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Old ABC Special: Mission Mind Control

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posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Here's a video I stumbed across that I wanted to share since I don't think it's been posted before.

In it, we have interviews with the people conducting mind control experiments as well as the some people that were experimented on.

The debate is mainly whether these experiments are worth ruining peoples lives over and where do you draw the line. Even though it's sad to see peoples lives destroyed by their own government, what I'm more interested in is whether their findings proved application of any sort of mind control device during wartime, to surgically remove undesirables, like they state. If not, has there been any proof of application during peace time on the citizens to make them more controllable?

I don't doubt that the government had some dark purpose in mind, but in the experiments, all I see are people that have been mentally and psychologically scarred with no success. Did they conclude that it was a failure, or is it still going on?

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