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'Sup ATS? I’m new here.

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posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:02 PM
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Hello there.
Just being polite and all so I thought I'd shout out a big SA HELLO to all you kick-ass people on here.
I have been reading ATS for the last 4 years during my own little enlightenment trip into the conspiracy world. It has given me a great deal of insight and its topics have been of huge influence to my own personal studies into the theory.
But alas, as the world slips more and more into the psychotic fringe the time has come to give my own contribution. If they are starting a One World Government, then I believe that this is where We're starting a One World Movement against it. Funny how that makes it almost sound hypocritical huh?

My interest in aliens and conspiracies were pretty much the same as any normal kid with a healthy imagination. Naturally as I grew older I became more and more sceptical but it never really went away. It was only when I started doing journalism that I bug bit again. Basically, I made sure I had a lot of free time at work and it was merely a coincidence that the newspaper also had a very large bandwidth. 
Thereafter, in a very short time, I began researching on moderate scale in my spare time. I was particularly interested in the South African aspect of the global conspiracy. How our government was involved and what they are up to today. Forgive me, I know that you ask that you talk about your favourite thing but my favourite thing is honestly my country. I love South Africa.

Though South Africa is but a third world country, one should not doubt its part played in the global conspiracy. Remember, most of our leaders currently in power were trained in Russia, The United Kingdom and the US while they were in exile as young activists against apartheid. No telling what kind of indoctrinations went on during these periods.

I have met ex-president Thabo Mbheki during a conference while he was still in office. When I say met, I mean ask him a few questions at a press briefing. He may have been the worlds shortest President but, I am happy to report, he is no reptilian. I stared at those beady eyes long and hard, while his cronies next to him were talking away. Yes, I had a stare-off with a president. I think I made him a little nervous. Either he thought that I was reading his mind and knew exactly what was going on or he thought I was there to assassinate him. He’s actually a funny guy once you get a word out of him.

There is also definitely coercion with the US and UK though it is kept well under wraps. Our borders are also being tightened up, illegal immigrants are being forced out of the country as I type this and they are making travelling in and out the country much harder.

Our Protection of Access to Information Bill is also under attack from the government. Our media has scant regard for the government and rightly so, they are a bunch of idiots. There is so much corruption, tender scams and blatant lies going on. Due to the media’s continuous exposing of this, they are now looking at giving normal government employees like mayors the power to deem a document classified, any journalist found with “classified information” faces a 30-year prison sentence.
There are three dragons in each districts of global control. London’s banking district, The US’ district of Columbia and the Vatican. They have dragons, we have black marble lions. I have seen one in Durban and Bloemfontein but don’t know what they represent. Some investigation is required, a new thread perhaps.

And let’s not forget the alien activity here. For some strange reason, we don’t get any crop circles. I don’t know why. What we do get is lots and lots of sightings and the government is well at play.

I’ve read reports on South African Mirages that shot a UFO from the sky with a laser mounted to the front of a modified Mirage. This happened over the skies of Namibia in the 60’s. If I’m not mistaken it was called project Black Diamond, I lost the email.

Credo Mutwa, proudly South African Zulu Shaman, always said that South Africa was meant for something special as foretold by the ancestors. Any body reading this should really get hold of his book, Indaba my Children, it should truly be in the top 100 books to read before you die.
Old Credo says that there is an underground facility under Sun City, a casino and play resort for the well off. According to him the surrounding village talk of people going to work there and never returning. It is also in the centre of the South African province with the highest missing children rate.

But before I go on, I have a confession to make. I have never seen an alien or its space craft. I’m very bumbed about this, one day perhaps. But I am a believer and this part below is why. his experience took me onto a small journey I will never forget.

I was working as a journalist for a large community news paper on SA’s south coast. Its like Miami, only smaller. Much smaller. One day I get a phone call from this oke saying he saw something come from the ocean that his eyes couldn’t believe and he just wanted to know if anybody else saw it. I went over to his house and interviewed him. He has this small place a few hundred metres from the beach. He said that he was having sundowners with his friend and their wives when they saw a triangular craft rose from the ocean. It rose approximately 500 metres and flew off in the direction of Gamalakhe, and informal settlement less than 20 kilometres from the shore inland.

I published the story and immediately got a call from an Italian guy claiming he saw the exact same craft. When I did the interview his friend acted as translator, it was the longest interview of my life but also the most rewarding. Nevermind the fact that he saw the same craft a few minutes after the first guy, this guy was heavy into his aliens. He told me that he has been abducted several times in him home country before coming to SA. He talked about being beamed up, having things implanted into him and UFO’s that camouflage against mountains like chameleons. Heavy stuff…

Then they started coming in hot and fast. The first was a guy and his daughter that came in and told of a white cigar shaped object that they saw while smoking at the Wild Coast Sun, a casino/hotel also on the south coast. His daughter managed to take a photo of the ship and but it must have given off some sort of forcefield as the cellphone camera wouldn’t take anymore pictures. It was like the entire lens was distorted. They immediately got in their car and chased it along the shoreline. It was looking for something as it had a search light on the beach. It later then flew away, also in the direction of Gamalakhe. This was confirmed by a fisherman and his friend and just like the father and daughter they confirmed that there were no engine noises at all. All involved were totally spooked by the experience.

The one thing that has to be remembered is that in South Africa, the whole alien scene is still considered to be taboo, so nobody wants to talk about IT. Afterwards, a few people came by. Cops, army guys, fishermen. They didn’t want their stories published, they just wanted to tell their stories and I just listened.

Despite the taboo, this did not stop the sightings being reported in the past. I went into the newspapers records and sure enough, 30 years ago, during the same time period, there were numerous sightings of strange lights shooting too and from…, you guessed it, Ghamalakhe.

I decided that this was too good information not to share and through speaking to different people in the field had the awesome opportunity to meet Alien Investigator and Documenter Rhandal Nicholson. He was in SA to find and interview some of 60 Zimbabwean school children scattered all over the world that were all involved in a mass sighting. You guys should really google that story. Good, good read.
Anyway, so this was still during the UFO frenzy that we were experiencing. I arranged for the interview during his favourite time of the day, 2am in the morning. The meeting place was to be the highest point closest to the shore. This turned out to be an abandoned convent on a hill. It was one of my favourite interviews ever. We didn’t spot much, but I never thought that a conversation about aliens could be so enlightening. Just sitting there, waiting for possibility. Waiting for aliens…

It was a night that changed my perception of things, how I see the world. I spend my days in papers, on news channels, connecting the dots and going “ahha” a lot. I live it. I hope I can be of some help to humankind one day when it needs me.

As a parting thought, the only interesting thing I found about Ghamalakhe is that it is near the coordinates 33 33’ 33”, 33 33’ 33”. That’s half of a whole lot of sixes.

We should keep an eye on our sky.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:03 PM
2 you

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:37 PM
welcome to ATS.. i am newer as well to the boards but have met alot of nice people and not so nice people. But everyone is entitled to there own opinion as long as it agrees with mine

It is always facinateing to read about other perspectives and stories from across the world on a subject many of us here on ATS are into. You don;t hear that much about ufos outside the country as much as you do in the country. But we all know it is a world wide..

But alas Welcome

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:39 PM
Glad to have you on board!

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:39 PM
Welcome aboard Monkeygod

Sounds like you'll fit in nicely here..

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:42 PM
im new here too

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