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Man with bullet parts arrested at Miami airport

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posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by abcddcba

They shouldn't end up in jail, but they should certainly be questioned if they fit the description!

I agree with you on 9/11, the accounts are dubious at best, but there were plenty of hijackings before that one.
I don't doubt that the CIA and MI6 may have been behind many hijackings, but they were still pulled off by praying Muslims 99% of the time.

See if you can find any common denominator in all these accounts? (Hint: Look for words like Palestinian, Saudi Arabian, Shi'a, etc.)

Other hijackings in recent decades include:

1970: Palestinian gunmen force three planes with a total of 400 people on board to fly to the Jordanian desert, where the hijackers blow up the aircraft - from the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland - after releasing most of the hostages; after 24 days of talks, the final hostages are freed in exchange for seven Palestinian prisoners

1976: The week-long hijack of an Air France airliner in 1976 is brought to an abrupt end at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, by Israeli commandos; they kill all the Palestinian hijackers and free 105 mostly Israeli hostages, but three passengers and one commando die in the raid

1977: German commandos storm a Lufthansa airliner in Mogadishu, Somalia, after a five-day stand-off during which Palestinian guerrillas have killed the plane's pilot; three hijackers die in the raid, while 86 hostages are freed

1981: A Pakistan International Airlines jet is hijacked and taken to the Afghan capital, Kabul, where one passenger is killed before the plane flies on to Damascus; the hostages are finally released after 13 days when the Pakistani Government agrees to free more than 50 political prisoners

1984: Two American passengers are killed after Shi'a gunmen divert a Kuwait Airways flight to Tehran; the stand-off ends after six days when Iranian security forces disguised as cleaners storm the plane

1985: One American is killed and 39 are held for 17 days when Lebanese Shi'a gunmen divert a TWA flight from Athens to Beirut with 153 people on board; the stand-off ends after Israel frees 31 mostly Shi'a Lebanese prisoners

1985: Fifty-nine people die when Egyptian commandos storm an EgyptAir plane seized by Palestinians and flown to Malta

1986: Twenty-two people die when Pakistani security forces storm a Pan Am flight carrying 400 passengers and crew after a 16-hour siege

1988: Two Kuwaitis are killed in 1988 when Shi'a gunmen hijack a Kuwait Airways flight from Thailand and force it to fly to Algiers with more than 110 people on board; the hijack ends after 16 days when the hijackers free the remaining hostages and are allowed to leave Algiers

1991: Singaporean commandos shoot dead all four hijackers who seized a Singapore Airlines flight

1993: Two hijackers and a woman passenger die when security forces storm a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane in eastern Ethiopia

1998: Pakistani commandos overpower and arrest three hijackers of a Pakistan International Airlines plane at Hyderabad airport; all 29 hostages are freed

1999: Kashmiri militants hijack an Indian Airlines aircraft and force it to divert to Kandahar in Afghanistan; one passenger is killed and a week-long stand-off ensues before India agrees to release three jailed Kashmiri militants in exchange for the safe release of the remaining hostages

February 2000: Afghans seeking to escape the Taleban regime hijack an internal Ariana flight with 164 people on board and force it to divert to Stansted airport near London; a three-day stand-off takes place before the hijackers give themselves up without harming any of the hostages

October 2000: Two Saudis seeking to highlight alleged human rights abuses in their country divert a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane to Baghdad before surrendering to the Iraqi authorities

March 2001: Saudi Arabian security forces storm a Vnukovo Airlines plane at Medina airport after it is taken over by Chechen separatists during a flight from Istanbul to Moscow; more than 100 passengers and crew are freed, but three people - one of the hijackers, a Russian air stewardess and a Turkish passenger - are killed

Just a quick search

posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 02:07 PM
sorry the only common denominator in all those cases is that planes got hijacked. anything beyond that is speculative at best. if a guy from the middle east hijacks a plane its because he's a muslim, if a guy from america hijacks a plane is it because he's a christian? lots of christians in america just like theres lots of muslims in the middle east. its only right, right?

racial profiling is very awesome i will agree. only with racial profiling can i say i saw a "big black guy" steal a purse and get results. if i say i saw a short white guy, or an asian or a hispanic looking person the cops will say theres nothing to be done with such vague information. but a black guy, that gets results. racial profiling all the way.
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