarded as extra-terrestrial origin.

Later, using Optical Emission Spectroscopy Coupled with an induction plasma, it was determined that this matter should be considered manufactured because it occurs not naturally.

Perhaps someone who can read French is able to see of this translation is correct and is willing to translate this excerpt into English, thanks in advance.

Je vous confirme que l'information contenue dans le rapport de CNI-NEWS est exacte.

"Nous avons déterminé que cette matière montre des variations considérables par rapport aux compositions isotopiques normales trouvées sur Terre et doivent être considérées comme étant d'origine extra-terrestre."

-- Dr. Russell VernonClark

Il y a encore des travaux en cours et je mettrai CNINews à jour quand nous aurons plus de résultats.

Voici un résumé des informations que je dois dater:

D'autres tests sont en préparation sur ce matériel. Quand tout aura été fait, nous écrirons un article pour un périodique.
- Russ

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by spacevisitor
The post you replied to already answers that question.

See the third external quote box.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 07:32 AM

Originally posted by Arbitrageur
reply to post by spacevisitor
The post you replied to already answers that question.

See the third external quote box.

You mean this one.

Originally posted by Arbitrageur

It is important to remember here that Dr. Vernon Clark reversed his position after reviewing the additional input of information from his peers and the results of additional testing. To this day, he has retained that reversed position.

I think that may have something to do with cancellation of the conference for the extraterrestrial announcement?

Well, I did read that of course, but I do wonder myself why he did come to that decision.

Because, I find it really very strange that Dr. Russell VernonClark suddenly does not believe his own lab tests anymore and throw it all despite his effort during a year and a half period of investigation so easy overboard.

I also do not believe that that was the reason behind the termination [not cancellation] of that conference for the extraterrestrial announcement and what happened afterwards with those investigators?

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by Arbitrageur
reply to post by Anunaki10
That would be a good post for the other thread on the Ramey memo:

I'm not sure if that much is clearly legible (the word "VICTIMS" is not clear) but some of what you said I think is true and somewhat legible. The word "VICTIMS" would be important because that would seem to involve something that Marcel never described. Most of the rest of the memo I think could be consistent with what Marcel described and the Mogul story, if it was Mogul they found.

Thanks for that link, 'Arbitrageur'

Yeah, true and somewhat legible. That's right, "VICTIMS" would be important, seem to involve something Marcel never described (he never saw the bodies, he said), but seems to corroborate with the other witness testimonies (who say they saw the dead alien bodies). It's very possible that Ramey, who admitted the weather balloon cover up (and admitted that the debris was out of this world), would reject Charles Moor's Mogul trajectory And question is how reliable Bessie Brazel's testimony is. Was her testimony clear enough? Sure doesn't seem to corroborate with her own brother Bill Brazel's testimony and the rest of the other witness testimonies.
A Mogul balloon train attached with Rawin Targets was tested in New Mexico desert, the balloons were shot by rifle one by one, and the Rawin Targets felled to the ground. The test demonstrated that the Rawin Targets remained intact, and not damaged. Question is, did any witness come forward and say they found any intact Rawin Target in 1947? Not what i know of. I do, however, still take Bessie Brazel in consideration. If it shows that she did found a wreckage of a Mogul Balloon Train with Rawin Targets (intact or damaged), then be it. I would accept it. Then we would have testimonies of ordinary alu tinfoil, and testimonies of "exotic" memory metal as well.
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