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The Destruction Of Your Liberty - A Documentary

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 02:22 PM

Look Who's Really Taking Liberties

This documentary details numerous cases in which the rights of UK citizens have been deliberately stripped away for corporate and political gain. While nothing new for members of ATS it does show real life examples of the encroaching police state. I found it to be a really great watch. Hopefully you will too.

An essential film about the stripping of British citizens civil rights and freedom with the introduction of terror and protection laws under Tony Blair the real true war criminal along with George Bush- This really is a shocking film full of evidence against these vile and evil people!-Tony Blair, the war criminal responsible for 1 million Iraqi deaths and now reaping huge benefits as consultant with JP Morgan- This really will shock you!

I've posted part 1 here. The rest are on youtube. If you think I should post all the parts here let me know.
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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 03:15 PM
S&F, I liked the video. Not full of the eery music which was refreshing.

I don't consider pork & beans fine cuisine. It's a mismatch having citizens that can't have as much as a dust mask, while being quelled by police and soldiers in helmets, body and face shields, while also wielding weapons.

As long as people have malls, fast food restaurants, a 2-3 bedroom house and a job paying above what the govt calls poverty the majority will allow the govt to pass these laws.

People need to realize their govt's are causing these terror attacks. Until they do, the govt will continue to carry out murders against the citizens and pass even more anti-freedom laws. In addition, the requirements to be called a terrorist are getting lower and more broad. This is our lifetime's witch hunt. They are now passing more laws and encouraging citizens to report each other of suspicious activity.

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