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Your Dog: China's Thoughtful Murder

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 03:59 AM
Hello ATS. Here's a question for all you animal lovers out there: Is your pet's food or snack treats made in China? You may SERIOUSLY wan't to investigate this! And if the FULL disclosure of your pet's favorite food or snack treat's list of ingredients is not included on its packaging, The LOGICAL recommendation is to IMMEDIATELY stop feeding your pet that food by switching to a brand that offers disclosure, or even begin preparing a low cost human alternative to it.

Why should I do this, you ask?


There is no requirement that pet food products have pre-market approval by the FDA

While the FDA trumps up a fabrication on it's ridged standards for petfood safety and poduct labeling blah blah blah, the above, one sentence admission taken directly from the FDA's own website tells the REALITY of how 'safe' your petfoods really aren't...

Point in case

In 2008 the FDA issued two separate UCM Alerts - on the same day mind you - over a brand of 'Chicken' jerky treats causing illness and death in dogs.

Caution in Feeding Chicken Jerky to Dogs

Caution to Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products

These warnings even mention that the same warning was issued in 2007!

he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers about a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products. The products—also called chicken tenders, strips, or treats—are imported from China. FDA continues to receive complaints of sick dogs that their owners or veterinarians associate with eating chicken jerky products. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.

So here we have the FDA issuing cautionary warnings AFTER THE FACT that pet owners and veterinarians hae been reporting these deaths and illnesses, beginning in 2007, over 'chicken' jerky treats for dogs.

Interestingly the two warnings in 2008 state:

"FDA, in addition to several veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the United States, is working to find out why these products are associated with illness in dogs. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a precise cause for the reported illnesses.

FDA has conducted extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified any contaminant."

So, after a whole YEAR of supposed testing and investigation nothing is found as the cause...WOW!! Really? All those scentists baffled by the unexplainable?...

Fast forward to today, 2011, 4 years later. We begin giving our dog 'Chicken' jerky treats called "Waggin’ Train" marketed by the company ADI, of China. Our dog begins drinking lots of water... hmm, what's in those jerky treats anyway?

Waggin’ Train/ADI Assures Customers Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs Are Safe

This article REALLY pissed me off! To read the company's statements over the 70 cases against thier poduct, then to review the 105 responses to ADI, China's asurrance statement - most if not ALL of the responses relay the story of a pet that either got sick or died from these treats - got me even more pissed!!

As Dog lovers ourselves.(OH YEAH, DOG TASTE VEWWY GOO USI CHOP STICK ON RICE!) owners who have far exceeded the acceptable norm of treat feeding...If Dog owners have reviewed chicken jerky ingredients they may feel that a diet of predominately of chicken jerky is a suitable substitute for Dog Food and of course that is not appropriate.( CHICKEN DOESNT CAUSE:

If you choose to feed your dog chicken jerky products, watch the dog closely. Stop feeding the product if your dog shows any of the following signs, which may occur within hours to days after feeding the product:
- decreased appetite, although some dogs may continue to eat the treats instead of other foods
- decreased activity
- vomiting
- diarrhea, sometimes with blood
- increased water drinking or increased urination
) ..Waggin Train Chicken Jerky is continuously tested by independent laboratories that are highly reputable and conducting the food safety testing for KFC, McDonalds, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and P&G, to name a few.( WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE LAB DOING THE TESTING?)...but should not be substituted as a meal and especially should not be given as a primary food to sick dogs because it is simply more palatable.(THESE DOGS WERE HEALTHY, ENERGETIC, AND HAPPY UNTIL THEY ATE YOUR TREATS, WHICH MADE THEM SICK!)...concern caused by premature reporting.(PREMATURE?! MY DOG IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOUR TREATS, WHAT IN THE HELL IS PREMATURE ABOUT THAT?!)...

And still to this day, 4 years later the FDA still permits these 'chicken' jerky treats from China to be sold here in the U.S.

pet owners who have been victims of poisonous pet jerky treats

Barbara and Johanna reported the illnesses to Smokehouse and to PetSmart, who responded that the product had been tested for heavy metals and melamine and that they considered the treats safe. Neither PetsSmart nor Smokehouse tested the particular packages of treats that sickened our dogs. After taking the product off the shelves in September 2007, PetSmart quietly put them back.

FDA: The Melamine Story

American pet owners beware! China is being allowed to kill off your dogs by the FDA, and has been for 4 years and counting now. Beware Chinese made petfoods!
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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 10:03 AM
It's so sad what happened to so many pets, both dogs and cats, throughout North America. Even if the food is made in North America, it's almost impossible to know if they are getting any of the ingredients from elsewhere.

Many of the treats they make these days are full of chemicals and dyes, it's better to treat with pieces of real meat or cheese.

To get pet food that you're sure of, one made with no fillers and organic, it costs more money up front, but if it has no fillers like corn or wheat, you feed the animal less, and with those foods you can often call the company who makes it to find out the caloric needs of your size of dog. Less waste comes out the other end of the pet too, with high quality food.

Orijen and Horizon in Canada are good, and Innova is the one (I think) in the US that are trustworthy. There are others, those are the ones that come to mind. is a site I go to sometimes to check out some foods.

I read all of the ingredients now, both with their treats and food. Luckily all of my pets were ok, and not eating the poisoned foods, my heart goes out to all of those that had pets that suffered.

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