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Planets show where PX is

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:39 AM
...magnetic field sweeps around. With Saturn, however, it looks like the planet isn't locked to its magnetic field, which can slip around to different latitudes.

-Look on Earthís magnetic poles!!
They shifted in last years 4 times quicker than in previous decade. (French, Canadian expeditions had measured it very precisely...)
Shift goes in direction toward North pole, so when we know that Earths axis is pointing on Polar star and that axis plane also goes toward Orion constellation so we know (direction) where is source of that force which affects Earthís, Saturnís... magnetic fields!!!

Saturn had slowed down 1% in only 23 years.
-I gave you reasons, explanations (in my previous replies to your articles in Universe Today Forums) for - what is very probably causing some shifts in path of Cassini, what can cause, that Saturn is 0,2 degrees higher above ecliptic plane than should to be...(in my previous replies to your articles in Universe Today Forums)...
Planet X which is 25 times more massive than Jupiter is now less than 1 billion km from Saturn (...circa 2 billions km from us) and moves toward us to perihelia from area around Orion constellation (there is aphelia of X)!"
Planet X though is very massive, is small but super densty, black...this is reason why X wasn't till now seen with telescopes...(dark appearance of X, shining only close to perihelia is mentioned in legends, biblical texts, Egyptian texts from pyramids from 5th, 6th dynasty...arrival of X is depicted also on ancient oriental carpets... )
X has got strong magnetic field and have moved in last years from area below ecliptic plane to area some degrees (less than 10) above ecliptic (circa from Uranus position before 20 years toward Saturn...).
These are reasons why north magnetic pole of Earth have moved so quickly in last years and it is similar with Saturn, why there is the same level of global warming on Earth and on Mars...
If you publish data concerning to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus... you will find similar effects...
Open your eyes...
I expect that the cause will have some parallels to Earth's wandering magnetic poles. The center of Saturn's magnetism is something that moves within the planet.
-there are parallels in whole our Solar system but NASA, JPL, Cassini, Caltech, European space agencies... don't want to admit it!!!

Saturn has slowed down 1% in only 23 years.

-this means that Saturn will rotate after 1600 years 2 times slower than now, if the same level of rotational decceleration change will stay...!!!
Why have planets (Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) rotations of its axis times around 24, 10, 16 hours- in quantitised values?!
Planet X is this quantitisator what causes it!
Look also on Titus Bode low and its explanation for our planets and X!
Why were there (writtings, myths of Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans...speak about it very clearly) 260, 360, 365 days long years in not so far (some thousands years ago) mankind history? It was so because during floods, earthquakes,...which accompanied Planet X arrivals to perihelia changed Earths axis rotational times too!!!

Look on Saturn!
1 percent change means for Earth 3,65 of day per year!!!
This happen on Saturn now!!!
Measurements done from Voyagers (1989-1997), from Hubble, from Cassini, and older measurements show that Uranus, Neptune changed their axis rotations even more-10 percent...
Atmospheric pressure on Neptuneís Triton doubled in that time (...1989-1997), Titan showed extreme vulcanicity, enormous amount of new geysyrs...
10 percent change in axis rotation period for Earth can means that day is 2,4 hour longer or shorter, that years are 37 days longer or shorter!!!

and resenmut last posts to,

Pavel Smutny

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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